Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unworn Item Challenge, Day 16

Greetings and salutations!

I hope everyone is doing well!

Just a quick update for Tuesday morning, to track my unworn item...pardon the dark photo again - the sun is setting quicker, these days!

Day 16 - Unworn Item: Cream Confection Jacket, styled with J Brand 14" Cigarette Leg Jeans (similar here), Vanilla Bean Blouse, Frye "Jane" Boots (available here), Forever 21 Vintage Charm Necklace, Oh Hello Friend belt and earrings.

Oh, how I love this jacket. Words can't begin to describe my affection for it. I've been waiting for what feels like a lifetime for it to get cold enough to wear it. And the funny thing? It was actually cold enough to wear it last week, but...I wanted to limit the number of my unworn items so that I could make it all the way through the month of October for the challenge. So, I didn't wear it until today.

Yes, I am a silly girl.

Anyway, I wanted to show a shot of the jacket open, but my husband called from Home Depot while I was readying the camera to take the photo. He needed to know what kind of light bulbs to get (the one above my vanity had burned out); and, ever the impatient one, I decided to take the call while taking my photo.

Multitasking at its finest, eh?

So to answer the question, "How many people in our household does it take to change a lightbulb?"...I guess the answer is: two.

On a closing note, I've decided I needed to get a new pair of rain boots after last week's constant downpour. I'd always heard that the children's Hunter rain boots sometimes run large enough for adults to wear. I decided to give some a try on a whim, and...whoa. The "Big Kid" size 6 actually fit my size 8.5-9 foot! And they're $50 less than the price for the adult version!

So (because I'm totally an adult) of course I plan on ordering them in baby pink:

Hunter "Original" Rain Boot (for Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid)

And, to complete the look, boom:
Hunter "Welly" Cabled Cuff Socks (Women's)

Love it.

I aim to misbehave, y'all. (besides, I have Nordstrom notes...w00t!)

Have a great day!


  1. I adore that coat. Go on sale! Go on sale!

  2. wow, love the trim around the buttons! such a chic style!!


  3. Love the whole outfit! And I wear kids Hunters too!!

  4. I am looking to buy a new pair of rain boots and I've been reading up on Hunters and I was able to fit kids sizes too! YAY! btw. the cream confection looks adorable on you :)

  5. This outfit is perfect! I like the longer shirt under the coat and those boots are awesome. I'm totally in love with this coat but doubt it will make it to sale time and living in Florida I can't really justify paying full price for it so I think I'm going to have to live vicariously through you! ;-)

  6. I swoon for that jacket, I can't believe you didn't just cheat last week and wear it without telling us! My son just broke a bedside lamp and would be believe the actual bulb was unscathed? I wish it had been vivce versa! Cute, cute boots - I need to investigate!

  7. I'm in the market for a pair of rain boots, but I was thinking of spending $25 at Target, not $75! Are they really worth it?

  8. The jacket looks so good on you! I have it, but haven't been able to wear it yet because it was like 80 degrees here today. I want it to get cold just so I can wear this jacket!


  9. Good tip about the rain boots...I would never have thought a kids shoe could possibly fit me...the price diffeence makes it totally worth checking out! And that jacket is absolutley adorable :)


  10. That jacket is so cute! Love it! I also really like the color of your boots. That cognac brown is such a great color, but surprisingly hard to find in a nice boot.

  11. I love this jacket on you - heck, I love the whole outfit! So cute!

  12. Oh Kathryn, you crack me up about the light bulb story! So cute how you were on the phone. And you finally got to wear your beloved jacket eh! I think you look so damn fine in it. Glad you got it!!

  13. Hi, Anonymous here and I just wanted to let you know that I was able to get Nordstrom to match the kids' Hunters on asos.com. Right now they have them listed as $48.27. Just in case they don't carry your size, order them anyway and just exchange it in store for the right size :)

  14. those boots -> way too cute. i have never owned rainboots and even though socal is not known for its' rainy weather... on the days it does rain i end up miserable with soaked shoes... might not be a bad investment.

    also.. malcolm reynolds <3 :)

  15. Hi there! I've been thinking about purchasing these boots for a long time, can I ask you a few questions?

    1: What color are the ones you have? is it the Redwood? They look gorgeous on you!
    2: How tall are you? I find many boots I've tried in the last few months are too high on me...I'm only about 5'3 though. Thanks!

  16. Shiny post as always!

    Loving this unworn items feature. Jacket looks fab on you. No need to save new things for a 'special' wear - get 'em on!

    I hear you about longing for the cool weather to wear the pretties! It's just now cool enough in Tucson to break out the tights! Yipeeee! Boots might make a debut tonight too!!! Woohoo!

  17. @Krameymartin - It's faboo, ain't it? This coat is one of those full-price purchases that I don't "mind" paying full price for! (of course I'd rather pay sale price, but...)

    @kileen - It's a fun coat, eh?

    @E Hayes - Thank you! I'm hoping the kids Hunters work out well! Have you had yours long?

    @Sammie - I'm hoping the socks don't add too much bulk to the boots. It seems like such a blessing to be able to fit the kids' size - especially for someone with a size 8.5-9.0 feet like myself!

    @Debbie - Aw, thank you! It's funny - I'm probably going to find any excuse I can to wear this coat...like if it dips below 70 degrees. ;o)

    @Jan - I didn't cheat, swearsies! Hahaha, it would seem that I saved that coat for after the rainy days. And apparently your lamp did a great job of protecting the incredibly valuable light bulb? Ah, the mysteries of life.

    @Sara - I've never owned Hunter rain boots before, so I'm not in a position to say yet whether or not the hefty price tag is worth it. From what I can tell, Hunters have a long and storied history and...well, I admit to suffering from a bit of label-lust. *blush* I'll let you know what I think once I get them!

    @Bonnie - I know what you mean! The day after I finally broke out this coat, the temperature rose like 20 degrees. What gives?! I want it to be cold, already!

    @Tara - Glad to be of help! I never would've thought they'd fit me, but they seem to work. Good luck and thanks for reading! =)

    @Alterations Needed - Thank you! My Fryes have held up really well over the past year that I've had them. Plus, they're comfy. I highly recommend!

    @Kim - Thanks so much! As always, your recent outfit with the Vanilla Bean inspired me! =D

    @Jen - Haha, thank you!! The Husband was taking so long on the phone, clarifying the necessary wattage...I needed to hurry up already so I could finish shooting and start on cooking dinner! =)

    Thanks for your sweet comments, as always!

    @Anon at 9 PM - Hmmm, verrrrrry iiiiinteresting! Thanks for the heads up re: Asos! I will have to ask if Nordy's will price match!

    @Ade - I know, right? The idea of needing rain boots in SoCal seems ridiculous until it pours nonstop. I'm hoping the baby pink color is just as pretty in person.

    And...yes, I'm glad you agree that the Captain is droolworthy. ;o)

    @Jennifer - Hello, and thanks! Yes, the color of my boots is the Redwood. I'm about 5'8", and they come just below my knee. Hope that helps!

    @Kate - LOL, I'm glad you're enjoying the feature! It's been pretty fun for me too. =) And yes...these unworn items are so. Very. *Pretty.* ;o) I need to stop saving and start wearing! And huzzah for the cool weather!

  18. I am so glad I saw this post! I have been wanting Hunter Wellies for years, but since I live in San Diego, couldn't see spending *that* much on rain boots! But if I can squeeze my ginormous feet into a kids' size, well, hallelujah! Do you know if Hunter Kids comes in a size 7 or is 6 the biggest? I am typically a size 9, sometimes a 9.5. I'm crossing my fingers!

  19. @Michelle - I'm not sure if Kids Hunters come in a size 7. From what I can tell, I think Big Kid Size 6 might be the biggest they come, which is equivalent to a Women's 8. I've heard Hunters run big - I have size 8.5-9 feet, and I was able to get into the 6 okay, but even I'm worried about it being too small once I factor in the welly sock. We shall see, I suppose!

    Good luck!

  20. Thanks for responding, Kathryn! I know this was an older post so I appreciate you taking the time to answer. I'm headed to the WC Sale at Nordie's FV tomorrow and I'll try on the 6. I'm hoping they fit! I love those welly socks too but I likely won't be able to shove my foot and the sock in it! I might have to spring for the grown-up version. ;)

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