Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Comfort in Layers (OOTDs and News!)

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hoping you're all doing well. This is shaping up to be a very eventful week! First of all, we opened voting for our Movie-Inspired Outfits contest early this morning, and I hope you got a chance to look at the entries and cast your vote for who you think should be the winner. If you haven't, make sure you check them out and vote here.

Secondly, we were contacted by Anthropologie's Community Manager, who asked us if we'd be interested in hosting a Polyvore mini-editor for their Head to (Mistle)-Toe Contest, where Anthro fans can create holiday and winter outfit stylings for a chance to win one of five $500 gift cards to Anthropologie! We happily accepted the opportunity, so at 12:01 AM tonight (the contest starts 12/8) , the mini-editor will be available right here, on In Pursuit of Pretty Things for you to style and submit outfits to the contest. We're so excited and hope you'll participate, because who among us couldn't use a $500 gift card to Anthro, right?

The last thing is that I just found out that I'm going to be attending Tron: Legacy's Hollywood premiere this weekend! I've never been to a movie premiere before, so I'm super excited. My DH, who is the biggest Tron fan I know (though, to be entirely honest, I don't know many) and son are over the moon with excitement. Me? Well, suffice it to say, I need to figure out what to wear. ^_-

The past week and a half have been downright chilly here in San Diego (in the 30s and 40s overnight, and low to high 60s during the day), so I started layering to add warmth to my daily outfits. Here are my OOTDs from Sunday and Monday:

Shirt: J. Crew Scoopneck Tee (similar here)
Tights: Berrybush tights
Boots: Apepazza Martin boots 

This outfit is one I've worn before - sans t-shirt and tights. The added layering tee and tights were perfect to ward off the chill, and with the help of the Frill Force Jacket (now on sale!), I was proof against San Diego cold. Which isn't at all like upstate New York cold, so I know this won't work for everyone, but indoors, I was totally comfy, even with the thermostat set low, to conserve energy.

The Fabulous Girl's Guide to Decorum

With all the holiday gatherings and get-togethers and gifting and receiving going on, even the most fabulous of girls could use a bit of help with all the etiquette involved with these social situations. This book addresses everything from writing thank you notes to getting in and out of cars in a skirt. Oh, and which fork to use when, as well (always tricky). Also a great gift for that teenager in your life who thinks it's totally appropriate to be texting with one hand, while accepting a gift from you with the other (probably to tell her friend that her aunt just gave her a present and she really hopes it's not another book).

And look what finally arrived!

And what I wore under the coat:

Skirt: Mimetic Skirt (scored this on second cut, thanks to Tien!)
Tights: Frenchi, Nordstrom Brass Plum 
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks

And when you're this happy to be wearing a yellow coat over a school-girl inspired outfit, you should be reading:

Artemis Fowl (new cover)

This "young adult" fantasy series by Eoin Colfer is a genuinely fun and engaging read (as compared to the Harry Potter series, which is also fun and engaging, but can get really heavy and dark) about what happens when a brilliant, crime-oriented boy genius discovers that fairies really and actually exist. This book is total brain candy - but the good kind. You know, like a nice dark chocolate with toffee and nuts, as opposed to Laffy Taffy. An excellent gift for the 12 and up (and er, yes, that includes women in their mid 30's) set. 


  1. You look so cute in your refined cord! I need to pull mine out again since right now where I am it's 29 degrees! Yikes! I can no longer be in denial that winter and snow is coming, boooo...

    I'm loving the books in the OOTD posts too! :)

  2. That IS chilly for San Diego! We've had a slow start to winter out here on the east, but I think the chill has finally set in.

    Love all these outfits, but especially the Harvested Honey and your argyle sweater underneath. You made the schoolgirl look adorable, yet age appropriate. Lovely!

  3. I like the layering with the Refined Cord Shirtdress. Smart move with the onset of brrrr...cold temps.

    And I thought of you immediately when that coat when on sale. It looks so good on you. that color goes so well with your beautiful skin tone.

  4. How cute and snug you look in the Harvested Honey Coat. I am so glag you got it!!
    As for the books, I might have to get my mitts on the Decorum one - i'm hopeless when it comes to etiquette :-)

  5. I do not look good in yellow. I do not look good in yellow. I do not look good in yellow. I do not look good in yellow. I do not look good in yellow...plus, my husband will likely kill me if I buy another coat...I do not look good in yellow.

    Oh Carol! That coat is so pretty on you! And I am cracking up about your gifting books to your (hypothetical?) teenage niece!

  6. omg, the Harvested Honey Coat is so beautiful! i didn't wear yellow before as i thought the color didn't look good on me, but now it's one of my favorite colors! and i love the argyle sweater you paired it with underneath!


  7. I love that coat on you. I saw that it ran out online. What a great deal you got on it. You make it look so great. And yay for Tron! We'll be watching it on IMAX 3D...the real 3D stuff with the huge helmet they give you. Can't wait!

  8. yay for layering with the refined cord! i thought about including a long-sleeved layer in my 30 for 30, but regrettably decided against it. i'm wishing i did now!

    i soooo wanted the harvested honey coat, but i just couldn't pull the trigger. such a beautiful coat, and even lovelier with the argyle :)

  9. Carol, the jacket looks so adorable on you! Can you tell me what size you ordered?

  10. It always makes me smile when you incorporate books into your outfit posts! That shot of the Artemis Fowl novel peeping out from your coat pocket is adorable, and I just like hearing your book recommendations in general :)

    Yay for finally getting the Harvested Honey Coat! I know you've been waiting for it for quite a while. It looks great on you, especially with the yellow argyle sweater beneath complementing it so nicely :)

  11. I'm loving that you are bringing books into your OOTDs now, am such a bookworm I love when others are too! The honey coat is gorgeous!

  12. The coat is gorgeous on you. Have fun at Tron. Jeff Bridges will be in it. I'm banking on him being good :-)