Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sales and Free Shipping and November Catalogs - Oh My! (Updated Lists and Confessions)

Good Wednesday, everyone! Hope your week is going really well. Before launching into the real meat of this post, can I ask a quick question? I took my Peppered and Striped Skirt to my local dry-cleaner, to have it cleaned, and today he gave it back to me, uncleaned, saying that they'd decided against dry-cleaning it, in spite of the care instructions, because they were afraid the little screen-printed spots on the skirt would melt off. I'm very grateful to him for erring on the side of caution, but am curious - has anyone had this problem? Does anyone have any ideas how else to clean this skirt, if there really is a risk of dry-cleaning process damaging it? I admit that I'm totally perplexed.

So! The title of the post? Imagine us, arms linked, making our way down the Yellow Brick Road, and instead of lions and tigers and bears, oh my! - we're afraid of...yes...mmhm, exactly.

So, in the interest of full disclosure and are our updated wishlists. *Groan* Why are they all so long?

Carol's Full Price List:
1. Darjeeling Skirt (with free shipping, this online exclusive is much more accessible. Might I have ordered it already, just to try? Hmm...only time will tell...)
3. Alice in Autumn, yellow (this is now sold out online, so I may have to pull the trigger early, if I find it in a store. Sigh...)
4. Glowing Leaf Skirt (oooh, love the orange against the gray! And Kathryn's bought it, and Jan's bought it and...and...!)
5. Hop, Skip, and Jump Skirt (I tried this one on and I love it. Never mind that I have the Finishing School Skirt already, which is sorta similar...)

Carol's Sale Priced List:
1. In the Trees Skirt (gah! I ordered this skirt on Monday night in the 2P size, only to have it cancelled! So, maybe I'm not going to be able to get it. Such are the dangers of waiting for sale...)
2. Ruffled Plaid Dress (with the passage of time, I feel less attached to this dress, so it's now on this sale list. It may fall off the lists entirely at this rate )
3. Ha'Penny Cardigan OR Alice in Autumn, yellow (see above list)
5. Molded and Melded Tee (I decided against this one, after meeting the Bianka Blouse in the new green motif, but after seeing Tara in it here, I think I need it after all. If anyone sees it in their store in an XS, in the red color, can you put it on hold for me and let me know? Many thanks!)
6. Entrusted Mini (I love this skirt!!! Why does it have to be so expensive???)
7. Shine Through Button-Up (second cut! Will be ordering today, if I can't find it in store - whoohoo!)

Carol's List of Things She Hasn't Tried But Wants To/Is Afraid To (Heather, this one's for you ^_-)
2. Flanders Fields Sweater (because I love this outfit too)
5. Darjeeling Skirt (oh! So pretty and sweet! And gah - I just realized it's an internet exclusive. Noooooo~ this means I have to order it!)
6. Awaiting Wings Dress (Someday, I'm convinced an ensemble dress will work for me! Maybe this will be the one?)
7. Facile Camp Shirt (A DH pick. This one's backordered online until mid-November, so I'm going to wait until after that to make a decision about it.)
8. Cabled Pathways Pullover (will it ever get cold enough to wear this here in San Diego?)

List of Things Carol Already Has (And Needs To Remember, When Wanting New Things)
10. AG Stevie Cords (wine)
11. Bianka Blouse (green)
12. Bouquet Toss Dress (scored on a second cut! Whoo!)
14. Hellebore Sweater Skirt (total impulse buy - but so cute and surprisingly neutral!)

Kathryn here!

Oh boy.

It's kind of funny to me that none of the three things I purchased yesterday were on any of my wishlists. It's even funnier to me that I didn't buy the
one thing on my wishlist that did go on sale.

I think that pretty much means I fail.

(then again, if I fail...well, hopefully at least I look good while doing it?)


Onto the updated lists!

Kathryn's Full Price List:
1. Spinning Lace Dress (skyrocketed to the #1 spot. I want this so bad that it's on my full priced list!)
2. Darjeeling Skirt (I want this skirt despite never having seen it in person!)
3. Volante Tee (can't decide on the color...also, why does this shirt make me want to sing "Vooooolare! Oh oh! Cantare!"..?)

Kathryn's Sale Price List:
1. Redux Jacket (still makes me smile when I see it...)
2. Dried Leaves Dress (Yep, still want it...)
3. Ruffled Plaid Dress (Still hanging onto the idea of this one, but getting closer to falling off...)
5. Best of the Bunch Cardigan (I really wish this wasn't so expensive.)
6. Charente Skirt (this one has been removed, in favor of the Glowing Leaf Skirt.)

Kathryn's List of Things She May Impulsively Grab, If Seen:
1. Babergh Dress (I still think about this one!)
2. Oxer Jacket (in Green, but gah! Sold out online!)

List of Things Kathryn Already Has (And REALLY Needs To Remember, When Wanting New Things):
Bedecked Brooch Necklace (caved in and bought it - wore it on Challenge Day 19)
7. Arid Season Button-Up (worn on Challenge Day 3)
8. Dreamy Drape Dress (worn on Challenge Day 1)
9. Mullany Dress (worn here and here)
10. Bianka Blouse (in Black Motif, worn on Challenge Day 2 and Challenge Day 14)
Refined Corduroy Dress (returned other things so I could buy it - currently still unworn)
12. Rensselaer T-Straps (just purchased, to "try")
13. Shine Through Button-Up (just purchased on impulse)
14. Glowing Leaf Skirt (just purchased)

Holy crap, I already have a lot of things. Bad, BAD Kathryn!!!


  1. you two are a crack up!... Kathryn, try calling the Wayne, Pa store for the Oxer Jacket... I haven't seen it recently (I haven't been looking since I own it) but they did have a ton... maybe they are in backstock? And PA - clothes are tax free ;)

  2. I'll say it again, I love how you list the things you have and need to remember when you want something new. I totally need to do that and carry it around with me!!!

  3. I love your lists. I actually wrote out a list like this and thought of your blog when I did it. :)

  4. Paging Carol! I would love a picture of the Hop Skip and Jump Skirt! And holy smokes, I need to recreat Tara's outfit lickity split. What do you make of all the puckered plaid trenches on Ebay?

    Kathryn - ME TOO on the Spinning Lace. As soon as my dh has had a few days to get over me crashing the car (bad, BAD Jan) and a few days to get over paying the bill for the repairs...shoot, they better still have my size by then.

  5. Ack! Carol - Hellebore Sweater Skirt - you must take pics and review for us!!! I am thinking of ordering on-line, but not sure about how the skirt falls, if it skims or accentuates bumps and bulges, etc. Do tell!!

  6. Morning! You two crack me up with your lists and telling yourselves off. The lists are a great way to keep an eye on things and gain some perspective when hearts are swayed by *cough cough* beautiful dresses like the Spinning Lace!

    To be honest, if I were able to get to a store as often as either of you I'd need these lists too. Being an online shopper stops me from ordering as much as I'd like, which does sometimes mean I miss out on something that haunts my dreams (hello Pinochle skirt)

    Louise x

  7. Tsk tsk! omg - Kathryn and Carol, i have news for you! My Darjeeling arrived! I will have reviews soon.
    As for cleaning the skirt, could you try gently hand washing it in cool water? Then let it dry flat in the shade. That's what i would do at least!

  8. Makes me feel better I'm not the only one who committed indiscretions on Tuesday ;) Sometimes I think the anthro blogging community is a double-edged sword. Good buddies and bad influence! On the other hand, I also picked up the Shine-through Button Up, mostly b/c I keep thinking about how amazing Tien from Adiaphane looked in her styling of that blouse. It was a great price! Wear the Glowing Leaf Skirt for us soon, I'm curious to see it styled. I love it too but am not sure how many different ways I could wear it.

  9. Hey Kathryn, just a question about the hellebore sweater skirt. Did you find that it ran tts or was it big? I typically wear a M in sweaterskirts but wasn't sure if I needed to size down. But then I hate it when the pull on waist nips and squeeze out the fat! Thank you!

  10. Oops...that last question was for Carol! :)

  11. @Pamela - it's so necessary (the lists) for me, at least. Though, I was really bad this week in spite of it, and now will be on a shopping hiatus for the next month. My bank account just can't take the hemorrhaging any more. Hahaha...sigh.

    @Ady - aww, thanks! I'm glad you like them enough to make one yourself. =)

    @Jan - I just put up the photos of the skirt - and hopefully I'll get some better pictures done soon (because I might have exchanged something else for that...) I didn't realize there were Puckered Trenches on ebay. I'll need to look. So odd, though...

    @Denise - check the following post - I did a review of the skirt. It's pretty forgiving, for a sweater skirt (I don't usually have much luck with them myself), and I really like it.

    @Louise - I can tell you, there are days when I think it'd be MUCH better for me not to live so close to...cough-cough...FOUR Anthro stores. =P

    @Jen - oh, looking forward to it (your review of the skirt).

    @SLC - I totally agree with you about the double-edged sword of these blogs. I picked up the Shine Through Button up too, after seeing Kathryn post that it was on second cut. I mean, how do you resist?

    @Cindi - it's mostly TTS, but leans very very slightly to the bigger side. You can see the review in the next post. I don't think you'll need to size down with this one, though, it does have a bit of give, as most sweaters do.