Friday, November 12, 2010

(Not) Working With What You Have

Hi everyone and happy Friday to you!  Hope you're all doing well.  I was out today, meeting my dear friend Tom for lunch, and we happened to walk past a Kate Spade store.  I exclaimed over the candy colored handbags in the window, and he good-naturedly offered to go in to look at them with me.  Well, my eyes fell upon two bags that have entirely taken over my imagination.  I'm having a very hard time not thinking about them, if you know what I mean (and I know that you do).  I guess I should be grateful for the shopping restriction of the 30 for 30?  =/

I can't get over the fun, quirky, cuteness of this bag!  It's the "All Typed Up Clyde" and I just love the colors and shape and the qwerty keyboard!   It's so awesome.

And then there's this one!  It's the Kate Spade Maryanne. I love the classic quilted look and the chain handle that's evocative of Chanel handbags (and let's be truthful here, I don't see myself purchasing Chanel handbags anytime in the next ten years, what with children and mortgages, etc), so I've been keeping an eye out for something that might scratch that itch.  For a while, I was considering a couple Marc Jacobs pieces - but they're so heavy and I carry a ton of stuff (you know, diapers and snacks and toys and wipes along with my usual giant wallet, phone, business cards, etc) so while the purchase and use of a Marc Jacobs Stam would make the chiropractors of San Diego very happy, I don't know that my back and shoulders would be. Not only was the Maryanne pretty light, it had a fun sparkly-shimmer thing going on, which I kinda loved!  (And it was about 20% the price of a Chanel and just a third of the price of the MJ Stam.  So reasonable right?  ^_-)

And while we're on the topic of things I'm coveting, despite my shopping ban, here are a couple of things I tried on at Anthro recently, while I was in there, "just looking."  (There's no ban on looking, is there? Nope. S'all good!)

 This is the Florist's Arrangement Dress ($168) and I *big red puffy heart* it!!!  I'm wearing an XS in these pictures, and I just loved how sweet and nice I felt in it (hahaha, as opposed to my, uh, more usual noisy personality?).  It's a pull-on style, and on the hanger, I was afraid it'd be huge on me.  I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't, and really loved the details like the cute little "corsage" of flowers on the shoulder, and how pretty the fabric is!  It's a sweaterdress, so it's got that going on, but it's much more tightly knit than most sweater-type fabrics, and has a sort of "damask" effect happening.  The dress is mostly ivory, but there's a wonderful pale blue that runs through the fabric too, which I really that was pretty.  This might be one that my DH might have to "gift" me, in time for Thanksgiving, because ladies, this is a dress you'll be able to comfortably eat in as well.  ^_^  Yay! Love! Wishlisted!

 Detail of shawl-collar in the back and I tried to get a good shot of the damask-style texture of the sweater knit, but don't know how well you can see it here.  Pretty, though, with ivory interlaid with pale, pale, blues.

I've very quietly been loving this coat, ever since it showed up on Anthro's website.  It's the Tyndall Coat ($249), and while I haven't bought a winter coat in years (not since moving to San Diego), I think I could justify this one.  I'm wearing the size 2 in these photos, but I might try a 0, as I've been noticing that with some pieces, the 0s are fitting me a little better lately.  When I tried it on, it was light and the sleeves are 3/4 length, and well, I loved everything about it.  It'll look wonderful over dresses, and how great does it look with jeans and boots, too?  Ack, this shopping ban is mean, mean, mean (Kathryn told me it would be - and she was SO right!).  Just 25 days to go though...(has 25 days ever seemed so long?). Wishlisted.

So, what are the things not in your closet that you've been dreaming about?


  1. Hi Carol,
    this is my first time commenting - thanks for a great blog! We have about the same build, so your reviews are really helpful.

    I have the Kate Spade Maryanne and I totally love it! It is roomy and goes with everything! I highly recommend it! Just FYI - if you subscribe to their email list, you get a 15% off coupon! ;)

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Oh, love the Kate Spade bag. Not so much the sweater dress, but you can pull it off. Oh, and I ADORE that coat! It looks so cute on you!

  3. That black quilted bag is on my life list. :)

  4. Ah, you make the Florist's Arrangement dress look stunning! Okay, I have to visit my local Anthro *today* to see if they've got this in, I seriously can't wait to try it on :)

  5. omg Carol you are to cute!! That jacket is FAB!

  6. That jacket is just so adorable on you! I'm wanting it now that I see it on you. I just wonder how the 3/4 sleeves will keep me warm! Haha.

  7. Hi,
    I found your blog through and I think I read almost each post and I wonder How do you do that you both always smile. It is the most happiest blog I have seen. I definitely have to add it to my favorites :)

  8. Wow... Florist's Arrangement Dress really was not dress that attracted to me. But it really is beautiful on you. You look so pretty and cute!

  9. That coat is so, so pretty on you Carol - omigoodness. 25 days won't be so bad, I dunno if you just drop the 5 maybe??? And I am not at all surprised at how well the 0's are fitting you, you are smaller then a minute!

  10. I would love to get that typewriter bag for Christmas, but I just can't justify someone spending that much money on me when I'm perfectly happy with a $20 bag from Target. Maybe one day when I win the lottery :)

  11. Hello Carol! I'm soooo loving the quilted bag - i don't think i will ever own a chanel in my lifetime either :-)

    The florist arrangement dress looks stunning on you, and i really like the back of it. I think i've seen the coat on Cat (anthrosdottir) previously. It looks pretty good on you actually, esp with the jeans and boots.

    Just hang in there Carol, hold on for another 25 days!!

  12. Bonsoir! Is it sad that I am reading the blogs on hols?! Robins watching Merlin so I get an hours Internet pass :)
    That sweater dress- OMG the shawl collar is so cute. I hope your DH does gift it to you!

  13. I've really been wanting a quilted purse, too, but won't be buying a Chanel soon (or ever). I really love Marc Jacobs' small quilted purses. For a while I wanted the Stam bag, too, but it's SOOOO heavy as it is.

    This shopping ban is hard. I'm going to be hitting up Fashion Valley tomorrow to find some gifts (I live in El Centro but our mall is terrible, I like going to San Diego instead - plus my boyfriend lives there) & it will be a true test of my willpower. You found some really cute things at Anthro! :)

  14. I instantly melted when I saw the All Typed Up Clyde bag, then I received a 25% off endless coupon and bought it from them. Still ridiculously priced, but I felt like the stars aligned and it had to be mine. I have worn it out twice and got compliments, so don't regret it :) I loooove KS, but always try and hold off until I can get the pieces on sale... with the holidays I'm sure you'll stumble on a discount coming through soon!