Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baseball Has Been Good To Me... (30 for 30 Remix Challenge)

...since I quit trying to play it. -Whitey Herzog

So, here's the thing.  You know how Sara and Debbie were talking about their conflicted emotions doing the 30 for 30?

Yeah, me too.

So I'm cutting this experiment a little short. I'm turning it into a 30 for 20 Remix Challenge.  Does this make me a cheater? Maybe. A quitter? Yes. A poor sport? Perhaps.

Do I feel better having made this decision? Absolutely.

Will I still have learned some invaluable lessons from this exercise? Indubitably. Will I make up for quitting early by trying it again in the spring? Umm...let's talk about it when we get there. Will you forgive me for throwing in the towel early? I really hope so. Because I was dying inside, people! Dying!

So biggest lesson-learned: I really have a lot of great clothes in my closet! I mean, really, really great ones!  Fun clothes that I'm dying to wear! And the other giant lesson learned? It really is easier to come up with new outfits and combinations, when you're working with a smaller set of items. Sometimes, having a lot of things actually makes it harder to be creative.  What's that they say? Scarcity is the mother of invention?

Huh? Winners never quit and quitters never win? Yeah...I've heard they say that too.  (*grumbling*)

I still need to get Days 11-14 off my camera and edited, but I'll post those in the next day or so.  I've still got days 17-20 to complete.  In the meantime, here are my outfits from Days 15 and 16 (yesterday and today):

Day 15: Stem Striped tee, Here Today Here Tomorrow Dress, Berry Bush Tights, Indigo by Clarks shoes (okay, okay - I cheated! These shoes are not in my 30. I just couldn't bring myself to wear flats, and boots didn't seem at all right. Mea culpa.)

This is my "teenage witch" outfit.  Right? Can you see it? Give me a broom and a pointy hat, and it would have been perfect. Sigh. I think I could have gotten away with this outfit if I were 19.  Not so much, now. Yep, cheaters never prosper. Ain't that the truth.

Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie
This is Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie. I thought it was appropriate reading for a teenage witch.  It's a little creepy at times (faeries - especially the modern kind, sometimes are...) but a quick, fun read.

Day 16: Stem Striped Tee, Hop Skip Jump Skirt, Apepazza Martin Boots, Nordstrom knee-socks, Frill Force Jacket, H&M scarf, Snakebite Belt

Day 16's outfit was inspired by the inimitable Kendi. After the massive failure of Day 15's Teenage Witch outfit (which caused me to announced to my coworker, "I officially hate this outfit!" sometime after lunch), I sought solace with She Who Leads Remixers, and I saw this outfit. Simple, clean, classic - needless to say, I loved it. So, using what I had on hand, I did something similar. I think it worked out well.

We're Just Like You, Only Prettier: Confessions of a Tarnished Southern Belle

I think Kendi lives in Texas (though I'm not entirely sure) and while I don't think you can count Texas as a "Southern" state (I attempted to confirm this belief with my DH.  The conversation went something like this:  
Carol:  Honey, was Texas in the Confederacy? 
Husband: I don't know. 
Carol: Can you check? 
Husband: Why? 
Carol: Because I'm curious and you're in front of a computer, whereas I have the baby in my hands.
Husband: (heaves a big sigh and clicks away at the computer) Yes, they were part of the Confederacy.
Carol: Thanks!  (Pauses to think) Would you consider Texas a southern state?
Husband: No.
Carol: What sort of state would you consider it?
Husband: I consider it Texas. Texas is Texas.
And isn't that the truth? Texas is Texas)  it's in the same general latitudinal parallel as the southern states, so close enough for me. For those of you new to her, the author Celia Rivenbark is like a female, southern version of Dave Barry. I literally found myself laughing out loud while reading this book, much to the disapproval of whomever happened to be around me.  What sort of person engages in this type of unseemly outburst while reading? A person reading Celia Rivenbark, that's who.

By the way, did today's sale items tempt you? Let me know if you got something! I still have a few days to go on my shopping ban...


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  2. The Hop Skip Skirt outfit is probably my favourite from your 20 for 30 along with the equestrian one from your last post.

    I often LOL when reading, I much prefer that to crying. I was a blubbering wreck on a flight to Edinburgh years ago whilst reading the last few chapters of My Sisters Keeper.... :)

  3. awww carol, you're throwing in the towel already??? but you are so close and doing so well!
    That picture of you reading is hilarious. Lovely outfits too, despite what you think of them :-)
    Good to know that Texas is Texas! I wouldn't know that kind of stuff.
    I didn't get anything on sale. I've been a really good girl lately. Although the Peggy Sue dress is really tempting me...

  4. I live in a Southern state (AL) and we usually consider Texas as more Southwestern. I think Texas is Texas is more appropriate though. lol If you like Celia Rivenbark I'd also recommend Jill Connor Brown who writes the Sweet Potato Queen books. They even have an annual parade in Jackson, MS that includes all the other queens from around the country.

  5. HAHA...Texas is Texas. Your husband is absolutely right. I'll have to check out that book.

    I have been struggling with the remix myself. I have great pieces I could be wearing and want to wear. And the weather here has been warm enough for shorts!

  6. Laughing while reading is much better than crying. I always seem to grab the tear-jerker book when I am flying...alone. Embarressing.
    I really love your green chair. It is a great chair. I love you outfits too, of course. But we just moved and we are using that color green in the house. I am the WORST at home decor, though. Bravo for a great chair.
    Love your blog!

  7. Carol, you always make me laugh. I particularly loved the banter between you and your husband :)
    And don't worry about not completing the 30 for 30 challenge. I forgive you. I still enjoyed your remix!


  8. haha, I love your comment about TX. I've lived in Texas all my life and some people do consider the state its own entity, although I think technically it's considered part of the southwest. :)

    And the red Anthro skirt looks fabulous on you! I love it paired with a nice white scarf that matches your knee-high boots. So chic!

    And you made it a lot farther on the remix than I did. I was seriously dying too.

  9. You're too funny, Carol! This is your challenge so you can make up the rules. I still admire you for even trying to do it. Unlike me, I'm too afraid!

  10. I love 16!!
    And, when I lived in Texas, the only way to describe it was 'Texas.' They have a mind of their own down there.
    The Auspicious Life

  11. Loved this post! I am from Tennessee, and I would completely agree - Texas is Texas! I don't think of it as the South but it definitely is not the North ... it just is what it is! Culturally, though, from what I've seen, Texans are like most people in the South. We Southerners are definitely different from the rest of the U.S.!!!

  12. Hmm, Texas once thought of itself as a separate country. I'll accept throwing in the towel on day 20. The remix IS more challenging that I thought it would be.

  13. oh, carol! i'm sad you're giving up but i understand. maybe, just maybe, spring will be better :) i also don't think your "teenage witch" outfit was a failure, it's cute! i wish i could wear stripes as well. don't you love the hop, skip, jump skirt? such a great color.

    i am envious that you'll be wearing other things while the rest of us suffer through our 30 items ;)

    happy thanksgiving!