Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Checking Account, How Did I Fail Thee..?

Let me count the ways...

1. Rensselaer T-Straps

Pathetic justification: Shoes. Anthropologie shoes. On sale. Hey, it can't hurt to try, right?

Besides, Carol used to live in Rensselaer and...I...used to visit her there...so...that counts for something, right? Right???

*continues to stammer, pathetically*

Pathetic justification: Total impulse purchase, grabbity-grabbed on a second cut. I loved the Arid Season Button-Up, so I figure I might like this one as well, since it's also by Fei. It should be great for layering..?

3. Glowing Leaf Skirt

Pathetic justification: Nothing like throwing in a full-price item with your sale purchases for kicks. Oh no, wait - I know! It was for the free shipping. Yeah...that's the ticket.

So my title is not clever or original by any means, but my brain hurts from giving into the sale monster today and I can't come up with anything better.

...keep in mind, I wanted the Babergh Dress, too. Real bad. But it wasn't online, and I couldn't get to a store and I'm lazy, so I'm going to...*gulp*...let it go, because I just don't think I'll wear it that much. And besides, I think I've found something else to make my heart sing...

Spinning Lace Dress ($288, shown in size 6)

...and again, I'm left to refer to "Firefly," when Shepherd Book explains to Mal about the "special hell" - "...a level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater."

I immediately laid eyes on this dress and (like Mal) said, "I'm gonna go to the special hell."

Not because I'm a child molester, of course. And I'm certainly not the type to talk at the theater. But I want this dress in a bad way. Bad, bad, bad, bad, BAD. It's so gorgeous and the material is so soft and the silhouette is so dreamily flattering. There's even crinoline in the skirt, to make it poofy.

I die.

The problem is, it's $288.

In terms of cost-per-wear, it's probably not the wisest thing I could pick up.

I don't know if I care though. Is this love that I'm feeling? Is this the love that I've been searching for? Is this love, or am I dreaming? This must be love...cos it's really go a hold on me .

First person to get the reference gets a prize. *wink*

Alrighty. I'm off to vote. As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Aww... I had hoped you'd pick up the Babergh Dress since it looked so wonderful on you. I'm waiting a little bit before picking up the Spinning Lace Dress. It looks so beautiful on you!

    And yeah, cost per wear, that's what it's all about.

  2. Ooh I am loving the colors of that skirt!!!

    Haha don't worry, I was all bragging on other people's blogs saying I sat this sale out until I saw the switching lanes cardi and the dwarf quince cardi on sale! Haha. I caved. Oh well!!! It's just money...we can always earn it back right?

  3. I neeeed the Spinning Lace Dress. I also said this about the cream Drifting By Dress that I haven't worn yet...

    I think this might be the only fashion blog I follow whose author would quote Whitesnack which is awesome. :)

    Lyzi (lyziologie.blogspot.com)

  4. Did I say snack? I meant snake. A snack sounds good too, though...

  5. I am dead right along with you - that spinning lace dress is KILLING me (that's why were both dead, right?) I have been holding out for THE perfect 10year anniversary dress, because ya know everyone buys themself a special dress for TEN YEARS. Right?????? Gah. You look amazing in it. I don't think I would have had the willpower to put it back on the rack. SO PRETTY!

    Oh, and the Glowing Leaf Skirt? It's a stunner. I impulse bought it with my b-day discount and shudder to think I might have passed it over - it's something special!

  6. lol, Whitesnake reference? it's an oldie but goodie. :)

    i know what you mean though when you try on something and it's absolute love. the love blinds you from the price. that dress is totally cute on you though!



    I think you got great sale purchases. I was going to wait until Thursday and try and get the Highest Accolades dress on sale, but it is already sold out, so I will be sitting this sale out.

    As for the Spinning Lace dress... I am really doing my darnedest to NOT order that at full price. I wanted the Drifting By dress and waited for a sale and ended up missing out on it entirely. It is one of the rare things that I remember and regret NOT having. I think this dress falls along those same lines.

  8. The band that has the 80s girl that does gymnastics on top of car roofs! I know that one! ahahaahahah

    I love the spinning lace dress on you!

  9. Kathryn, i think it IS love and i think you WILL have to get the spinning lace dress! It looks really pretty on you (and others i've seen). Gahhh...it's on my wishlist!

  10. Kathryn, I know what you mean about the Spinning Lace dress. It's beyond gorgeous. I want it sooooooo bad too but $288! Maybe I'll have to buy it for myself for my birthday/Xmas present.

  11. I love the spinning lace dress on you! I totally get how you feel about the Babergh, I really wanted it too but didn't get a chance to get it. :( Do you feel the spinning lace is too similar to the Mullany? I have that one and while I love that shape on me, I wonder what I can really do with two fairly formal shift dresses. :)

  12. The lace dress is just divine and you look really pretty in it!


  13. Surely at $288 there will be some lovely Spinning Lace dresses left come sale time for you and the other ladies above who also crave it? I sure hope so as that is a heck of a lot of money to spend on a dress... even if it is soft, looks very pretty on you and you wore it everyday to justify the cost!

    Been stalking the UK site this morning watching things get marked down, they aren't keen on 2nd cuts here... there are a few things I've been holding out on waiting for a 2nd cut but no joy, they seem to just take them off the site after a few months.

    Safe to say this mornings sale is pretty pants compared to the excellent US sale yesterday. My AMEX breathed a huge sigh of relief as I hate paying £5 to ship one item and the only thing I want is the Lost Time skirt :(

  14. The Spinning Lace Dress is soooooo pretty. Fingers crossed it makes it to sale(!?)

    I know my checking account is yelling at me. Just when it started to recover, I made it work OT yesterday. I NEEDED to get to that $150 threshold!

  15. I really want those t-straps!! Love the Glowing Leaf Skirt, and I am resigned to the fact that I cannot get the Spinning Lace dress no matter how much I want it :(

  16. The t-straps are ridiculously cute, actually I'm digging everything you picked out :) So much for that no shopping thing, huh? LOL

    "We're not going to die. You know why? Because we're so very pretty. We are just too pretty for God to let us die." ;)

  17. Oh my goodness. I get the sale rushes too. Oh, Anthro, how good and bad you are for us! The lace dress looks super cute on you, but I'd say to hold out on it if you don't have any special places to wear it to!

  18. @Tien - I know, part of me still wants the Babergh Dress too, but after all the damage I did today I feel a little bad throwing that in the mix as well. I've successfully refrained from calling CS thus far, thereby decreasing my chances of ever finding it.

    If anyone happens to see the Babergh in a size 4, feel free to let me know! ;o)

    And Tien - the Spinning Lace looked gorgeous on you! I'm also loving your bangs, and you're tempting me to cut mine...! =) Thanks so much for your sweet compliments!

    @Cindi - I am RIGHT there with you..! You know what I think did me in...? Sara, my size twin. (You, Me & Anthropologie) I realized later that the t-straps and the button-up were things she'd bought also! Haha!

    Can't wait to see your latest purchases on you!

    @Lyzi - You WIN! Hahaha! It's sort of funny to me that I've now quoted not one, but *two* Whitesnake songs on this blog. I guess their lyrics just speak to me?

    And I'm serious - shoot me an email with your addy and I'll send you a little prize. It might not be a "snack" but hopefully it'll bring a smile to your face. =)

    @Jan - Well if we die, we can die together! ("To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die...")

    The Spinning Lace is TDF; so for what it's worth, I hereby give you permission to buy it for your 10-year anniversary. And maybe I can convince the blogosphere to grant me permission to buy it for...next Friday? For no other reason than the ability to wear a pretty dress that day..? ;o)

    I saw your set featuring the Glowing Leaf Skirt, and I squealed. It's like we're on Vulcan mind meld, or something. It's *such* a pretty skirt, isn't it? Can't wait to see it on you!

    @kileen - Haha, what can I say? Apparently David Coverdale had a bigger inflence on my psyche than I thought. ;o) And yes - the Spinning Lace is making my heart flutter!

    @Ady - LOL thanks! ;o) What's funny is, I'm actually straining to think of Whitesnake's other songs...I swear I only know two. I'm going to have to look them up now though...

    And I'm TOTALLY with you on the Drifting By Dress. I passed on it, thinking it was completely wrong for my complexion. But I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a part of me that doesn't still wish for it, even if it didn't look that good on me. Sigh. I don't want to miss out on the Spinning Lace, so we'll see how long my resolve holds...!

    @Kelly - YES. How could I *not* quote a band that featured a half-naked girl gyrating on the hood of a car in their music videos? That's high art, I tell you.

    And thank you for your sweet compliments! =)

    @Jen - Isn't the Spinning Lace just wonderful? Just so you know - you're one of the primary reasons I regret not buying the Drifting By Dress. Your Eiffel Tower photo made me swoon. SWOON.

    @Annie - I'm a firm believer in rewarding oneself with presents. Like the Nike slogan says, just do it. ;o)

  19. @Melanie - Haha, I had the same thought about the Mullany! "Are they too similar?" Then again, when you find a shape that works for you, you can never have enough...right? Kind of like how I feel about shirtdresses. =)

    Maybe we could wear the Mullany one week, and then the Spinning Lace the following week? Or...something..?

    @Jolie - Thank you very much! I do think the dress is "tres jolie." (*insert silly drum fill*)

    @Louise - I surely hope there will be Spinning Laces left, come sale time! Even at sale price, it's a total splurge. Yikes. I love it!

    Sorry to hear the UK Anthro site's sale was merely "pretty pants" compared to the US site. But...can I borrow the saying "pretty pants" from you? Because it's awesome.

    @Pamela - I'm crossing my fingers, toes, strands of hair...anything I can, to wish the Spinning Lace to make it to sale time!

    And yes - this was a particularly crazy sale day, for me. Gah! Maybe your checking account and my debit card can meet up for a drink to discuss their woes!

    @Sarah - You know, there's a teeny tiny part of me that almost wants the t-straps not to work, so that I can return them and try to tell to myself, "Oh, at least I wasn't _that_ bad during the sale...I only bought two things!"

    But we all know the truth.

    And one never knows. Maybe something will happen and the Spinning Lace will be yours, somehow. Extra finger crossing for you.

    @shira - You've been so good with your no shopping rule, surely you can cheat just a liiiiiittle? That way we can be shoe twins! ;o)

    I heart Captain Tightpants.

    @amy kelinda - Yesterday was a tough sale day, wasn't it? Gah. And thank you for your sweet compliments! I'm definitely going to hold off on the Spinning Lace as I can still remember the glare I got from Husband when I told him how much I loved it. So...that might be enough to keep me from splurging. For now, anyway!

    Thanks for reading!

  20. What Rennsselear did she live in? There is a Rennsselear where I'm from, but it's on the East Coast. I'd just be curious to know where else there are cities with such a name!


  21. That Spinning Lace Dress is to die for and looks great on you! Do you think it's too similar to the Mullany Dress though? It's the same color and the same shape, but I love it!

  22. 1. I love Anthropologie
    2. I love Firefly
    3. I love when people work in random Firefly references when you least expect it.
    In conclusion, I love this blog.
    I'll be in my bunk.

  23. @Kayla - Carol used to live in upstate New York while her husband was finishing his PhD. We used to have fun sledding down the hills behind her apartment. =)

    @Sara - Thank you! The Spinning Lace probably is very similar to the Mullany, but...I'm not sure I care! It's soooo pretty and I love it too!

    @prettyinpdxstyle - Thanks! That's mighty kind of you to read this little blog!

    1. I love people who love Anthropologie and Firefly.
    2. I love it when people make lists.
    3. Shiny! I'll let you know when supper's ready.

  24. I really love that you quote Firefly while posting about this dress. Classic!