Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Updating Our Lists...(and a long overdue OOTD)

I can't believe that we're already into the middle of October.  When we first received our October catalogs over a week ago, we meant to do an updated list post, but (exhale in relief) we found ourselves somewhat underwhelmed by this new catalog's offerings.  So, as you'll be able to see below, my full priced list and my sale price list hasn't changed a whole lot.  My "List of Things I Haven't Tried But Want to/Am Afraid to" has actually managed to double.  And if these things don't start showing up in store...I might be provoked enough to actually place an order and pay the shipping. No, I don't know.  I don't know if I could bear to do it.  

Carol's Full Price List: 
1. Ruffled Plaid Dress (maybe) 
2. Puckered Plaid Trench (maybe) 

Carol's Sale Priced List: 
1. In the Trees Skirt 
2. Ruffled Plaid Dress (maybe) 
3. Ha'Penny Cardigan OR Alice in Autumn, yellow 
4. D'Armee Dress 
5. Molded and Melded Tee (if I can find it, now that it's sold out online in XS) 

Carol's List of Things She Hasn't Tried But Wants To/Is Afraid To (Heather, this one's for you ^_-) 
1. Tartan Treaure Top (because I want this whole outfit - see photo above) 
2. Flanders Fields Sweater (because I love this outfit too) 
3. Harvested Honey Coat 
4. Redux Jacket 
5. Darjeeling Skirt (oh! So pretty and sweet!)
6. Awaiting Wings Dress (Someday, I'm convinced an ensemble dress will work for me! Maybe this will be the one?)
7. Glowing Leaf Skirt (oooh, love the orange against the gray!)
8. Facile Camp Shirt (Surprisingly, something my husband picked out for me.  He really really really wants me to get this top. He says it has a "Jackie O. going on safari"-vibe. Hmm....)

List of Things Carol Already Has (And Needs To Remember, When Wanting New Things) 
1. Frill Force Jacket 
2. Dog Trot Cardi 
3. Ha'Penny Cardigan, gray 
4. Southward Stop Dress 
5. Finishing School Skirt 
6. Peppered and Striped Skirt 
7. Licorice Lanes Skirt 
8. Mullany Dress 
9. Refined Corduroy Dress 
10. AG Stevie Cords 

Oh, the madness, the madness!

Kathryn's Full Price List: 
1. Refined Corduroy Dress 
2. Redux Jacket (Okay, I still think this is pretty...)
3. Oxer Jacket (in Green...still in love with this one, too!)

Kathryn's Sale Price List: 
1. Babergh Dress (Possibly not even available, anymore...) 
2. Dried Leaves Dress (hanging on by a thread...) 
3. Ruffled Plaid Dress (Do I still want this?) 
4. Once & Always Tee (...and suddenly I'm not sure I want this anymore, either) 
5. Lima Lines Skirt 
6. Best of the Bunch Cardigan (I might need to wait for a second cut on this one...) 

List of Things Kathryn Already Has (And Needs To Remember, When Wanting New Things)
1. Cream Confection Jacket 
2. Acting Out Skirt 
3. Peppered & Striped Skirt 
4. Remaining Lilies Cardigan (finally purchased, on sale - yay!) 
5. Graces Tank (was wishlisted, finally purchased on sale) 
6. Arid Season Button-Up (sale purchase) 
7. Dreamy Drape Dress (surprise sale purchase) 
8. Mullany Dress 
9. Bianka Blouse (luckily located at Fashion Valley) ...notice how my "Things I Already Have" list has grown, over time?

So, it's been a million years (or something close) since I last posted an OOTD.  I actually wore this a few weeks ago, but never found a good opportunity to post it.  I decided, what the heck, I'll just throw it out there now.  Obviously, I wore this on a "cooler" day.  This week, we're solidly stuck in the 80's in terms of temperature (pretty typical soCal weather for October), so not a lot of wool jacket wearing going on right now.  But I'm looking fondly at this outfit, in hopes that it'll act like a rain dance and attract some cooler, fall weather really soon.

Jacket: Gap Herringbone Blazer (pre-fall 2010, similar here, here, and here)
Top: Free Flow Tank, Anthropologie, Winter 2009 (similar here and here and here)
Shoes: Me Too Ruffle Flats, Pewter color (similar here and here and here)
Belt: Sequin sash, J. Crew (similar here)
Necklace: Sequin Long Station Necklace (on sale here - I'm wearing the necklace doubled up in this outfit - for the Traveling Mullanys shoot, I wore this necklace tripled up!  It's so versatile and pretty!)


  1. Carol, I LOVE the sash over the blazer! Love, love, love. Such a great outfit overall!

  2. I too was not at all tempted by most of the October catalog, but then shocked to find out that my overall wishlist still seemed to have grown at an alarming rate anyway! Sigh. Anthropologie is tricky like that!

    I think you guys both have very respectable wishlists though in general -- I can see everything on your FP/sale lists suiting you and complementing your overall wardrobes so well. And Kathryn, I am so close to getting the Oxer Jacket myself, even though I rarely indulge in a full price buy! My size seems to be getting precariously close to selling out online. The only thing holding me back right now is the shipping charges.

    (Oh and Carol, I agree with Debbie above, the sash over your blazer looks amazing! And it complements your flats so nicely :))

  3. Hi Carol! I actually saw you/passed you at SCP Corner Bakery on Sat. as you were coming out and I was going in. We were both in a rush or I would have loved to stop and introduce myself! :) Anyhow - you looked lovely always!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  4. Oh wooow, I love the blazer with the belt tied over it! It adds a nice feminine touch to the herringbone blazer. :D

  5. So cute! I love that blazer on you. You make blazers look so great. This would have been a great outfit for today here in Seattle.

  6. I love your OOTD! I have that blazer and the belt. I may have to copy this beautiful look you've created. :)

  7. Hello pretty things!
    I've been a little underwhelmed by the catalogue's offerings too. The only thing i want badly is the darjeeling skirt!
    Carol, i love your OOTD. The sash pretties up the outfit!

  8. I totally love that belt with the blazer. So cute!

  9. Belted the blazer is such a great idea, especially with that pretty sash. Your outfit is great. You look so feminine and put together.

    I love that you labeled a list of things you have and need to remember when you want new things!!! I totally need to do that!

  10. You look so pretty and pulled together Carol - I still wish I'd have called CS about that Free Flow tank when it went on sale - I kick myself on a regular basis over that one!

  11. You look so pretty and pulled together Carol - I still wish I'd have called CS about that Free Flow tank when it went on sale - I kick myself on a regular basis over that one!