Sunday, November 14, 2010

One Week Down...Days 5, 6, and 7 (30 for 30 Remix Challenge)

Hi everyone, and happy weekend!  Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday.  My weekend thus far has been spent 1) eating, 2) running errands, and 3) catching up on old movies.  For instance, today, I finally started watching "New Moon," which I received from Netflix about 2 months ago (don't you just hate it when that happens with a Netflix movie?  I swear, they make so much money off my family without doing anything, it's a little sick) and's kind of awful.  Kristen Stewart is so stiff and awkward as Bella - who I know is supposed to be a little clumsy and awkward, but c'mon! - and well, suffice it to say, my two favorite characters in the movie are actually Bella's dad Charlie (I don't know the actor's name, but of all the actors in the film, he seems...well, the least bad) and Jacob, because...well, Taylor Lautner is a hottie and his natural charisma just seems to seep through in the character.

So, when I'm reading the books, I can't decide who I like better - Edward or Jacob.  But in the movies?  Jacob.  Hands down.  And I'm trying to forget that he was still jailbait while he was making this film (speaking of awkward, hm?).

The other movie I watched with the rest of my family, and it was the new "Karate Kid."  You know, the one with Will Smith's son and Jackie Chan?  I loved Jackie Chan.  I was pretty impressed by Jaden Smith.  I think I liked the first one from the '80s better.  Watching little kids fight like that really kind of freaked me out (made me worry for Rowan).  I think it's easier to watch teenagers doing that sort of thing, not that it's any better I suppose....

The first week of the Remix Challenge was actually a little harder than I anticipated, mostly because I kept having to check and make sure I was choosing items from my 30 for 30 set and not currently contraband pieces. That and the fact that I kept finding new things that made me want to break my shopping ban.  I do have to say, thank goodness for the shopping ban, because the universe knows that I need to take a break and every little bit of help counts.

Here are my outfits from the past three days:

Day 5: Field Game Cardigan, Shine Through Button-Up, Benetton denim pencil skirt, Oh Hello Friend belt, LAMB Tippy flats

This outfit turned out well, I thought, though I wish I had a red belt here, to add some color. I don't own a red belt, and I'm prohibited by the aforementioned shopping ban from buying a new one.  But I think, for the future, I'll definitely try this outfit with a red belt. Or something to add a bit of vibrancy to what's otherwise a pretty muted palette overall.  (Note: the expression on my face in the upper right hand photo?  Yeah, I don't know what I was doing either.  I've got to find better things to do in these pictures....)

Day 6: Reed Shirtdress, Snakebite belt, LAMB Tippy flats (missing from photo: BP Bow Necklace), Anthropologie hairband

I think by the time I took this photo, I'd removed the necklace I was wearing because Kate was examining it (tugging on it) with too much interest, and then forgotten to put it back on for the picture.  This outfit is an oldie-but-a-goodie, and if it weren't for the fact that it was so warm on Friday, when I wore it, I would have tried layering one of the sweaters over it.  As it was, it was too warm for a top layer, so this is what you get.  

Day 7: Field Game Cardigan, Here Today Here Tomorrow Dress, Tory Burch Romy Flats

This is the first time I tried layering the Field Game Cardi over the Here Today Here Tomorrow dress, but I thought it worked nicely.  On Saturday, when I wore this, the temps were in the '80s, which meant that it was hot outside and cold (heavily air-conditioned) inside, so this outfit was perfect - the sleeveless, low-backed HTHT dress was great in the hot outdoors, but perfect indoors, with a cardi thrown over it. Have I told you how much I love this dress?  I've worn it so much since I bought it last winter, that I'm afraid I'll totally wear it out.  It's one of my favorites.  (I have an awful suspicion that I've written this before, and I'm pretty certain I will again.  I just really really love this dress, and when I love something, I have a hard time not telling people how great it is.  BTW, this dress?  I love it.)

Pssst! We've got a super fun giveaway coming up on Monday, so be sure to check in with us then.  Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


  1. You make the cutest facial expressions!! I love the HTHT dress too and it looks beautiful paired with this cardigan. Great job remixing so far!

  2. I loved the 80's Karate Kid and just don't think I face the remake of it. Boy, Will and Jada are really putting those kids to work, aren't they?!?!

    I love your outfits. They are cute and stylish yet so day to day appropriate.

  3. I totally agree about Bella's dad being one of the best actors in the twilight movies. My other favorite is Anna Kendrick, who plays Jessica. She didn't get much face time in Eclipse, but I thought she was awesome in the first movie.

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  5. You are one Hot Tamale! Don't you know, haven't you realized, that I go out and buy literally everything you recommend on this blog? (Speaking of that, must you recommend so many cute and adorable thinks that I simply cannot refuse to live without?) Your opinion is very highly rated. =)
    Kristina J.

  6. Cute as a button! And I think you made the right call with the Shine Through Button Up - it will be a work horse for your 30 day challenge since it goes with everything.

  7. Oh Carol, the grey Field Game with the Shine Through button up is an inspired pairing, truly!! Love. I do of course like all of your outfits though =)

    I think the director of the movies hates Edward! He is so much less appealing than in the books (not that his appeal factor was TOO high with his creepy protective stalker tendencies), and Jacob so much more. Agreed that Billy Burke is totally the best part of the series :)

  8. So far, so good, you are doing a great job with the remixing :)

    And whoever doesn't love that HTHT dress is just plain CRAZY!


  9. Beautiful outfits - you go, girl!

    And I would just like to say that I have never read Twilight or seen Twilight but that one Robert Pattinson dude freaks me out and Kristin Stewart always looks like she needs a bath so I'd clearly be Team Jacob, as long as Jacob finds a nice girl to settle down with (like Jen Aniston), you know- someone to marry (like Jen Aniston) that doesn't look constantly angry or like she's about to kick a puppy (like Jen Aniston). :|

    Then! Throw in Brad Pitt as Edward, Daniel Craig as a cute guy randomly standing in the forest, and Jiggy the dog (Lisa's dog from RHOBH) and I'd TOTALLY watch that movie. YES!

  10. Where can you buy that Reed Brand shirt dress?