Monday, November 15, 2010

In Soviet Russia You Don't Blog Outfits, Outfits Blog You (OOTDs)

...yeah, I have no idea what that title means either.

But hello and happy Monday! I hope everyone is doing well!

Have you been enjoying Carol's 30 for 30 OOTDs as much as I have? I debated for days whether or not to join Carol and Debbie in Kendi's 30 for 30 Fall Challenge. I even went as far as creating an Excel spreadsheet, trying to pick items and match them with one another:

I even picked an outfit for last Monday using items off my little incomplete list of stuff. (I never did get around to picking all 30 items.) My intention was to try and see how far I could make it before I either a) went off list for a wardrobe choice, or b) bought something, thereby breaking the shopping ban that goes hand-in-hand with the 30 for 30.

So, here are my outfits from last week!

Last Monday's OOTD:

So believe it or not, I've still got unworn items to wear. In this outfit, it's last year's Berry Bush Tights, which I picked up on sale. And then the weather got too warm to wear them.

I'm always a little leery of the orange-and-blue color combination, as it reminds me of high school. "For conquering Romans are we...we hail orange white and blue!" *shudder* However, this outfit gave me the perfect opportunity to pull out the Berry Bush Tights as there's just a bit of blue running through them.

I still can't say enough good things about the Arid Season Button-Up. I love, love, love, love, LOVE how comfortable it is. It's also a great layering piece which doesn't make you sweat underneath sweaters. Win! Oh, and in other awesome news..? Oh, Hello Friend has re-opened her Etsy shop. YAY! So head on over there and check it out - she's got some great stuff!

The strangest comment I got on my outfit was from one of my old high school friends that I met up with after work to watch some dinner and catch Monday Night Football. He remarked that I looked, "very Molly Ringwald." Hmm...I don't really see the 1980s influence in this outfit, but he said it looked, yay?

Last Tuesday's OOTD:

Volante Tee
Peppered & Striped Skirt
Target Merona "Myka" Suede Wedges in Grey
Matrushka Construction earrings
Oh, Hello Friend Vintage Hair Pin (similar here and here)

Notice, this outfit was put together using a couple more items from my little spreadsheet. I'd been jonesing for the Volante Tee for awhile, so I decided to take back a couple things in order to buy it. I guess that this is technically yet another unworn item that I'm wearing. *giggle*

I have to confess - wearing this outfit was a lot of fun. I felt very girlie and pretty in it, if I may say so. I love the tee and I adore the skirt. I always giggle to myself when I read a magazine article that talks about grey being "big" for fall. It always reminds me of the scene in "The Devil Wears Prada" when Meryl Streep says, "Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking." Seriously, isn't grey always big for fall?

Anyway, the skirt may or may not have inspired me to twirl at work that day. Jussayin'.

Here's a detail pic of the hair pin:

I like that I was able to pull in the hair pin as a touch of grey in my hair, to tie the whole look together.

Last Wednesday's OOTD:

Gap Boyfriend cardigan (old)
Shine Through Button-Up
Circle the Globe Skirt
Oh, Hello Friend Belt
Frenchi Ribbed Tights in Charcoal
Frye "Jane" Boots
Oh, Hello Friend "Take Time to Breathe" Pocketwatch Necklace

This outfit was my tribute to the fabulous Jan of The Girliest Boy Mom. I literally gasped out loud when I saw her outfit here, and I knew (with the Shine Through Button-Up on its way to me...via UPS, I might add. Which took forever) that I had to recreate the look.

I don't have a blue cardigan, so I subbed in an old Gap boyfriend cardigan of mine. I also subbed in my own Oh, Hello Friend pocketwatch necklace.

Notice, however, that the Gap boyfriend cardigan is not on my list of things that I'd started to create for the 30-for-30. So I guess I pretty much fell off the wagon already. Oops.

(...what's with all the hand-on-hip action going on??? Sheesh, I'm awkward!)

I had a lot of fun wearing this outfit. I started getting compliments on it from the moment I walked into Starbucks to pick up a pumpkin spice latte (mmm..!), so my day was off to a great start.

I was offered a ticket to see my beloved Anaheim Ducks that night, so I was glad I had thrown on this H&M scarf before I left the house in the morning:

I first saw this scarf on Debbie here, and I fell in love with its soft and cozy texture. It also helped keep me warm while watching ice hockey and then when the outside temperature dropped to the mid 50s. And for $7.95, it's a total bargain. I opted to pick up the grey one for myself. ("Grey, for fall? Groundbreaking.")

So I guess that makes two unworn items, in this outfit.

Closer detail of the knit:

(side note: the Ducks won that night, though they probably didn't deserve to. Outshot 27-14 at home versus the Islanders, who are one of the worst teams in the league? Yeah, yikes. But anyway, yay outfit! And yay Ducks!)

Last Friday's OOTD:

Precious Materials Cardigan
Graces Tank
Acting Out Skirt
Target Merona "Myka" Suede Wedges in Black
Nordstrom Brass Plum Bow Necklace (similar-ish one from Oh, Hello Friend here)

No outfit on Thursday, as it was Veteran's Day and I pretty much lounged around the house wearing my lululemon stuff again.

For Friday, I decided to go back to "the list" to pick my wardrobe items. I have to say, having the Excel spreadsheet was extremely helpful, as I was rushed for time that morning and I just needed to quickly find things to throw together.

I thought the outfit worked out okay, though I caught a glimpse of my profile while walking beside some windows and I wasn't sure if I liked how the wedge heel looked with this skirt. *shrug*

Here's a shot with the cardigan open:

(head tilt, outta control!)

Last Saturday's OOTD:

H&M suit
J.Crew Coralie Cami
Bedecked Brooch Necklace
White House Black Market Patent Belt
Zara Heels

"Yeaaaah, I'm gonna need you to come in Saaaaturdaaayyy..."

On Saturday I needed to attend a conference for work, so I decided to go with something a little more sleek and professional. This H&M suit is one of my favorite go-to outfits for these occasions. The quality is really great for the price, too - the blazer and skirt are fully lined. I also have pants that match the blazer, but we're experiencing some Santa Ana conditions here in SoCal, so I went with the skirt. All three pieces together cost just over $100.

The Coralie Cami and the Bedecked Brooch Necklace added a bit of femininity and fun to an otherwise boring suit.

"Ohai, I'm so profesh."

And this is what I think about having to work on Saturday:

So that wraps up my outfits from last week. I hope you liked them! I'm excited for this week, because Danni of Oh, Hello Friend will be selling her things close to me! As you can see, I'm quite a fan of hers, so I can't wait to pick up some more fun things!

See? I could have never stuck to the 30-for-30 challenge with Danni coming to town! *angelicface*

As always, thanks for reading! Have a great day, and stay tuned for details of a fun giveaway! Ciao!


  1. That Excel spreadsheet is impressive! I'm loving all the outfits, especially the Peppered and Striped skirt one!

  2. On the business outfit. I kinda dig how fun and playful the necklace is and how sexy serious the shoes are... its like party up top and get down to business.

  3. I can't believe you held out on us all week! Those are some CUTE outfits, Kathryn! I especially love and adore Tuesday's look on you. That tee had fallen off my radar, and now it's back in a big way. Thanks for the shout out too - you are so cute in your shine through button up, I love it with the scarf :)

  4. Hahaaha...the post titled completely cracked me up ^O^ And the Volante tee outfit is my absolute favorite. Very cogent and beautiful.

  5. I love all the looks but my favorite is "Last Tuesday's OOTD", the skirt is wonderful. I really like how each outfit just flows and all the pieces you picked this week were GREAT!

  6. so very jealous of your peppered and striped skirt!!!!!

    i love all of your combos, i've gotten lots of inspiration!

  7. such beautiful outfits! my fave is the one from last wednesday. the boyfriend cardigan is really the perfect touch.

    i'm doing the 30 for 30 challenge and it's definitely super tough. be glad you didn't sign up as i'm dying to wear other clothes now! :)

  8. Why didn't I think of making an Excel spreadsheet?? I tried to write all my outfits up on a Word document, but this would have been much easier!

    My favorite outfit is definitely the one you wore last Tuesday, but number one comes in a close second. It's actually one of the outfits I plan on wearing during the 30 for 30 challenge :)

    And unfortunately, the Shine Through Button Up didn't work out for me :( It was too big and wouldn't fit under a lot of my cardigans.

  9. I love the idea of a spreadsheet! So saavy!

    I love the Volante tee. I bought it in the purple/maroon color and can't wait to wear it. It looks great with the skirt!

  10. Totally laughing at your title... and your last picture. :) Great outfits. I really envy you for where you are... you never have to move inside for your outfit pictures in the winter. Happy Monday to you too.

  11. You look great! I love your layering skillz, and I think you would love the 30 for 30 challenge, it's been so fun!

  12. Oooh, I love all of your outfits, but especially last Tuesday's - something about that top with the dots (print?) on the skirt makes me happy, happy, happy! *claps*

  13. Dangit! I love the Volante Top w/the Peppered & Striped Skirt!!! That outfit is soooo adorable. I've been waiting forever for that darn skirt to hit sale, and now you're looking all cute and making me want it more because I have the Volante Tee!

  14. Kathryn i'm loving all your OOTDs, especially the one with the peppered and striped skirt - i love the combo! Ilike your funny face in the last pic!
    look forward to the giveaway!

  15. Loving all the looks! Especially Tuesday, I echo everyone else that the combo is unexpected and stunning. That hair clip is soooo purdy. And ahem, Coralie Cami twins ahoy!

  16. I love all your looks, but I too would have trouble sticking to 30 items for 30 days. I think the idea for the spreadsheet was great!

    I think my favorite outfit was Wednesday's, it looks so cute but also comfortable. I saw that scarf on Debbie's blog too and now yours, I think its calling my name, lol.

  17. I love your blog! Just stumbled across it today. Also, I get the molly ringwald reference for that Monday outfit; see

  18. @Sarah - Haha, thanks! It kind of reminds me of "Clueless" and how Cher used to pick her outfits. Except way less cool, of course.

    @shira - lol, that's pretty much exactly the look I was going for! ;o)

    @Jan - Thank you! You were a major inspiration for a couple of last week's outfits, so thank *you!*

    @Tara B - Many thanks! I'm glad the title cracked you made me giggle to myself to write it. Thanks for reading! =)

    @Mrs. J - Thank you so much! Your compliments totally made my day!! ^_^

    @Rosa - Thanks, thanks! I'm so honored, as I generally get a lot of my inspiration from your outfits! *happydance!*

    @kileen - Thanks! I figure as long as I'm not doing the 30-for-30, I might as well pull out all the other clothes I haven't been wearing, eh? ;o) Good luck with your're doing great!

    @Sara of YM&A - You're doing fabulous, size twin! Hang in there! And thanks so much for the compliments! I'm loving your outfit combos and I totally plan on steali-er...*borrowing* some of your stylings!

    @Pamela - Haha, thanks! That spreadsheet is coming in mighty handy for me, I tell ya...even though I'm not doing the challenge! And I have my eye on the purple Volante for sale time. Is that wrong to have two of the same tee in different colors..? ;o)

    @Vicky - =D! Thank you! I guess Yakov Smirnoff had a bigger impact on me than I ever imagined! And it's actually been tough to photograph my OOTDs because it gets dark so early these days. That's why I end up lumping them together on the weekends. Thanks for reading!

    @Maria - Aww, thank you! Haha, I'm not nearly as confident in my skillz as I am in your skillz, but thank ya dearly! It's been a lot of fun seeing your stylings!

    @Chloe - Eee, thank you!! I'm so happy my outfit made you happy! And I'm so flattered that y'all seemed to like last Tuesday's outfit so much. I definitely had a lot of fun wearing it. =D

    @Kim - Hehehe, well then you must give in to the dark side. You know you want to. ;o) Thanks so much for reading!

    @Jen - Thanks Jen! Your comments are so sweet!

    @roxy - Yay! Thanks so much for your kind words. And thank you so much for turning me onto that Coralie Cami - it has to be one of my favorite purchases of the past year! Thanks for reading! =D

    @Brianna - Thank you!! I think the scarf is calling your name too. Did I mention is comes in a beautiful deep purple color? ;o)

    @everydaymichelle - Whoa. WHOA. That is crazy! I totally didn't even remember that outfit of Molly Ringwald's. Thanks for sharing!