Sunday, November 21, 2010

Opa! (OOTDs)

Hello, Everybody!

...well, like last week's OOTD post, I don't know what the title of this post means, either.

Whenever we celebrate someone's birthday at work, it's always kind of the same scenario - everybody disappears into the conference room (or break room) and one person heads over to the birthday person and gives them a completely transparent (and usually very lame) excuse to get them to make their way to the designated room so that we can all yell, "Surprise!" and serenade them awkwardly. And completely off-key, I might add.

("Office Space" really is one of the greatest movies ever. I kind of hope we get a submission for our Netflix giveaway from someone who dresses up as Lumbergh. Can we make that happen please?)

Anyway, all this to say that we had a birthday in the office last week, and when the birthday person walked in someone yelled, "Opa!" I guess that word was on my mind. So there you go!

*ahem* here were my outfits from last week:

Last Monday's OOTD:

Dress: Super old (like, really REALLY old)
Target Mossimo Women's Ultrasoft Cardigan Sweater in Ochre
Nordstrom Frenchi Tights in Black
Nordstrom Socks in Charcoal
(unseen: Oh, Hello Friend Bow Belt)
Frye "Jane" Boots

This was a look I pretty much stole er, borrowed from Kendi here. I've been wanting to try the socks-with-boots thing for awhile now, and this was the first time I was courageous enough to try it.

Looking at the photo now, I can't decide if I pulled my socks up too high or my boots slouched down or both. I might not pull my socks up so high the next time. Anyway, this outfit was a bit of a "risk" for me, as I had tights and socks with my boots...which pulled me out of my comfort zone. Also, my feet were killing me by the end of the day, because the socks and tights made my boots feel much tighter than they normally fit. Owie.

Overall, this was kind of a fun and different look for me. I was happy to find that old dress lingering in the back of my closet. And since I'm not participating in the 30-for-30 challenge, I figured I might as well try to have a little fun with the things in my closet that I haven't worn in awhile, eh?

I was also thrilled that Danni of Oh, Hello Friend was in town and selling her goodies! I was able to pick up some fun things for myself, including this bow ring:

(sorry about the weird focus, the camera decided to focus more on the wrinkles on my hand than on the ring, but those are little rhinestones on that ring...)

Last Tuesday's OOTD:

Nordstrom BP Susina Ruffle Cardigan (Anniversary Sale, 2009)
Nordstrom BP Rubbish Tank (super-duper old, similar here)
Anthropologie Glowing Leaf Skirt
Nordstrom BP Bow Necklace
Oh, Hello Friend Eiffel Tower Brooch
Oh, Hello Friend Mustache Ring
Seychelles Bette Flat

So here's the debut of the Glowing Leaf Skirt that I impulsively picked up a couple of weeks ago in order to make the free shipping minimum at Anthro. That's me being "economical." Yeah.

I like this skirt. A lot. Like I can't wait to wear it again. Unfortunately, the photo turned out a little weird because the sun was peeking out so the middle looks a little washed out, but let me assure you - it's a purdy lil skirt. My dentist actually complimented me on it.

I want to sign a measure into law that requires all skirts and dresses include pockets in their design. Jussayin'.

Another little item from my Oh, Hello Friend haul this week was this little mustache ring:

(again, sorry about the soft focus)

I decided to pick up this ring as my little symbolic mustache, in honor of "Movember" (since I can't really grow a mustache).

Another fun detail, this Eiffel Tower brooch:

Overall a fun little outfit...I felt very girlie, like I did when I wore this outfit the previous Tuesday.

Last Wednesday's OOTD:

Anthropologie Moulinette Soeurs Reed Shirtdress (Spring 2010)
Oh, Hello Friend Belt
Nordstrom Frenchi Knee High Socks
Frye "Jane" Boots
Oh, Hello Friend Pocketwatch Necklace
Oh, Hello Friend Mustache Ring

Well, since I didn't feel like using any of the items on the 30-for-30 list I'd started to make for myself, I decided to pull one of the items off of Carol's 30-for-30 list.

Like I said regarding Monday's outfit, next time I think I won't pull my socks up quite so high. And I didn't realize until wearing this outfit how much I felt like the open-face pocketwatch necklace reminded me of Flavor Flav...which isn't exactly a look I was going for, but, uh...whatever!

Have I mentioned that I own like, five pocketwatch necklaces from Oh, Hello Friend? They're very handy for telling the time, too - though it was a little bit of a pain when Daylight Savings Time ended...

Here's the detail on this watch, which was a lovely gift to me from Danni over the summer:

Danni has a similar one available here, but I just love the little charms on this necklace! The key makes me smile big.

Last Thursday's OOTD:

Anthropologie Moth Whirling Ruffles Dress (Fall 2009)
TSE Cashmere Cardigan (super old, like 2003)
Nordstrom Frenchi "Dot" Tights
Lela Rose for Payless Shoes (with work-sponsored pedometer)
Forever 21 Vintage Charm Necklace

This outfit was weird. Like I can't decide if I like it or not. And I'm kind of leaning towards "not."

I have a love/hate relationship with this dress. I really want to like it, but every time I put it on I find myself wishing it was about 4-5 inches longer. I just feel like it hits at an awkward length for me. Or maybe it would look better if I just lost 20 pounds or so. *shrug*

The tights ended up looking a little weird...not quite dark, not quite light...just kind of...there. Ugh. I dunno. Maybe I need to seek out Kim's help in styling this dress, or maybe I just need to give this dress up all together. I dunno. may notice the weird accessory on my right heel. I'm still keeping track of my steps per day, and I generally wear my pedometer somewhere on my waist. However, I didn't have anywhere on this outfit to clip the pedometer, so I clipped it to my shoe to record my steps.

It sort of looks like a prison ankle bracelet, dontcha think?

I'm currently at almost 370,000 steps since I started keeping track in early October. Which is sort of crazy, when I think about it. Over the past week, I've been averaging about 10,500 steps a day. During that time I also made my way to a Bikram yoga class, which I think should somehow count for extra steps because that crap is haaaaaaaaard! I hadn't been to a class in quite some time, so I was having a hard time keeping up. My chin still hurts from collapsing on the mat after "bow pose." Somehow I don't think that's what the instructor meant when she said, "slowly release from the pose." Oops.

I'm really hoping that somehow all this exercise will balance out all the eating I plan on doing over Thanksgiving.

Last Friday's OOTD:

Anthropologie Bianka Blouse in Black Motif (different colors here)
Love By Design Crocheted Vest (similar here)
Express Leggings (buy here)
Frye "Jane" Boots
Oh, Hello Friend Pocketwatch Necklace

Ah, Friday. I think I was just kind of pooped out of outfit ideas by this point so I decided to use a repeat outfit with a little added vest. I picked up the vest during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (Yay, yet another unworn item!) for what I thought was a steal...only to see a ton of them show up later at Forever 21. Funny how that happens, hmm?

So if this post shows anything, it's probably that I love my Frye boots with a passion. They were an Anniversary Sale pick-up last year; and, while they were pricey even on sale, I don't regret them one bit. They're probably one of my favorite shoe purchases ever. I just love 'em.

And if this post shows anything else, it's that I love all of Oh, Hello Friend's offerings. Here's another little gift I got from Danni, as a thank-you for this week's purchases:

(cute little charm with the boy and girl kissing!)


Welp...thanks for hanging in there with me, through this post. I know it was probably pretty long and fairly boring. This week I'm planning on getting my hair cut. Just in time for the holidays...yay! I'm not ready to do the big chop yet (for donation), but I am kind of thinking of cutting bangs. I just feel like doing something different with my hair, and looking at some of my favorite gals in the blogosphere has me inspired to try bangs again. (I'm looking you, Tien/Tara B./Maria/Roxy...)

Oh, and before I go - Jan Russell? Regarding the Spinning Lace Dress? You are absolved. Just because I said so. After all you've been through lately with the car, you deserve it!

Thanks for reading! ^_^


  1. Perfect, *perfect* outfits! I love them all, but especially the first with the brighter-yellow cardigan- I always shy away from those hues thinking they are too summer-y (unless they're extremely "bronzed", thank you j crew) but it looks perfect with your top and boots.

    Office Space IS the best movie ever- I knew there was a reason why I liked you. ;)

  2. Gorgeous outfits Kathryn. I love them all, especially the Monday one! That is one lovely bow ring you got there too.
    The mustache ring is so quirky, i love it!
    Look forward to seeing you with your new 'do.

  3. *panting like dog* omg omg eiffel tower brooch?? I LOVE anything eiffel tower... I'm going to check out Oh Hello Friend, even if they don't ship here it can't hurt to window shop over the ocean :)

  4. Lovely outfits, as always. I love this really, really old dress from the first picture :) If I only could find something so beautifull in my closet :) (even old)

  5. I love all your outfits. The bow ring is super adorable. Your hair is so beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

  6. You just made me laugh so hard, it was a true relief that I wasn't mid-sip with my Diet Coke or things could have been ugly here at the computer screen.

    I love and adore your Reed look with the knee high socks - you look like a total doll. I also really need to wear my Glowing Leaf skirt, pronto - it's so pretty on you! If you lost 20lbs we wouldn't even be able to see you in the whirling ruffles dress. And my office always had those awkward "surprise" moments too, except not for birthday since we celebrated those on a monthly basis - it was really just for wedding/baby showers - so the torture wasn't as frequent. Finally, I'm off to check out the newly returned Oh Hello Friend shop - love all the pretty pieces in your collection :)

  7. It's funny that you are so unsure of that Moth dress/outfit since that one is my favorite! As soon as I scrolled down, I said, "oooh!"

    And you may have also convinced me that I need the GLowing Leaf skirt. I decided I loved the Peppered & STriped Skirt too late and missed out so if I don't act fast, I may not snag a single patterned a-line skirt this year!

    Oh and the mustache ring is too funny! It reminds me of Freddie Mercury which reminds me of Queen. Yay!

  8. I really like that Moth Dress on you. I understand what you mean about the length though. it almost throws the upper body/lower body proportions off, but I think it's still cute. Could you try layering a slip or something underneath? I have this short skirt but had to have a tailor sew some extra fabric underneath and now it's totally wearable. I love your outfits and your hair, too!

  9. I also really like Moth Whirling Ruffle Dress. I think it would look great with a pair of coloured tights. I'm also glad you tried the tights with socks and boots combo. I think it looks great. And I've been drooling over your Frye Jane boots for a while now. I really want my own pair, but the price is holding me back. Maybe I will add them to my Christmas list :)

  10. The bow and mustache rings are toooooo cute!!

  11. The socks with the boots look perfect. Yay for trying new things!
    The Auspicious Life

  12. I LOVE the first outfit with the yellow cardigan! Can we start our own version of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants where we send each other entire outfits and this be the first outfit that you send me? The only problem is that you might never get it back! I'm totally kidding about this idea....sort of :)

  13. @Chloe - Awww, you flatter me and I LIKE IT. Haha seriously, thank you so much for your sweet comments. It means a lot, coming from someone whose style I so admire. I'm going to float on air now! =D

    Office Space is pure comedic genius! And I knew there was a reason I liked you too. ;o)

    @jen - Thank you! That's the beauty of Danni's shop - you always find all sorts of treasures there. It's so fun! We'll see how the cut goes - my hairdresser always seems leery to want to cut bangs for me. But wish me luck!

    @Louise - Aww, you're so cute! Haha! When I spoke to Danni last week, she told me she will ship overseas. So yay! I don't currently see the Eiffel Tower brooch in her site, but you should message her to see if she has some lingering around somewhere or if she can make one for you. Danni's a sweetheart - you'll love her!

    @Mokkafiveocloc - Thanks! I seriously hadn't worn this dress in years, then during a proposed closet purge last year I couldn't get rid of it for some reason. So it's fun to be able to wear it again after so long!

    @PetiteLittleGirl - Thank you so much for reading! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

    @Jan - Hahaha! Well, judging from the experiences I've had with coffee + computer screens, I can't imagine that Diet Coke + computer screens are a good thing.

    Thanks so much for all your sweet comments! I can't wait to see the Glowing Leaf skirt on you! You always style things so prettily. And thanks for your reassuring words regarding the Whirling Ruffles Dress - maybe I should try colored tights..? I'm just not sure.

    By all means, check out Oh, Hello Friend! I can't wait to see what treasures you find!

    @Kathleen - Aww, thanks! I really appreciate your kind words! It's so nice to hear!

    And I can't believe the Peppered & Striped Skirt is already gone! Whoa! That's just craziness!

    And lol, I totally didn't think of that at first, but now I totally see the Freddie Mercury likeness in the ring! And I LOVE QUEEN!

    @Anon at 7:03 - Oh! Great idea! I think I'm going to try looking to see if I can find a slip that will work underneath the dress to add some length. Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for reading! =D

    @Sweet Laundry - Many thanks! And I highly recommend the Frye boots. As I've mentioned before, I have moderate-to-severe bunions on both feet but I can easily wear these boots all day. (unless layered with tights and socks, which makes them too tight) In terms of cost-per-wear, I'd say they're totally worth it.

    @Sarah (Oh Pretty Day) - Thanks!

    @M. Johnson and Linda W - Thanks! Glad you like the socks-with-boots look, too!

    @Sara - Hahaha, I LOVE that idea! Especially since we're size twins! I think we might be shoe twins too - which means I wanna borrow those Budding T-Straps of yours! And I'm toooootally kidding too...sort of. ;o)

  14. such beautiful outfits! i really think you pulled off the knee-high socks with boots look! and the rhinestone ring is super cute! and i hope your chin starts feeling better. i've done the same thing in yoga class before. :)