Thursday, December 16, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is... (Fitting Room Reviews)

Hi everyone! Hoping your week is going well.  It's been a while since I did some fitting room reviews, so I thought I'd do a few the other day. I was out, "Christmas shopping," and took the erm, opportunity, to try on some dresses. A girl can't try on too many dresses, can she? ^_-  

Here's the De Chelly Dress ($168) which I have on in the size 0. I confess that when I saw this dress show up on the website, I wasn't particularly impressed by it, and I also confess to having walked right past it in at least two prior visits to the store, without giving it a second glance. I would like to offer my deepest apologies for my past behavior and attitude towards this pretty, pretty dress. I put it on, zipped it up, and found myself grinning stupidly at my own reflection for an undisclosed amount of time. As Kelly McPheters and Kathryn would say, I big-red-puffy-heart this dress. It's so charming and sweet! The fit reminded me a bit of the Beda Dress' - nicely structured and fitted (but not tight) bodice, cinched waist, full skirt. There are pockets, a side-zip, and it's cotton and machine washable (yay!). I bought this dress as a possible wear-to-the-Tron-premiere contender, and when I pulled it out of my bag to show it to my husband, he gave it a non-commital shrug and a nod (the same sort of attitude I'd had when I first saw it). However, when I put it on and showed it to him again then, his eyes widened in surprise, and his brows went up and he said, "Oh, that looks really nice on you!" I ended up not wearing the dress as you may have noticed from my previous post, but it's not because I don't love it enough. 


When the Draped Denim Dress ($128) made its debut on the website, I confess to having had flashbacks to the '80s. Do you remember all that stone-washed and acid-washed denim? I'm pretty sure I had a button-up made of this exact same fabric, that I wore with leggings and a sparkly brooch at the collar. Oh, and layered socks with keds - well, when I wasn't wearing my jelly sandals, anyway. I'm wearing an XS here, and I found it to be a little big on me - there was a lot of room in the bodice and the elastic waist. Also, while I liked the draped effect of the layered skirt, I did feel it added some bulk to my hips, though this may have been due to the over-sizing. The dress is a pull-on style (there is no back zipper, as the product description states) and has pockets. Had the fit been better, I might have actually liked this dress more, weird '80s flashbacks or not. Back to the rack, this time.

With the Looping Lanes belt - not much improvement, in terms of looking less big, but maybe another belt would have been better.

Here is the Kissing Friday Dress (now on sale for $79.95!) by Bailey 44. I'm wearing the XS in these photos, and as you can see, it fit me well. There's not a lot to say about this pretty jersey dress. It's comfortable, with nice detailing on the bodice and shoulders. The skirt wasn't very full and was on the slightly shorter side, hitting at the top of my knee. I have no objections to this dress, but it didn't inspire love in me either. It's a pull-on style and dry-clean only. I think I might consider it on a second cut, but for now, it's back to the rack.

Here's the Woody Nymph Dress ($148), which I'm wearing in the XS. It reminded me somewhat of the "June, July, August" Dress that was around over the summer and early part of fall. It has a similar surplice-style bodice and sheath-like skirt. You can't really tell in the photos, but the top is a little big on me - I'm assuming this won't be too much of an issue on women who are better-endowed in the chest area. If I were to buy this dress (which I might consider doing on sale), I think I'd add a strategically placed stitch or two to the neckline, to keep the surplice from gaping open. That, or I'd wear a tank top or cami underneath it. I liked the way the dress looked belted, as well. This dress is a pull-on style, has pockets, and is hand-washable (Carol-code from machine-wash on delicate). Wishlisted for sale-time consideration.

The Rugged Carats Dress ($118) made me think of Tucker dresses. It has the same blousy, un-fitted silhouette, and functional buttons that run the length of the garment. I'm wearing the size 2 in these photos, which was really way too big on me, but the store was out of zeros. Note that in these photos, I left the the top button unbuttoned. I was surprised at how I liked this dress once it was on me - I don't always do well in this silhouette - and I was sad that the store didn't have any 0s for me to try on, to see if the fit merited my liking for it. The gathers along the neckline are a nice detail, and the print was interesting but not overwhelming (see Lappula dress below) The dress is lined, and while I find it highly unlikely that I could get the sash belt to look the way the product shot has it styled I can see other belts I own working just fine with it. One other note - the product description calls this color, "navy," but it really read black to me in the fitting room. Anyone else think this? Wishlisted for sale time consideration.

This dress has 3/4 length sleeves with elasticized cuffs. I found I liked the look of the sleeves better when I pulled the elasticized cuff over my elbow, creating a puffier, but less big-and-baggy look.

The Lappula Dress ($168) has a fairly straight-forward, well-known dress silhouette, with its ruffled (a simple one-layer ruffle) scooped neckline, cinched waistline, and A-line skirt. Where it makes its departure is in the print and colors. The makers were wise in that they didn't try to do a lot with the actual cut and trims on this dress, but just allowed the fabric's print to take center stage.I'm not a woman who's afraid of prints, but I did feel a little overstimulated by this one when I had it on. There was just a lot going on in it. I loved the fit of the dress, and would have wishlisted it for sale, for the right color/print combo. As it is, I decided to pass on this one.

This is the Fletching Dress ($168), which I'm wearing in a regular 0 (note that there are petite sizes available as well). I thought this dress was very pretty, but it was HUGE on top for me. The surplice-style bodice would not stay in place the way it's portrayed in the product shot on Anthro's website, and it kept gaping open. The slip beneath was too low-cut to provide much protection from the gaping neckline - in the few minutes I had this on, I was constantly pulling up on it or readjusting the sides of the surplice, etc. I'm hoping that some of these issues would be resolved if I tried the petite size, but I confess to being a little dubious. The low-cut back (see photo below) was executed well, however, in that it showed a fairly tantalizing amount of skin, without requiring a special bra. Overall, it was very pretty, but I think might have worked better on a longer-waisted woman. If you're shorter and short-waisted like myself, I'd strongly suggest you order the petite size for fit.

A shot of the low-cut back - sexy, and yet still providing coverage for bra straps, etc.

Oh, and speaking of dresses, has anyone else noticed the Sun Shades Dress? Despite it being ridiculously summery for this time of year (I'm assuming it's supposed to be a "Resort" piece), the sight of it did make my heart go pitter-pat. Here's to hoping it shows up in-stores soon.... Have a great day and thanks for reading!


  1. My heart skipped a beat when I spotted the Sun Shades Dress... I promptly wished it over the ocean :)

    Always good to see reviews back, you do look very nice in the De Chelly!

  2. Oh, the Kissing Friday Dress is just adorable and I love the orange color. I may have to have it eventually...oh dear...

  3. Oh, the Kissing Friday Dress looks really good on you. Especially with the belt. Thanks for bringing this dress to my attention :)

    And of course, the Lappula Dress. Oh how I adore it. I can understand that some people might think the pattern is a little too "busy". You look great in it though. Maybe if it hits sale you'll change your mind ;)


  4. Oops, I meant the Woody Nymph Dress, with the belt :)

  5. The De Chelly dress is just beautiful on you! I had the opposite experience, I was sure I was going to love and need it when I tried it on last weekend, but it was awful on me. Hideous. I'm bitter. Thanks for all the great dress reviews, they are super helpful!

  6. I love the De Chelly dress on you.

    The Fletching dress is really pretty too! I had no idea that the back looked like that!

  7. The De Chelly dress looks really pretty on you! I was thinking of buying it in the petite size, then I saw the new Sun Shades dress which comes in petite sizes, too. I most certainly can't get both, right? The Kissing Fridays dress is cute also. I just picked it up with the extra 25%.

  8. You look so lovely in the De Chelly dress and I really like the Fletching dress on you too!

  9. Thanks for the reviews Carol! I love all the dresses on you! My favorite is the De Chelly Dress. It reminds me a bit of the Mullany Dress that you and Cat wore so well! ;) I also am in love with the Sun Shades Dress. Oh it reminds me of spring/summer day sipping on lemonade. I hope this hits stores soon so we can see home reviews!

  10. I love the De Chelly and Fletching dress on you! you look adorable. Have you seen the Sing Sweetly Party Dress? I think I just died. Must. Have.

  11. Oh Carol! Definitely consider getting the De Chelly dress. It's a clear winner out of the dresses you tried on. I would get it, except i've got the Mullany, and the De Chelly kind of reminds me of it (being spotty).
    I saw the Sun Shades dress too, and really liked it. I would love to see you do a fitting room review on that!

  12. Carol- I love the De Chelly dress on you! It is so flattering and sweet and cute and.... and... and....