Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday To-Do List (OOTD)

1. Address and mail Christmas cards (I suspect I may have some extra, so if you'd like to receive one, please email me your mailing address!)

2.  Put up Christmas tree, stockings, and other decorations

3. Help kids write letters to Santa

4. Take kids to visit Santa

5.  Finish buying gifts 

6. Wrap gifts

7. Make 12 batches of peanut brittle and/or cookies for distribution to friends, family, and neighbors

8. Hang onto sanity

I love the holidays. This is one of my favorite times of the year. But we're only four days into December, and I already feel behind. In past years, I usually put up my Christmas tree on the weekend following Thanksgiving. This year, though, I'm hoping to get to it this weekend. Between a new project at work and my holiday to-do list, I'm feeling a little stretched thin. Yes, fingers crossed, everyone. Tree. This weekend. 

Here's what I wore on Friday. I took these photos at the end of another busy day, so I'm a bit rumpled and wrinkled in it. I really liked how these colors layered together, and while all the ruffliness on top gave me a bit of a cupcake-effect, I still enjoyed it. I don't know what I'm going to do when fashion inevitably swings in the opposite direction to minimalism and all these delightful bows, ruffles, and ruches go the way of stale potato chips. I'll be so sad. I love them so.

Sweater: Traversa Cardigan, J. Crew
Top: Tank (I think it was called the Alicia, but I'm not certain), J. Crew
Shoes: Miu Miu scalloped bow and crystal flats
Necklace: Brass Plum bow necklace

I wore the tank pulled out, as in the first photo most of the day, but I think the look works well, when it's tucked in too, don't you?

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have gotten a glimpse of the shoes I bought on sale at Nordstrom (Kelly McPheters, personal shopper at Fashion Valley found these for me!) during their 10-point Customer Appreciation event. Bows, crystals, and brocade? Yes, please! God love Miuccia.

Holidays on Ice

I first discovered David Sedaris during an NPR fund drive (yes, I'm one of those people. The ones who persist in listening to NPR, even when they're doing a pledge drive), when the local station played some of his monologues. I kid you not, I found myself laughing so hard, tears were running down my face, and this was really problematic, since I was driving and my vision was blurring. Needless to say, David Sedaris is pretty hysterical, and this little book of humorous essays, Holidays on Ice are a great way to restore perspective when things get crazy this time of year. Also, since it's not a whole book, but a collection of essays, you can actually find time to read an entire little "story" while waiting for one of an endless batch of Christmas cookies to bake, or while taking a break between bouts of gift wrapping. Oh, and did I mention it's the perfect stocking stuffer for your literary and literate friends?

Don't forget - tomorrow's the last day to enter your movie-inspired outfits for the Netflix contest! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. ok, my first comment was lost in the internetz, so here i go again :)

    every time i see the AG stevie cords, i want it more and more. i love the complete outfit, especially the ruffles! i really like the tank tucked in.

    (btw, i also wanted to tell you i so want out of the 30 for 30 challenge! yet i just finished day 22 and i'm trying to convince myself that i can make it to the end. ahhhh!)

  2. That sweater looks lovely on you! I'm going to have to check out that book, thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Another cute outfit!! And thanks so much for posting book suggestions. Bel Canto was my most favorite book, so I have already ordered Run from Amazon. And I will have to pick up Holidays on Ice; love D. Sedaris too.
    I think your list of to-do's will only take a day, right?!

  4. David Sedaris and NPR. two of my favorites!!
    I basically read that book aloud to my husband because I just kept laughing and laughing and every time I did he would say "what?! read it to me!!

  5. If fashion heads towards minimalism I will just turn the other way, I ADORE ruffles, embellishments, sequins etc and can't forsee a time I would abandon them... :)

    I did spot your lovely pumps on twitter, cute!

  6. Oooh! I have that tank and always struggle with how to wear it. Thanks for the idea. I spotted your amazingly adorable children and hubby at Nordstrom. Your little girl might just be the cutest kid on the planet! The way she lurches forward with her little toddler walk is yummy!

  7. love your outfit and I feel behind the 8 ball as well. I should have gotten my cards out by now. Will do so by tomorrow.

    I love the AG Stevie cords and got a pair yesterday. They are divine!

  8. Love the look! I agree the tank looks good either way. The tones are pretty, I love neutrals. I'm feeling behind the 8-ball too. This is the first year in awhile where I won't have a Christmas Tree but even without it I feel like it should only mid-November. Time is moving too quickly in some ways, yet not fast enough in others.

  9. David Sedaris is hilarious! I love his books. His sister Amy, is really funny too.
    The Auspicious Life

  10. i love this cardigan on you and i'm a huge sucker for girly extras like ruffles too! and those shoes are super cute! i need a personal shopper like yours.

    and i'm a big fan of David Sedaris too. he's hilarious!

  11. I love cupcakes and hope that bows, ruffles, and ruches never go out of style! You look great Carol!


  12. Loving that Traversa Cardi - it's one of my fave J. Crew purchases, and it's just so pretty on you! My To Do list is a mile long too, I've really got to step on it with the wrapping, my boys are SO snoopy this year and our basement is being finished so I can't use it to stash things away...

  13. Gah I love those flatS!!

    And the traversa is so cute on you.

  14. I just about crashed my friend's car driving down the 5 listening to Me Talk Pretty One Day on audio book. I was chuckling the whole way down to CYP, but right around Magic Mountain I about had it when he said "are them the thoughts of cows???"

  15. oh man, I love those miu miu flats.