Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tron-Inspired Design

Hi everyone!  Hope you've all had a great long weekend (at least, my American-compatriots) and a wonderful Thanksgiving.  My family and I spent a few days with our relatives and friends in Orange County - we had a lovely Thanksgiving with my sister's in-laws, spent time with my in-laws, hung out with my parents, and got together with various friends for Black Friday shopping and recuperating.  It was super fun and super-exhausting.

We even took an afternoon to head up to Culver City to check out the Tron Pop-Up Shop.

Tron: Legacy is due out in mid-December, and my household is holding its breath in eager and anxious anticipation.  My husband has loved the original Tron since childhood (though, I admittedly have long harbored a serious dislike for the movie, having been forced to sit through it multiple times in elementary school for "rainy day lunch" activities, "good citizenship" movie afternoons, etc) and has been on tenterhooks since they announced they were doing a sequel to the original.  Will it be brilliant (like Toy Story 3)? Will it be bad beyond belief (Star Wars Eps. 1-3)? It's a matter of days 'til he knows for sure. Until then, he and Rowan have been reveling in the trailers, the merchandise (toys!) and bits of "making of" news.  And yes, I admit that I'm also excited - I love a good sci-fi story as much as the rest of them, and while the original was really super slow and dull for me as a child, I will concede that it wasn't horrible when I re-watched it as an adult. Just a note: while it looks very dated (it is 28 years old!), the original Tron was actually ground-breaking in its blend of computer graphics, live action, traditional animation, and filming techniques to achieve its special effects. Incredibly, it was actually disqualified by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for competition in the special effects category, because the Academy deemed its use of computers as "cheating" (we can all appreciate the irony of this now).

(Rowan checking out the fake foliage decking the exterior of Royal/T)

The Tron Pop-Up Shop (a pop-up shop is just a "temporary store" - most familiar in the form of seasonal shops, like the Halloween costume stores or Christmas decor stores that often "pop-up" in the month preceding the holiday, and then disappear shortly afterwards) is housed inside of Royal/T in Culver City, a combination maid cafe/art space ("maid cafes" are a subculture phenomenon from Japan, where young women dressed up as "maids" - think "cute" Japanese animation characters, rather than the naughty French kind -  serve customers.  The Tron space is modeled after Kevin Flynn's safe house in the new movie and is filled with Tron-inspired merchandise - everything from die-cast toys to high-end designer shoes and clothing.

 View of the Tron Pop-Up Shop from the "outside."

The interior of the shop. 

Tron-inspired clothing, designed and produced by Opening Ceremony.

More Opening Ceremony Tron-inspired fashion.

"Quorra Platinum Shoes" by Jerome Rousseau (only $795!) and Tron Icon Earrings and Necklace by Rotenier

The "Circle Bag," designed and produced via a three-way collaboration between Opening Ceremony, threeASFOUR, and Tron. Available in black or bronze leather.

Opening Ceremony dress

Opening Ceremony neoprene and rubber peep-toe ankle boots.

Adidas Tron-Inspired Shoes (the blue stripes flash on and off!)

Other items for sale in the shop include books, art, pens, belts, t-shirts, jackets, game console controls, etc.  You can read more about some of the Tron-inspired fashions and designs here and here.  If you decide to make a visit, please note the hours on the press releases online are INCORRECT. The store actually closes at 9 PM (not 10 PM) on Wednesdays and 6 PM on all other days. We found this out the hard way.  =P

Oh, and one last little something - my OOTD from Thanksgiving (and yes, I was actually raking):

Konnichiwa Sweater, Southward Stop Dress, Anthro Tights, Apepazza Martin Boots


  1. You look great raking Carol! lol! You're so cute and that rake is almost as big as you are! I've never seen Tron but my hubby is excited for the movie too. I know you guys love D-land - have you been to see the World of Color? The whole last portion is like one big trailer for Tron!

    xx Vivian @

  2. The ruffle shoes are amazing! Love your ootd, looks like I could get away with wearing my curlytop with my southward stop dress based on your colours here. When the 30 finishes of course! :)

  3. You are cute as a button in the Southward Stop Dress - I love it with the brown tights! What a trooper you are for doing yard work on Thanksgiving - I know my dh would be really grateful if I ever picked up a rake ;)

  4. I LOVE Opening Ceremony!
    But, I love this dress and the Konnichiwa sweater even more :)


  5. Such a stylish raker, you are! I love the sweater with the dress!

  6. OMG!! Tron!!!
    The world is not enough!

  7. oh i love the Tron inspired line and think i would actually consider wearing shoes like that!

    and you look so cute raking! absolutely love the knee-high boots. and the rake is taller than you are! :)

  8. wow! this looks like something out of space! very innovative.
    Love that picture of you raking Carol - you must be the most stylish gardener in the world..hehe

  9. The clothing looks good, but aside from the sneakers (which have lights) they're hardly Tron-inspired. They seem to be standard fashion in the simplified school surrounded by neon lights. It's a Tron store with normal clothing inside. If you tell me clothing is Tron related, I want to be able to guess that without being told. I couldn't do that for anything here. That orange jacket is much more Back-to-the-Future than it is Tron, for example.

    I love the boots in your OOTD, perfectly stylish for light fall activity.

  10. @Gregory "Inspired by" is a fairly loose term. That said, there were plenty of goods in the store (not shown above) that could easily be identified as Tron-merchandise, such as the tshirts we got for Rowan and myself. Some of the items were extremely obvious, with the word "TRON" prominently featured on them. Others were more subtle but still featured iconography directly from the flim. The high end designer goods that Carol focused on were the least obvious, as you note. Those pieces were more about the designers being inspired by the film's general aesthetic without needing/wanting to reference the film directly, thereby allowing people to wear them without explicitly signaling they're Tron fans.

  11. Thanks for stopping by Royal/T and checking out the TRON pop up shop! We are very sorry for the hours mix-up and hope we did not cause you too much trouble.

    Have a happy holiday season!


  12. Amazing! I am so excited for the new movie and its Daft Punk soundtrack. You look adorable in your raking outfit :)

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