Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blue Carpet Outfit

Hi everyone! Happy weekend! I'm in Hollywood, CA today, with my family, gearing up to go to the Tron: Legacy premiere, in Hollywood at the El Capitan Theater (for those of you who missed it in an earlier post, my husband won tickets to the premiere from ESET, who is a sponsor of the film). Around 10 PM on Friday night, we saw the crews come in to start preparing for the event - huge spotlights are going up along Hollywood Blvd. and they've set up barriers up and down the sidewalks. Also, there's a blue carpet (in lieu of the more traditional red - blue is more appropriate for Tron, I guess?) running about half the length of the block. I'm pretty excited, and if they let me take my camera into the theater (which I'm hearing they won't), I'll bring back lots of photos to share. If nothing else, I'll try and get some photos of the red - er, blue carpet and if I see celebrities, I'll snap some of them too. Along with the tickets to the premiere itself, we have tickets to the after-party, so hopefully, we'll be able to take some photos there - though, I hear that the stars of the films don't always attend those. Fingers crossed!

The blue carpet.

The El Capitan, with spotlights, barricades, and other equipment for the big night! (For more photos, check out my DH's Flickr gallery here: Tron: Legacy Hollywood premiere)

So, I had an outfit all set and ready to go for the premiere, but realized when I got to the hotel, that I had forgotten to bring my shoes (fabulous gray suede platform pumps)! I can't begin to tell you how bummed I was (and still sort of am), but as my DH reminded me, we are staying less than a block away from a mall (the Hollywood & Highland) and I should view it as a good reason to buy new ones. So, this afternoon, I spent a little time looking for shoes, and in the process, assembled a whole other outfit to wear with them:

Blue Carpet Outfit

Blue Carpet Outfit by Carol-prettythings featuring a skinny belt
Dress: Printed Dress, Zara
Cardigan: Ribbed Knit Cardigan, Forever 21
Shoes: Rieber Platforms
Bag: Handbag with chain, Zara
Belt: Skinny Ruffle Belt, Gap (I actually bought the black color)
Bracelet: Rhinestone Stretch Bracelet, American Eagle

The dress code for the event is "business casual," though we were also told by ESET's PR manager that people would be showing up in a range of clothing, from cocktail dresses and suits to jeans. I took this to mean that since I'm not a celebrity, I didn't need to "dress up," but I should look presentable, and sort of like I was going to a nice dinner. My goal is not to be underdressed or overdressed. I think this will stick me in the middle, exactly. Again, fingers crossed!


  1. I'm going next week to the Tron showing at El Capitan! Supposedly, there's a laser show right before! Have fun w/ your family!!!!!!

  2. What a great 'blue carpet outfit' - stylish & comfortable. And what a great husband for just suggesting you run out & buy new shoes. Keeper!

  3. I love your outfit! Have a fabulous time. Is the Zara dress still something that's in the stores? :)

  4. @Kelly - oh, yay! I wonder if we'll see that tonight? I took the kids to see "Tangled" there last night. There was a great live stageshow before that, which was really fun.

    @Kristen - thanks! And yes, I love,my DH. He's a definite keeper!

    @JessW - thanks! And yes, I just got the dress yesterday, so it's still in stores. I love it! Comfy, cute, and quirky (the print feature chic women walking their equally chic dogs).

  5. I am so excited for you - you are going to look awesome, I think you struck the perfect middle-ground chord with your outfit!

  6. WOW! does that mean you will be mingling with celebs? Can't wait to read and see all about it soon. How exciting!

  7. I really like the print on your dress, and I think the new platforms will mesh wonderfully! How great of your dh to suggest new shoes as a solution. Perhaps you should "forget" your shoes more often : ).

    Hope you guys all had fun at the premier and perhaps rubbed shoulders with a few celebs as well!. It sounds like an awesome time.

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