Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like... (Wishlist Update)

Hi everyone, and happy Monday! The holiday shopping season is well and truly upon us, and well, in order to accommodate the gifting, I need to pull way back on adding to my, collection. So, with that in mind, I did some serious whittling of my wishlists, and asked myself very sternly if things really need to be there, etc, and here's what I'm left with (though, in truth, my attempt at taking austerity measures has been sadly well-intentioned but somewhat ineffective - as you may have noticed a couple posts back, with the shoes - sigh. I will get better at it, though, honest!):

Carol's Full Price List:
There's nothing here - and that's due to "austerity measures" that I'm implementing on my runaway budget. No full price purchases until I get things better in hand (this probably won't be until February at the earliest). If I learned anything from my attempt at the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge, it's that I have a lot of lovely things in my closet, positively shouting to be worn.

However, in the interest of full-disclosure, I will say now that I have "bought" this watch:

I been hoarding my "Nordstrom Notes" for that special something - knowing that eventually, I would see it and know what it was - and I've decided this is what I'm spending them on. I tried this watch on, and it's ridiculously cute in an oversized, playful way, and you might be surprised, but the clear wristband actually makes it super versatile. It's so fabulous - I've worn it nearly every day since I got it!

Carol's Sale Priced List:

1. Tyndall Coat (I still love this coat, so will keep an eye on it until it hits sale. Then, I'll have to make some hard decisions.)
2. D'Armee Dress (Another item I still persist in wanting, so yes, we'll see when it hits the sale rack, whether I really feel like it needs to come live in my closet.)

Carol's List of Things She Hasn't Tried But Wants To/Is Afraid To:

1. Facile Camp Shirt (A DH pick. This one's backordered online until mid-December, so I'm going to wait until after that to make a decision about it.)
2. Handbasket Sweatercoat (This just looks so cozy and cute!)
3. Promises to Keep Cardigan (Another one that's so cozy and cute! I really love this, and it'll probably be moving to the Sale List once I try it on. Hence, the need to put off trying it on - see below.)
4. Field Skirt (gold - I've seen this in several stores now, but haven't tried it on for fear of making rash decisions about needs and must haves and things like that. So yes, trying to stave off the inevitable for the time being by not trying it on.)
5. Apothecary Skirt (Oh, I love the colors and the cut and the prettiness! SO afraid to try this on.)

List of Things Carol Already Has (And Needs To Remember, When Wanting New Things)

9. AG Stevie Cords (wine)
10. Bianka Blouse (green and raspberry)
11. Bouquet Toss Dress (scored on a second cut! Whoo!)
15. Molded and Melded Tee, wine (Yay! Heather, the Personal Shopper at Fashion Valley was able to hunt this one down for me, so it is now mine! Needless to say, I'm enormously grateful - it's such a great top!)
16. Shine Through Button-Up (scored on second cut, yay!)
17. Hop, Skip, and Jump Skirt
18. Harvested Honey Coat (This went on sale this week, and I decided I absolutely want this. I'm willing to return the Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat and *gulp* the Glowing Leaf Skirt for it, both items which have been sitting in bags, unworn, since I purchased them. Now if only the coat would arrive *grumble, slow Anthro shipping, grumble*)

Kathryn here!

Ah, wishlists. Lists of wishes. And boy, when it comes to wishes, I've got 'em.
A funny thing happened since the last time I updated my wishlists - several things I had wishlisted had gotten marked down, but I didn't pull the trigger. These were things I thought I really wanted, too - like the
Dried Leaves Dress and the Lima Lines Skirt . But then Anthropologie came out with new items, and my eye started to wander...and now I've got more wishes than I knew what to do with.

Roxy made a good point some time back about how time often heals her cravings for things, and I couldn't agree more.
The key, I suppose, is in having enough restraint not to pull the trigger when the heart is singing.

Or something like that.

Speaking of singing hearts,
somebody help me! I want both of these...!

Field Skirt in Gold ($78, shown in size 6)

Field Skirt in Khaki ($78, shown in a size 6)

To combine two of my favorite sci-fi universes...I have a bad feeling about aiming to misbehave.

So, here we go with my updated lists...weeeee!

Kathryn's Full Price List:

1. Spinning Lace Dress (true love)
2. Field Skirt (in Khaki)
3. Field Skirt (in Gold)
4. Hop, Skip, and Jump Skirt (in awesome do Carol and Debbie look in this one..?!)

Kathryn's Sale Price List:

1. Deuxhill Cowlneck (in Navy Motif or Black Motif? I can't decide but it's so beautiful I want it...!)
Redux Jacket (still sale wishlisted)

3. Ruffled Plaid Dress (slowly getting over this one...)
4. Best of the Bunch Cardigan (WANT. would definitely grab on a second cut)

Kathryn's List of Things She May Impulsively Grab, If Seen:

1. Babergh Dress (*sigh*)
2. Oxer Jacket (still on my mind)
3. Dried Leaves Dress (I really regret not scooping this up when it went on sale...)
4. Discovered Lace Dress (I really regret not getting this one when I had the chance...)
5. Brume Chemise (I'm so curious about this...)
6. Dalsland Wrap (I'm so drawn to this piece...)

List of Things Kathryn Already Has (And really REALLY Needs To Remember, When Wanting New Things):

Bedecked Brooch Necklace (still available, and I highly recommend this one!)
2. Cream Confection Jacket (not sorry I bought this, as it's now sold out)
3. Acting Out Skirt (a really nice go-to pencil skirt with flair)
4. Peppered & Striped Skirt (another one I'm not sorry I bought, since it's sold out)
5. Remaining Lilies Cardigan (a beautiful cardigan I need to wear more)
6. Graces Tank (a lovely layering piece)
7. Arid Season Button-Up (comfy and highly recommended!)
8. Dreamy Drape Dress (another beautiful dress I need to wear more often)
9. Mullany Dress (big puffy red heart for this one)
10. Bianka Blouse (in Black Motif - a pattern I actually like!)
Refined Corduroy Dress (I returned other things to buy this, and I love it!)
12. Rensselaer T-Straps (gorgeous shoes - even though they're small, I love 'em!)
13. Shine Through Button-Up (impulsively purchased on 2nd cut)
14. Glowing Leaf Skirt (holy crap, is this sold out now too?)


  1. Carol, I'm so glad you bought the Harvested Honey. Can't wait to see it on you when it arrives. If I were anywhere near your size, I would be encouraging you to return the Glowing Leaf skirt so I could snap it up (I found a popback in my size and had it sitting in my cart, then hesitated and decided to complete the purchase after dinner...when I came back, it was gone. Grr!).

    Kathryn, I am very jealous of your skirt collection. The Peppered and Striped AND the Glowing Leaf? Good picks, gal! (not to mention the Cream Confection that I tried on...oh, about 20 times in store, and put back every time!).

  2. Carol-I immediately thought of you when I saw the Harvested Honey coat hit sale. I think that if something is still sitting in a bag, then it's not worth keeping. I know that when I get something I love, I want to wear it immediately and can't stop thinking of it until I do. I think the coat is a wise purchase!

    Kathryn-I have the Field Skirt in dk. grey and love it. But that gold is so tempting!!

  3. Modcloth has a knock-off of the Discovered Lace dress. I bought it and will let you know how it compares.

  4. Great lists and I really like the concept of creating a list of things you already have that were recent purchases in order to keep away from adding to the already-awesome collection. I think now I need to go and do the same!

  5. Kathryn I think the Ruffled Plaid went on sale today so another decision to make... but as you are getting over it I imagine you might wait for a bit?