Sunday, October 17, 2010

Unworn Item Challenge, Days 8, 9 & 10

Hello, and Happy Sunday, Everyone!

I hope you're all having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!

Just playing catch-up with the couple of unworn items/OOTDs from last week...

Day 8 - Unworn Item: Anthropologie Graces Tank, styled with the Field Game Cardigan, Oh Hello Friend Bow Belt, J Brand Black Skinny Leggings (similar here), Frye "Jane" Boots (from 2009 Anniversary Sale, but available here) and Nordstrom BP Bow Necklace in gold.

Oh, the Graces Tank. This is a piece of clothing that I adore, even though there's a huge reason not to. It is sooooo incredibly sheer. I love it though. And I once read that love is many things, none of them logical.

This outfit was inspired by the ever-lovely Kim of Anthroholic. (no surprise there) I just adore her stylings. I swear, Kim is nothing short of a genius. I wore this outfit to work and then to the home opener of my beloved Anaheim Ducks. (Yep - hockey season is back, and my team is awful this year!) Anyway, I was actually going to take an OOTD photo at the game, but I was so excited that they actually won that...well, I forgot.

I love this tank. In fact, I don't know why it's taken me so long to wear it. I can already picture styling it with half a dozen outfits. This top will be a workhorse in my wardrobe, I can already tell. Love!

Day 9 - Unworn Item: Cara Accessories Crystal & Bow Necklace, styled with H&M Top, H&M Necklace, Da-Nang Silk Cargo Pants (super oldlike 2005 I think? cute camo style here), and rhinestone hoop earrings and Tory Burch "Miller" Thong Sandals.

I picked up this crystal bow necklace at the Nordstrom party that Carol and I attended a few weeks back. It actually wasn't part of the haul that Kelly had pulled for us, but Carol spotted it in one of the other rooms and gasped, which then caused me to gasp. Bows + sparkles = no brainer.

The entire outfit was inspired by one of the outfits that Kelly pulled for me that day. I've been a huge fan of Da-Nang for years, and I love any excuse to pull out those old silk cargos. They're as comfortable as pajamas.

Day 10 - Unworn Item: Forever 21 Crochet Cardigan with Sash (available in "Dark Blue" here), styled with J Brand 14" Cigarette Leg Jeans (similar here), American Eagle Cami (similar style here), Frye "Jane" Boots.

Okay, this is a sweater I "settled" for, because I'd actually fallen in love with this sweater by Juicy Couture a little over a month ago:

Oh, how I'd loved this sweater in the window of the Juicy Couture store. But when it came time to inquire, "How much is that sweater in the window?" I was crushed to see the price tag of $258. This Juicy Couture sweater is amazingly soft and incredibly cute...but I just wasn't willing to drop that much money on a sweater.

Lo and behold, Forever 21 is but a few doors down from Juicy (and Anthro, for that matter). I saw the beautiful soft pink color and melted. And at over two hundred dollars less, I had to snap it up.

Is the Forever 21 as nice as the Juicy one? Not at all. Is it itchy? Absolutely. Will it pill? Oh, probably. Do I like it? ...yeah, I do.

Like Debbie of Possess and Obsess, I also suffer a crisis of conscience when I shop at Forever 21. Their sometimes blatant rip-offs of other designers makes me mighty uncomfortable, so when I do go into Forever 21 I try not to buy a piece that I can actively trace to another designer. Then again, I'm not sure if that makes me a hypocrite for shopping there in the first place. Sigh.

I'll leave off this post with a, "Happy Birthday" to my partner in life, one of the "Misters" of IPOPT:

The Husband playing a show at the Whisky A Go Go a few years back, during his long hair phase

Happy Birthday, DH. You don't look a day over 21.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I recently purchased that Forever 21 soft pink sweater, too. I love it and yeah, it's a throwaway item with a one season shelf life, but for about $30, I'm happy. That other sweater that you wanted is pretty, but definitely not $258 pretty.

  2. Oh, wow. I don't blame you for loving the Juicy Couture sweater. Look at those sleeves. But I was already swooning over your actual outfit before seeing the JC version. You look great, and I love the boots.


  3. I completely understand how you feel about F21. I understand that it costs money to make quality items like the sweater at juicy, but sadly I cannot afford things like that all the time. I think for pieces that are really trendy and won't last very long F21 is great. i would rather spend my $$$ on pieces I know I will use for years, like your silk cargos. :)

  4. Hi Kathryn
    I'm absolutely loving your Day 8 outfit - that is something i'd love to wear everyday (but can't unfortunately!).
    Also loving the nordstrom necklace, so gorgeous against your black top. And you have such a pretty face!!
    Ohh....i see, you're married to a rock star! hehehe. Happy birthday to him!

  5. I actually like the F21 sweater better than the juicy. I think i prefer the long sleeves and the cross over wrap. so cute!!

  6. I also prefer the F21 piece more than the least from the pics above. Maybe it doesn't feel as nice? :) I love all of your outfits. Love your skinny leggings.

  7. Aww, thanks for the kind words! I love the outfit you wore that I inspired :) That belt is too cute!

  8. These are all styled so beautifully! Loves!

  9. The F21 sweater is so cutie-cute though! It's my fave piece in this post!

  10. I really love the first outfit with the Graces tank! Too cute!

    Enter my giveaway to win a pair of adorable Banana Republic gloves!


  11. new follower to your blog (after coming across it in my search for frye boots). i'm so torn between the melissa button, veronica slouch and the jane. all the greats outfits you have put together with the jane are making a strong case for it!!

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