Monday, November 29, 2010

Anthropologie at The Grove (a Visit, a Review, an OOTD)

About a month ago, Heather Cook, the Personal Shopper at the Fashion Valley Anthropologie asked me if I'd ever been to the Anthro at The Grove (an incredible Disneyland-like mall - the facades are insane!), in Los Angeles.  I told her I hadn't, and she basically told me that any self-respecting Southern California Anthro-blogger needed to see it (though not in so many words).  She described an amazing store, teeming with gorgeous clothing - all those elusive, higher price-point pieces that just don't show up on the San Diego store floors - as well as cases and cases of jewelry.  Her words planted a seed in my head, and when we were in Culver City to see the Tron Pop-Up Shop, I checked our Nav (what my DH and I call the GPS) and was thrilled to see that The Grove was only 12 minutes away!

Which actually meant we spent the better part of 30 minutes navigating through traffic getting there, and another 10 minutes getting parked.  Ah, Los Angeles, I haven't missed you at all!  In fact, by the time we got in the store, I only had 15 minutes to look around, before we had to leave, to get to dinner with my sister, back in Orange County.

It was enough though, for this time - and yes, I will go back there sometime soon, to spend hours in the fitting room.  Because everything Heather said about the store was true.  Since I didn't have time for real browsing, I admired the holiday decorations instead. We all know how gorgeous Anthro holiday displays are, but the cathedral-height ceilings at The Grove store allowed for some incredible sights:

 A tree grows in Anthro! Replete with treehouse and rope bridge!

 I loved this beautiful light fixture with its metal frame and glass accents. I want something scaled down for my dining room.  It was just gorgeous!

The sheer size didn't mean the Visual Department overlooked the details. Look at this darling owl! And behind him, there's an end table with a camera sitting on two books, nevermind that most customers can't see those things, since they're perched on the landing of the rope bridge, at least 10 feet overhead.

So, you know that I couldn't at least try to try something on, right? When my eyes landed on my much-desired, long-wishlisted-but-sight-unseen Harvested Honey Coat, I had to try it on. So, here it is - I'm wearing a size 0 here.  Kate wanted to come with me and try on the From the Archives Dress  (and I'm sad to report it was too big for her and that I also ran out of time, and couldn't try it on either), so here we are:
The coat's color is as pictured on the website - a warm, dandelion yellow.  The sleeves were a bit long on me, so I'd probably want to have them taken up, and I thought the collar was a little big, but nothing I couldn't cope with.

Side view: I thought the coat fit me well and was a good length on me.

Coat with collar unbuttoned - I liked that it looked like something I could easily throw on over clothes, unbuttoned and still look good.  Kate thought the coat could be improved with a scarf, and demonstrated with the scarf/sash of the From the Archives Dress.  The sticker price on this coat is a bit too rich for my blood, so I'll have to wait until it goes on sale, but when it does, I'm going to make it mine. (Please go on sale soon, please go on sale soon...)

Sorry about not posting my outfits in sequence - but this was Day 19 of 20, in my abridged 30 for 20 Remix Challenge.  A lot of people asked me if I thought it was too hard to come up with 30 outfits for 30 days with 30 items - and actually, the answer is no. I could probably go on remixing the items into different outfits for quite a while.  The difficulty is ignoring all the other stuff in your closet that starts to scream at you for not wearing them. Yeah, that's right. Screaming clothing. Scary, hm? I thought so too.

Here's some great news - we're extending the deadline for the Movie-Inspired Outfits Netflix contest.  We've received some really amazing submissions (you guys are awesome!) but someone pointed out to me that having this sort of contest over a holiday week probably wasn't the best idea, since if your life is anything like mine, you had no time at all to put together an outfit or stage a photo. So, if you're interested in participating, please submit a photo this week.  The entry period will close this Sunday, December 5th.

Thanks, and have a great Monday!


  1. Okay, those photos with Kate are not helping my baby-fever at all! :) She is just too sweet.

    The Grove Anthro looks amazing-- must go back so you have more time to explore!

  2. I love the Grove Anthropologie! My sister in law took me there in march when I visited them and it was such a cool, and huge store!
    Love that coat on you - it's really pretty, and Kate is soooo adorable!

  3. wow, this Grove Anthro is pretty crazy awesome!! i can't believe there's room enough for a tree in there!

    and your pictures with Kate are too adorable! and i agree with you about the fact that the hardest part of the challenge is ignoring the rest of your clothes. the fact that i had a closet full of beautiful things that i couldn't wear was killing me too!

  4. I used to go to the Grove all the time but never set foot in the Anthro. I didn't even know where it was!!! I went to the farmer's market a lot though.

    Love that coat on you. It's definitely an investment piece at almost $400! But I think it's worth it. Something you could wear for years!

  5. Wow that's an awesome store! I love that yellow coat on you the colour and fit is perfect. Your little girl is adorable, I love seeing her in your posts!

  6. Love that coat, and the scarf just makes it magic.

    I went to the Grove Anthro last year, and, like you, had just a few minutes to look around because we had to line up around the corner for So You Think You Could Dance. I just made a mad dash to the back for the sale section and only remember the front of the store as a blur. :)

    I'll have to make the two hour trip back to see it sometime, justify it with a sightseeing tour of Hollywood for the kids.

  7. your daughter is too darling!!

  8. your daughter is just like you! too cute!

  9. I go to USC so sometimes, I wake up early and go there before class haha. Reminds me to work hard in school cuz I'm gonna have to get a good job in order to fund this crazy anthro addiction :)

  10. I will have to add this one to my list of Anthro stores to go to when I am back home! :)

  11. that store is just amazing!!!! that is exactly why I love going to different stores whenever I travel. Awesome!!!

  12. One of the prettiest Anthropologies I've ever seen!

    I've been reading your blog for a while and I *love* it!

    I also couldn't take the "Harvested Honey" coat out of my mind (looks even better on you than on the website pics!), but I have too many coats and this one is way too expensive. So... I remembered I've seen a similar coat in a Chadwicks'(!) catalog a few months ago. I found that coat in a similar golden color on their website and decided to order the last one that may fit me (it's a sz 8). It's sold out now and I didn't receive it yet, but I'd love to hear a sincere opinion about this coat:

    Chadwicks copies a couple of styles from Anthro once in a while and they had the Gumshoe sweatercoat that was exactly the same as the one sold at Anthro last year. That's why I always take a look at their website.

  13. The next time you are in LA, you should visit the Beverly Hills store. It's just as awesome!

  14. I am not going to write about this coat which is wonderful or store (the same as a coat) but about Kate. She is so beautiful. And it is look like you two have a good fun.

  15. I visited the Grove Anthro store earlier this year and it was amazing!
    Carol, you look gorgeous in the coat - the colour lights you up! cute is your baby Kate. She is the most adorable thing i've ever seen!! Love that last picture where you are looking at each other. She looks just like you!

  16. Kate is truly your mini-me - cutest little shopper ever! That coat is GORGEOUS! Would it be wrong to quadruple my coat collection in one year? Love it!

  17. Ha ha! I love that the nav said it was 12 minutes away. Well, that's in nav time, not in LA time. It would take 30 minutes to get to my friend's house and after a long while I finally noted the mileage. I think was 5 miles from my home. Seriously.

    I've been in Anthro at the Grove, but check this -- didn't even look around because I wasn't into Anthro at the time. I had the adult ADD thing happen because I hadn't been exposed to blogs and didn't know how to shop the store. I think that was 5 yrs ago. Oh how I would appreciate it now. Thanks for sharing pics :-)

  18. The last photo of you and Kate is adorable! I love it when you do mother-daughter photos!

  19. Carol your coat is on sale today!!

  20. Carol, I'm sooo excited! I just got my pink, very adorable Dog Trot cardi (only $30!!!) and love it! Yet another item I bought because you suggested it...I cannot refuse your taste!
    Kristina J.

  21. The Harvested Honey coat looks fantastic on you! And every time you wear the Konnichiwa sweater, I want it even more (hoping to get it from MIL for Christmas). :-)