Sunday, November 7, 2010

Unworn Item Challenge, Days 20, 21, (22), 23, 24 & 25

Hello, and Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you're all having a good weekend!

Personally, I'm enjoying the extra hour we get back from Daylight Savings time. I figured I'd use the time to document the last of my unworn items from my October challenge that spilled into November...

Day 20 - Unworn Item: Target Mossimo Women's Ultrasoft Cardigan Sweater in Ochre, styled with Tucker for Target Dress, House of Plum Red Belt, Oh Hello Friend Pocketwatch Necklace and Steve Madden Cowboy Boots (super old...2005?).

(...what the heck was I thinking about, when the shutter clicked..?)

I'd been wanting a mustard yellow cardigan for some time but was having trouble tracking down a budget-friendly version...until I walked into Target, looking for Windex.

Gotta love Target. Walk in looking for housecleaning supplies, walk out with said supplies and a cardigan.

I know I've already worn this dress once during this challenge, but I was inspired to add the cardi after seeing Kendi's styling here. I love the mix of navy and gold. I especially like the different styling options this dress offers, easily adding a pair of tights to this outfit when it gets a little chillier.

Day 21 - Unworn Item: Nordstrom Rubbish Roll-Sleeve Tee, styled with Alena Skirt, J.Crew Skinny Belt in Metallic Tulip (similar here), Oh Hello Friend "Take Time to Breathe" Pocketwatch Necklace and Seychelles Bette Flat.

Apparently the kitty wanted to make an appearance on the blog and show everybody her little behind. I told her it wasn't that kind of blog, but she didn't listen.

Okay, take two:
No luck. She just didn't want to move.

Anyway, you may wonder why I'm wearing light and airy pastels when it's November. It's because the weather in SoCal jumped up to the 90-degree mark and stayed there for the next three days. Ack.

I'd completely forgotten about this tee that I picked up during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but it served me well on this day as it was comfy and breathable.

I would've much rather been wearing some tights and boots and jackets, but I guess the weather had other plans.

Day 22 - Unworn Item: Felina "Sublime" Panty, worn under In a Twinkling Dress, Field Game Cardigan, J.Crew Belt in Metallic Tulip

I know, it's weird that my unworn item is a pair of panties. What can I say, they were another Anniversary Sale pick up, and I forgot about them as well. Since I'm not about to blog a photo of myself in my underwear (like I said, this isn't that kind of blog!) and you've already seen me wear this outfit here, so you are just going to have to take my word for it that I'm wearing them.

Day 23 - Unworn Item: Nordstrom Sequin Ribbon Pin, styled with Color-Drenched Dress (Fall 2009), BP 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan in Oatmeal, Oh Hello Friend Belt and Seychelles Bette Flat.

Still uncomfortably warm on Thursday. Blech.

And here we have yet another unworn piece from my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale haul. I'm actually not sure how I feel about it, as it's extremely heavy and kind of pulled on my beloved cardigan. I'm actually thinking I may not keep it after all.

Not much else to say about this except holy crap, did I actually wear something from Oh, Hello Friend every day..? Can you tell that I'm a fan?

Day 24 - Unworn Item: Refined Cord Shirtdress, styled with Bedecked Brooch Necklace, Oh Hello Friend Belt and Frye "Jane" Boots.

Ahhh, finally the temperature drops a bit. And I'll use any excuse to dress more autumn-like.

I love the dress. I couldn't stop thinking about it after I tried it on, so I took back a couple of other things to Anthro and exchanged them for this dress. Unfortunately, Anthro was all sold out of the size 4 and I had to settle for the size 2. Funny thing - the size 2 in this dress fits me the same way the size 6 in the Reed fit me, so I think it's okay.

I was getting out of the car that morning when I noticed one of the jump rings on the Bedecked Brooch Necklace had fallen off. Upon further inspection, I realized that all of the little jump rings were loose and in danger of falling off. I managed to locate the fallen jump ring and reattach it to the necklace with a pair of needle nose pliers (as well as tighten all the other loose jump rings), but I just wanted to mention that little tidbit about the quality of the necklace.

Also? I think I actually succeeded in wearing something from Oh, Hello Friend every day to work.

Day 25 - Unworn Item: lululemon "Reverse Groove" Pants in Pig/White/Black, styled with Deep V-Tank in Pig.

I've had my plain black Reverse Groove pants for over four years, and I absolutely adore them. I've been wanting another pair to use in rotation, especially after they added the hidden stash pocket along the waistband. There's nothing they don't think of!

I'm a little like Elle Woods (yes, the "Legally Blonde" one) in that pink is pretty much my signature color. I've collected a number of pieces in "Pig" (lulu's name for a particular shade of baby pink that they offer) over the years, and so when I saw these pants available in this colorway, I waited and waited and waited for them to go on sale so I could snatch them up.

I love my lulu as much as I love Anthro, J.Crew and Nordstrom. Seriously.

(Also, I realize I'm not doing a proper "tree pose" - I didn't want to get dirt on the pants!)

Well, I guess that brings my "October/beginning of November challenge" to a close. Thanks to you all for reading! I'd also like to thank Debbie of Possess and Obsess for the inspiration - it was a lot of fun! I do still have a couple of "unworn items" that I have yet to wear, but I think it might be time to give that challenge a rest and move onto something new...

Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 Challenge is starting up again, and I've always been curious (yet terribly, horribly frightened) to try it. I know that Carol and Debbie (of Possess and Obsess fame) have both bravely signed on. I've thought long and hard about joining them (even going so far as to start an Excel spreadsheet to collect items and build outfits), but...well, to be honest, I'm not sure I can last the whole 30 days. Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year for clothing, and I'm afraid to commit to restrain from shopping for 30 minutes, let alone 30 days. I'm also having trouble stomaching the idea of limiting myself with regard to clothing choices.

I do have a partial list of items though, but...I don't know. We shall see!

I'd love to hear how many of you are joining the challenge!

Thanks again for reading!


  1. LOVE the shirt dress on you!! Fabulous

  2. i love that mustard sweater! it's a gorgeous fall colour

    <3 angie

  3. I love the mustard sweater with the Tucker dress, I saw it on Kendi too and thought about pickig one up. Maybe I can find a cheap one at F21. :)

    I have been looking to try out lululemon pants as I have heard tons of good things about them. I do bikram yoga 3-4 times a week so I need to get a few more pairs a pants because washing the ones I have all the time is kinda annoying!

  4. Sassy mama. I like all of your outfits, yoga included :-). I like watching people style during the 30 for 30, but I won't be doing it. I have too many unworn and need to make sure I wear them this fall.

  5. Swoon Kathryn, the colour drenched dress is gorgeous. How comfy does your workout gear look? I'm as stiff as a board today after a 10 mile off road run yesterday, it was ridiculously hilly. I eased my poor feet into my heels as part of the 30 for 30 challenge though... :)

  6. I love Pig Pink! One of my all time favorite colors, and so funny that Lululemon calls it that!

    I don't get the 30/30 Challenge. Why limit yourself to 30 items of clothing while the rest of your closet sits untouched? I think it is actually kind of wasteful. I understand not shopping for a month, but enjoy all of what you have!!

  7. :) I'm right there with you on equal love for Lululemon Kathryn! Now I'm kind of sad I don't have anything in Pig Pink. You're kitty is too cute!
    So I see you're a big fan of Oh, Hello Friend! I can't wait to go to see her work at the Irvine Fair next week! I did the 30 for 30 challenge last time around and I knew I could not do it in the Fall season with so much selection to choose from and wonderful goodies in the shops! Oh and I LOVE your first outfit posted! I have the dress and now I think I need to get myself a mustard cardi to wear with it too! It's one of my fave colors so how can I not have one already! Hope you have a great week!

    xx Vivian @

  8. The outfits look fabulous as usual, and I'm totally diggin the diva kitty. Man that yoga outfit looks super comfy, I could totally picture myself doing the "lazy girl on couch" pose in it ;)

  9. Hi Kathryn, You look gorgeous in all your outfits. Im loving your day 23 outfit the most! coloured dots and a brown bow belt are a match made in heaven.
    Your gym gear makes me want to take up yoga again..but i'm too lazy these days :-)