Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lists of a Year-End Variety

Greetings, all!

Welp, it's the end of the year, as we know it. And I feel...fine?

It's been a fun year, and I've truly enjoyed discovering and being a part of the bloggie-world. I feel like I've "met" so many fun and interesting and stylish people over the past year. I love my closet 1,000 times more than I did at the beginning of the calendar year, even if my wallet - and possibly my husband - hate me 1,000 times more than they did at the beginning of the year.

And I have all of you to thank for it. *smileyface*

Anyway, while catching up a little on my blog-reading, I've been noticing a lot of lists floating around the blogosphere, and it's got me all nostalgic and stuff. So I thought I'd catalog a few of my "best of" lists, from the past year.

Kind of like...high school yearbook-style, if you will.

I hope you all don't mind. we go! End of 2010 lists, "Pretty Things" style!

Kathryn's Five Favorite Purchases of 2010:

1. Two-Wheeler Shirtdress

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say I've worn this dress to death in the six or so months that I've had it. I don't regret this purchase one bit, and as many times as it's been washed and worn it's held up remarkably well.

2. Field Game Cardigan

Ah, how I love this cardigan. I'd largely ignored the previous blue and red colorways of this cardigan, but when the oatmeal/grey version came along, I was smitten. I also wear this beauty to death and wash it on delicate. Win, all-around.

3. The Mullany Dress

I can't emphasize my love for this dress enough. I've managed to make it work beyond just an "event" dress, too. And every time I wear it I get tons of compliments. Victoria - if you're out there reading this - thank you SO much again for making this dress part of my life.

4. Blooming Lattice Cardigan

Was there ever a more versatile and wearable cardigan in my arsenal than this one?

The answer is no.

5. In a Twinkling Dress

I actually wasn't going to get this one at first, due to the itchy factor. However, I lucked out and found one on sale that didn't itch too much and the rest is history. It was my go-to white summer dress, and it dresses up or down perfectly. So glad I decided to get it after all.

The Five That Got Away:

1. Dried Leaves Dress

This one went on sale and flew off the racks and off the website before I could snag it. I'd tried it on back in August and liked it, but wasn't ready to pay full price for it. Now that it's December and cold I wish I had it in my closet to pair with tights and the Arid Season Button-up (which I did manage to grab). Sigh. Maybe I'll find something else like it again, someday.

2. The Two Paths Trench

It still boggles my mind that I actually found this puppy on sale and in my size, and I still put it back. Ugh. File this boneheaded mistake under, "WTF was I thinking?!" Maybe it had something to do with it being summertime (note the sandals on my feet), but gosh darn it I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to buy this one when I had the chance. Silly Kathryn.

3. Babergh Dress

I think this one went on sale at a time when I'd already splurged on so many other things that I needed to give my wallet a break. It was hard to let this one go.

4. Traced Twirls Dress

This one took forever to go on sale, didn't it? And by the time it finally did go on sale, I didn't think I wanted it anymore. Only the more I look at it now, the more I think I might've wanted it after all.

As a woman, I reserve the right to be fickle.

5. Drifting By Dress

Ah, the dress that I adored in the catalog, hated on myself, but abso-freaking-lutely loved on other people. This is a dress that makes me wish I could change my entire complexion in order to get it to work on me. Unfortunately, as you can see from the photo, it just completely washes me out. I loved it on Tien, Tara B, Kristina J and of course on Kim. Everytime I see it pop up on someone else on the internet, I get a little sad. I'd really wanted this dress to work on me. I won't lie - I still watch for this beauty on eBay, "just in case."

Dress, why couldn't you look good on me?

Hi everyone! Okay, so following Kathryn's queue, here I go with an attempt at my "Top Five" Lists.

Carol's Five Favorite Purchases of 2010

1. The Reed Shirtdress

This dress is one of my best Anthro purchases ever. I've worn it so much to so many things and received so many compliments, it's amazing. I always feel pretty and lady-like and perfectly comfortable yet well-pulled together when I'm in it, which is great. Not to mention, it's low maintenance too. It's the Mary Poppins of dresses - practically perfect in every way.

2. Harvested Honey Coat

See that look of glee on my face in the photo above? Yep. A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words...

3. Blooming Lattice Cardi

Believe it or not, I was actually waffling on whether or not I should buy this cardigan, until Kathryn convinced me, with her "Blooming Lattice Four Ways" post. I bought it at full price and never looked back. It's just terrific - one of the true workhorses of my closet.

4. Konnichiwa Sweater

Another great sweater and what's become a major workhorse in my closet. I used it in my truncated 30 for 30 Remix challenge, and it seriously went with everything I put on. It's a total go-to piece and yes, I've purchased it in the red color too (on sale and an extra 25% off! C'mon, you can't beat that!).

5. AG Stevies

Quite possibly the most comfortable and cute pants I own. I've literally slept in them (if only for naps). They go with so much and provide warmth and added bonus - I haven't even had to have them altered (the extra length bunches in a not-too-bunchy way at my ankle). I own them in the wine and the gray. I'd keep the brown pair I'm returning, if I could afford to.

Carol's Five That Got Away

1. Tyndall Coat

I wanted this coat terribly, but it was too pricey. Then it went it on sale at the same time as the Harvested Honey, and I chose the Harvested Honey, hoping I could find this later. It's now gone, gone, gone in the size 0. It makes me dreadfully sad to think about it. Why didn't I buy it when I saw it?

2. Choreographed Dress

I actually had this dress in my hands, in my home, and I convinced myself it wasn't a practical choice and I'd be better off letting it go back to the store. What was I thinking??? I feel a twinge of regret every time I think about it, which makes me realize that there was real love for this dress. Real and abiding love.

3. Sugar and Cream Dress

I still wish I had got this dress while it was available. I'm not sure what held me back, but when I see other bloggers wearing it, I always let out a wistful sigh. 'Tis pity, 'tis pity...

4. Safekeeping Necklace

This necklace has been on my wishlist since it appeared on the website, last summer. It's now sold out online and I saw it in the store as late as last week, but couldn't buy it, because of budget constraints. And now, with all my holiday bills coming home to roost, it's pretty much totally out of reach.

5. Kate Spade "All Typed Up," Clyde

I waited on this bag, because there were quite a few in inventory at Nordstrom at the beginning of December, and I thought it was such a unique piece that there'd still be some around by the end of the month. WRONG. It's sold out there, completely!!! I'm devastated, because I'd hoped to use some Nordstrom notes and giftcards I received to purchase this. It went on sale at Kate Spade a few days ago, but it's still pretty pricey and my aforementioned budget restrictions are prohibiting me from pulling the trigger on it (I'm trying really hard to be good. Really, really hard.) and inventory is very low. It seems highly likely that I won't be able to buy this, no matter how much I want it. So sad.


  1. looove that bag! I hope someday you find it again and can buy it so unique!

  2. Great picks ladies! Glad you two got the Mullany, as i can steal some styling ideas off you.
    Carol, i think you made the right choice by choosing the Harvested Honey over the Tyndell.
    My biggest regret is not scoring the blooming lattice :-(

  3. D'oh! I keep forgetting to type the word verifier thingie and realize I lost my comment.

    So I think you ladies chose well this year, and your reviews were soooooo helpful (and hilarious) and I think somehow we need to get some much-deserved traced twirls and tyndalls into your lives!

  4. So fun to read your lists ladies! :) All of your favorites earned their spot on the list for sure, you look great in all of them. And crossing my fingers that eBay or some random generous sales rack allows you to stumble on to your dream pieces again some day...

  5. I've been loving everyones look back lists. I do adore a good list and illustrated with pretty pictures? Yes please!

    Kathryn - I thought the Two-Wheeler and Blooming Lattice would be on your best list :)

    Carol - I love the Konichwa sweater picture but mainly I think b/c that skirt is knockout.

    I hope maybe one day both of you might be able to get hold of your "regret" pieces x

  6. hahah! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post ladies! You bring up quite a few of my own personal ones that got away. I'm right there with you on the Two-Paths Trench, the Tyndall Coat, Sugar and Cream Dress, and Drifting by Dress. Alas - we shall try to avoid the same mistakes next year and not let them pass us by! On another note for Carol - I LURVE that Harvested Honey Coat on you and I can't believe I've never seen it I don't think? Adore! Happy New Year's ladies!

    xx Vivian @

  7. You two are the cutest! I'm really wishing I had gotten the Field Game and Blooming Lattice cardigans after seeing it on so many people's favorite lists.

    Carol, you must get the Typewriter bag or I'm going to feel awful it was sold out from Nordstrom! I think I'm the one who told you to go for the shoes over the bag!

  8. Kathryn, I've found several of the Babergh dress on EBay - but they are pricey. You might take a look and see what you can find. ;)

  9. I love the Mullany Dress. It looks great on both of you, and is so classic and timeless. Great purchase. I think the Tyndall Coat is gorgeous too, but agree that it's hard to justify buying it at full price. The Konnichiwa sweater is also a fave of mine!


  10. Love the lists! The Blooming Lattice is impossibly cute on both of you and I am forever indebted to Kathryn for pairing it with the Vappu because that is one of my favorite outfits of all time!

    Carol - I had my hands on the Harvested Honey in my size a few weeks ago, and made the mistake of trying it on. I thought the color wouldn't work on me and I'd be fine leaving it behind. Instead I LOVED the coat and now I'm sad that I just absolutely could NOT justify buying it. And I am a queen justifier. It's DARLING on you!!!

  11. I just started reading this blog, and it's definitely my favorite Anthro (and then some) site! Thanks for posting =)

    Kathryn, I saw a few Babergh Dress on sale in stores (San Jose)...perhaps it's available in SoCal too?

  12. Hi there I work at Anthro and love your blog! I just wanted you to know that you can sign up for the Kate Spade email and get a code for an extra 15% off - that makes the bag with tax and the free shipping $322 - go for it (like I did)!!

  13. For both of you: I think your favorite purchases are much better than your 5s that got away. I don't think you made any purchasing mistakes!

    The Auspicious Life

  14. Hey ladies - love your choices! Kathryn - I also missed out on the drifting by dress, but found an almost EXACT copy in black at Kohls by Lauren Conrad. They also have a top that looks just like the free flow tank (in case anyone is looking for it). Carol - if you really want that bag, you may try calling Nordstrom's customer service and asking for the UPC number of the bag. Just in case any of them made it to Nordstrom Rack, they can check for it at any Rack with that UPC number. It's a longshot, but worth a try. I've found a couple of things that way, and much cheaper than on sale at Nordstroms. Good Luck, and thanks for such a fun blog!

  15. Carol, not to be too much of an enabler, but I just saw that Kate Spade is having a 25% off all sale items with code NEWYEARS25. That makes the Clyde bag $260! Still too much for a grad student like me but wouldn't it be fun if we could all live vicariously through you? :)

  16. Winter has returned. I do not like because I can not stand the cold. But wearing loud clothes also quite interesting. I look like a cute bear