Friday, October 29, 2010

Unworn Item Challenge, Days 17, 18 & 19

Hello Everyone!

Woohoo, it's the weekend! I hope you all have fun and exciting plans for Halloween!

Before I get much further...who else is excited (and maybe a little scared) for the return of free shipping at Anthro?!


Allrighty, well...I just wanna play catch up with my latest unworn items for the week. So...okay, go!

Day 17 - Unworn Item: TOMS "Classic" Canvas Slip-Ons, styled with the Two-Wheeler Shirtdress, Oh, Hello Friend "Two-Wheeler" Necklace and Matrushka Construction Earrings.

The warmer turn in the weather brought about the return of my much-beloved Two-Wheeler shirtdress. I'd picked up the red TOMS during the Nordstrom party last month; but, as with just about everything else in this October challenge, hadn't gotten around to wearing them until now. Looking at the outfit photo, I'm not sure if the bright red color works with this dress the way I'd envisioned. However, the TOMS were so darn comfy and kind to my feet that I don't give a darn.

During a recent visit with Danni of Oh, Hello Friend fame, I spotted the little necklace (which I've just kind of nicknamed the "Two-Wheeler" necklace) and grabbed it along with the camera ring that I wore on Day 15. I actually already wore the necklace on Day 14 (which I'm referring to as "Jason Wu Day"), so it's not technically an "unworn item," though it is new-ish and it makes me smile, even if it is a lot of bicycles for someone who doesn't currently own a bicycle:

And of course, the Matrushka earrings have become a staple of my wardrobe because they're made of clear glass with gold and silver toned accents, so they go with everything.

Day 18 - Unworn Item: Deluxe Kids Darth Vader Costume, styled with Steve Madden "Intyce" Boots

(with regard to the hand gesture, I love mixing the mythos ^_-)

To explain: we had a costume contest at work on Wednesday. My department's theme was Star Wars (Original Trilogy, thankyouverymuch); and, given that I supervise the part-time staff for my department, I was nominated to be Darth Vader. (I would've actually preferred to be a Jedi, but I was overruled.)

Technically, I've never worn this costume before, so I guess it counts towards the challenge, sort of..? I saved a bunch of money on this costume by ordering the kids'-sized version instead of the adult-sized version. I learned this technique a few years ago, when I ordered a "Princess Belle" costume and it was way too big. The legs on this Darth Vader costume are too short, but I was mostly able to cover that up with my boots...and I wasn't able to fasten up the back, but that was covered up by the detachable cape. So overall, I think it worked just fine.

Besides, I'm just a little short on cash to shell out the cash for the original costume.

I didn't get a photo of myself without the mask on that day, so I re-shot my "outfit" photo today. However, as I was getting ready to snap the photo I realized that I forgot the belt and the mask at work. Drat.

So this is what I actually looked like, on Wednesday:

The uh...robot....on the left is my husband, dressed as Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk. The Husband's costume was incredibly cool - and while it's a little hard to see in the photo, there's a scrolling LED inside the helmet that flashes the words, "DAFT PUNK." The helmet was custom-made by none other than our good friend Sean, who photographed our Mullany adventure at Disneyland last month. This is further evidence that Sean is, quite possibly, one of the most talented people on the planet. He documented the process here, if you're interested in reading more about it.

And...yes, this photograph basically means that I'm married to a robot. And that I'm the puppet of an evil emperor.

Live long and prosper?

Day 19 - Unworn Item: Bedecked Brooch Necklace, styled with Red Torsade Tee, Banana Republic cardigan, Licorice Lanes Skirt, White House Black Market patent belt, Target Merona "Myka" Suede Wedges in Black.

Ah, back to being a girl.

I'm not sure, but...I think this may be the first time I've blogged the Licorice Lanes Skirt, which was one of my Labor Day scores back in September. I've worn it several times, so it's not the "unworn" item for the challenge.

My "unworn" item is actually the necklace:

This necklace was one of Carol's finds that she linked to me over AIM one day, and it had been burned in my brain ever since. In a moment of weakness (after some fitting room reviews), I ordered it over the phone in the store and "saved" myself a couple of dollars on the shipping. Last time I checked, the online reviews hadn't necessarily been particularly kind...but I have to say, I love this necklace. It's the closest thing I have to a "statement" necklace, and it's much better quality than my Brass Plum and Forever 21 necklaces without being a $100+ necklace.

My entire outfit on Thursday was based around the color red because it was my beloved mommy's birthday. As I've discussed previously, my family wears red for good luck on special occasions like these. Happy Birthday, Mama! ^_^

Well, that wraps up this round of OOTDs. I still have a few unworn items to go, so the challenge will most likely spill over into November. I'll leave off tonight by wishing the Husband a Happy Anniversary! Thanks for five years of wedded bliss and lots of laughs. Love you.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

Thanks for reading!


  1. What a great post Kathryn! Your costume is freakin' cool! And so cool that you've met up with Danni! I'd love to know if you guys ever have an O.C. or SoCal blogger meet-up! I did see Carol in a dash one day at SCP but I couldn't stop to say hello. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! That pic is beautiful!

    xx Vivian @

  2. Happy Anniversary Kathryn! what a beautiful shot of the gorgeous bride and groom!
    If only shipping to Australia was free as well. I don't think the free shipping thing applies to me.
    Love your outfit featuring the Licorice lanes skirt - the colours are fantastic! Nice necklace too.
    Your darth vader costume is so funny!!! that's my fave outfit in this post! hehehe

  3. I love your styling of the Licorice Lanes skirt...I tried this on once it went on sale and couldn't picture how to style it, but yours looks great! I also love the Halloween cute! And happy anniversary!


  4. Happy anniversary!! I love the red shoes in the first picture and it really draws attention to the whole outfit starting with the shoes. :)

    Nice work on the costume! Looking pretty scary once that mask is on!


  5. You look lovely in your unworn cool is your costume! Happy Anniversary! I love, love, love the picture of you two at your wedding!

  6. Oh my goodness, you are so cute in that costume! And love, love, love the licorice lanes outfit.

  7. i just have to giggle... hehehehe.

    your licorice lanes outfit is better than i imagined! i wish i got to see it in person.

    happy anniversary to you and D!!!!!

  8. Happy anniversary! Love the costume!

  9. Happy Anniversary! Our 5th anniversary is in 20 days:) Time flies!

  10. Cute outfits!! My favorite is the Darth one. HEHEHE jk the bike one is cute put I gotta agree with deb, the licorice lanes one is super super cute. :D

    Happy Anniversary! May the force be with you! ;)

  11. Love that necklace! Gorgeous colors on you, too! Once it hits sale, I will definitely be tempted to pick it up for myself :)

    Does it remind you of the BR brooch necklace from 09-ish that had a little bug broach linked up to several flower brooches.

    I'm not doing it justice, so check it out on Gigi's blog here:
    because it's fab statement piece, if you can get your hands on one from ebay or through a blog sale.
    I love mine for casual dinners out, or as some extra pizazz when I'm wearing a casual tank and hanging out with friends for Sunday brunch.