Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Fantasies (What I Would Wear, If I Could...)

Hi everyone! Happy nearly-the-end-of-2010! It's so incredible to me that this year has sped by so quickly - and that the iconic year, "2010," is soon to be in the past and relegated to history, rather than hovering in the distant and tantalizing future, as it's been for so long. I'm not really sure what to make of it (I think I'm supposed to now make some profound and insightful reflection on the human condition or some such, but I'm buzzing on a sugar high from too much cake, and can't seem to gather my thoughts sufficiently, so...) but I do know this.

The end of the year means...New Year's Eve Parties!

And New Year's Eve Parties means, party dresses!!!

At least, for other people. For me, New Year's Eve is actually going to be just hanging out at my sister's house, with the husbands and kids and Dick Clark's New Year's Eve countdown in jeans and a sweater or some such. But, since a girl can fantasize that she's actually going to be attending a swanky soiree somewhere, replete with falling glitter confetti and a live 20-piece band, that case, I'd wear this (because in this fantasy, I also have a fairy-godmother who waves her wand and makes these beautiful things materialize):

NYE Set #1

NYE Set #1 by Carol-prettythings featuring a fold dress
Adam Sequin Silk-Organza Dress
Valentino Bow Trim d'Orsay Pump
J. Crew Bracelet
Alexander McQueen Clutch
Serena Gold Sequin Scarf know, maybe I'll dress up for my sister's house anyway. Only, with things I actually own, hahaha ( bills coming home to roost. No more shopping for a while...)

NYE Set #2m

NYE Set #2 by Carol-prettythings featuring bow necklaces
Joie Lace Blouse
Mimetic Skirt, Anthropologie (similar here and here)
Lanvin Ankle-Strap Chain Link Pump (similar here and here)
Cara Bow Necklace

I know, I know, totally excessive for a night in at my sister's house, especially with a 17 month old crawling all over me, but what's the point of having pretty clothes if you don't wear them, right? ^_^

Hoping you all have a fabulous, fun, and safe New Year's Eve! May 2011 be the year of our dreams!


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR LADIES!! now lets see those party dresses on you :-)

  2. I love the holiday outfit you are going to wear! And you're totally right, there is no point in owning beautiful clothes if you're not going to wear them. Happy New Year, ladies!

  3. You can wear your party clothes! I'll be the one in jeans and a sweater. =) See you tonite!

  4. happy new year to you lovely ladies!! and i love the party dress picks. perfect for ringing in the new year!

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