Monday, November 8, 2010

Item No. 30: Readers' Choice! (Because It's Not a 34 for 30 Challenge...)

***EDITED:  I realized that the poll I had in the post was broken.  I've replaced it, and I'm sorry, but will you please vote again? Thank you all so much!***

Hi everyone!  Hope you're all doing well.  Today (Monday, as of my writing this), San Diego hosted its own "TED" talks, calling it TEDx.  Just in case you haven't heard of them, TED talks are presented at conferences around the world, usually limited in attendance to a small, fairly elite audience (it costs multiple thousands of dollars just to register from what I understand) - but open to anyone via the magic of the internet.  Anyway, the idea of gathering to hold conferences to discuss and share "ideas worth spreading" has seriously taken off in the past couple years, and various communities and organizations have jumped on board, hosting their own (independently organized) versions of TED conferences.  San Diego's TEDx Conference was fairly small (the venue was Anthology, which hosts live music performances and has a fine dining restaurant attached, and it only seats about 300).  To attend, you had to fill out an application that included short essay type answers(!), and once accepted, then you were allowed to register and pay the fee.  My DH applied and was accepted, as was my coworker, and they both went.  It sounds like it was a terrific event, with lots of really interesting and amazing people (Jason Russell, co-founder of Invisible Children, Jake Wood, President of Team Rubicon, an Olympic athlete, museum directors, researchers, etc, etc) both on stage and in the audience.

I, on the other hand, was at home, trying to solve a serious dilemma: what to make my 30th item for the Remix Challenge.

In anticipation of my 30-day shopping hiatus, and uh...further motivated by the sale last week in combination with the free shipping offer, I made some...strategic purchases, which have happily been delivered.  The thing is, I can only include one of them in 30 for 30 Challenge set, and I'm not sure which I should pick.  They're all quite good - and well, I decided to let you help me choose.  Here are the five contenders for the Item No. 30 spot:

Bianka Blouse in raspberry

Miu Miu grey suede platform pumps (okay, so these weren't ordered last week from Anthro, but maybe they should be given a spot on the list?)

Please help me decide!

Here's what I wore for Day 2, and in my defense, I was SO tired this morning, and it was cold and wet outdoors, and I was SO tired...(sorry - I promise to put together something cute to wear tomorrow.  Really and truly!)
Stem Striped Tee and AG Jeans with Nordstrom BP Bib Necklace and Tory Burch Romy Flats.

With the Ha'penny Cardi and Snakebite Belt (grey) added when going out.  And that third photo? Yeah, that's me making my, "Think, think, think - what to wear tomorrow? Think, think, think," face.

And one last thing, just for fun:  today, I noticed that Kate was strutting her stuff in a brand new accessory.  Somewhere, somehow, she found a pair of "Little Mermaid"-themed swimming pants, which she happily pulled onto one leg, before parading around the house.  I had to snap a couple photos of her as she modeled for me.  Yep.  That's my girl...

Top: Peek Aren't You Curious, Pants: Baby Gap, Swim pant accessory:  Huggies Little Swimmers


  1. Although I LOVE the darjeeling skirt (now I'm thinking I need it, too), I think the raspberry bianka blouse would probably be the best fit into your 29 other items. And I love seeing pics of your adorable children!

  2. Aaaahhhhh! I see you got your Darjeeling skirt Carol! It looks really pretty on you. I got mine the other day and i can't wait to show and tell. AS to what would make no. 30, i'd go with the Miu Miu heels!! Hello! Black pumps go with everything :-)
    I love that 3rd picture of you in the Ha'penny - you're facial expression is hilarious! You always look fantastic in that cardi. I wore it on the weekend, belted, but not quite in the same way you did...i'm learning though!
    Your baby Kate is the most cutest little thing. So adorable, and very much like you!

  3. I said the Bianka Blouse only because it's in my 30 and maybe you can give me more ideas for it :)

  4. My vote is the raspberry bianka blouse as I think it would go best with other items in your mix.

    Kate is so darling!

  5. I wish we could choose "all of the above" you look so cute in all five options. I voted for Bianka since you can dress it up, down, wear it alone or layered - sounds like a good work horse for the 30 day challenge...

  6. I vote the bianka blouse... I think its the most versatile of the bunch and the color is just gorgeous!

  7. How is the quality of your Bianka blouse? I purchased the original inky purple color in store and I loved it so much that I bought the black online but the quality is terrible and nothing like the original. It is scratchy and embarrasingly see-through.

  8. I voted for the bianka blouse because I just love it on you. And I don't think you're outfit is boring at all. Love it!

  9. The Bianka blouse is so lovely and definitely the most versatile, although those Miu Miu pumps are to die for! And goodness, Kate is such a doll-- I can't handle the cuteness!

  10. I think you should be proud of your outfit... for a rainy day and being tired, you look super cute!! And I say go for the Bianka... nice pop of color but still super versatile!

  11. Ohhh my goodness! Your daughter is ADORABLE! How do you survive everyday with such cuteness? I might keel over looking at such a cutie all the time! Just couldn't take it!

    I came to comment on your outfit, which I love, but this comment has been taken over by how adorable your daughter is. So cute!

  12. Such cute pics of your daughter!

    As for your poll, those shoes are to die for. Dead. Seriously. I love them. I am also now thinking I might need to the Darjeeling skirt for myself. Do you love it? Fabric-wise, does it look like it will wrinkle easily? I'm a lazy ironer :)

  13. Carol.


    THE SHOES!! They are fabulous, they're heels, grey, Miu Miu, a gorgeous grey colour, tall, suede, platform, fabulous, and Miu Miu (did I say they were grey...?!)

    Ignore the poll, go with your heart (and your height) - you know you need a platform shoe.


    Kate (fellow shorty)

  14. these are great items!! i voted the Garden Rows top as i love the color and think it could be layered in multiple outfits pretty easily.

    your daughter is too cute!


  15. Thanks everyone, for your kind words and for weighing in on which item to pick.

    @Kelly - The Darjeeling is great, but the Bianka does lend some color to the 30 items, so I think that was a good pick! Thanks!

    @Jen - I saw you in the Ha'penny, and thought you wore it wonderfully! The Darjeeling is incredible on you too.

    @Sara - I'm going to be "borrowing" your ideas on how to wear that top too, hahaha.

    @Brianna - thank you!

    @Jan - Aww, you're so sweet. Bianka is a good work-horse, I agree. Thanks!

    @E Hayes - definitely, thanks!

    @JenLynn - I haven't had any complaints about the quality of my two Biankas. Neither of them seem sheer to me, though the raspberry color does seem to wrinkle rather easily. Other than that, it seems great.

    @Cindi - thanks! And thanks! =D

    @Maya - thanks! And I love those Miu Mius as well. If I could have a 31st item, those would be it. Sigh!

    @anotherfishinthesea - aw, thanks! I just felt bad for wearing jeans two days in a row, haha.

    @Heidi - aww, thanks so much. =) I just love her to pieces, but I suppose that goes without saying. Sometimes I worry that people will get tired of seeing photos of her, but sometimes I just can't help it!

    @Emily and @Kate - I LOVE these shoes. Love, love, love. I snuck them in there, hoping that they might get voted in (I left them out of the original mix, because I thought they wouldn't be as practical...but now I'm regretting it a little). Oh well. Bianka is a good alternative. =)

    @Kileen - I love the Garden Rows colors too and also that it'd layer really easily into a lot of outfits. I ended up returning it, but will buy it as soon as it goes on sale (couldn't really afford to keep ALL those things).