Friday, December 3, 2010

Past and Present (OOTDs)

Hi everyone! Apologies for the long absence (four days is a long time, in blog-years) - it's been one of those weeks.  I thought I'd throw up a couple of OOTDs - one of which I wore today, and the other being one I wore about two weeks ago. 

Anyone else in complete denial about it already being December? Seriously, where is the time going?

I wore this outfit today. I'm not completely convinced of its success. In fact, I really think it needed a flat boot - maybe something along the lines of the Kaden boot from Target, and now that it's on sale...well, I'm not really sure what I'm waiting for. Despite my ambivalence about this outfit, I can say that if nothing else, it was super comfy. 

Top: Ella Moss cowl-neck cotton tunic (similar here and here) and 
Boots: Donald Pliner (similar here)

Run by Ann Patchett

If you enjoy novels, and stories driven by character development, then you'll love this one. Ann Patchett writes with such quiet brilliance, you won't be able to really put your finger on what it is about this story that's so compelling, or so engaging - you'll just know that it is. When I read books like this, I'm deeply moved, both by the writing itself as well as the knowledge that I'm sharing in the experience of genius. There are few contemporary authors that I admire more than Ms. Patchett.

So, this outfit is one I put together for work, and I originally wore it on Day 12 of my 30 for 20 Remix Challenge, but with different shoes.  I think these pumps work better with the outfit (I wore my Apepazza Martin boots with it during the challenge), and am pretty pleased with it, overall.  I really love this dress - it feels so effortlessly chic to me!

Cardigan: Merona Cardigan, Target
Necklace: Pearl Station Necklace, Nordstrom

Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters: Heroines in Folktales from Around the World

I came across this book of folktales (un-illustrated) while browsing the bookstore several years ago. It features stories full of female protagonists - in each one, the main character is a girl or woman, and this is a beautiful thing, especially if you're looking for stories to read aloud to your very own fearless girl. Kate's still a little young for these, but I can't wait until she's about seven, when I can start sharing these folktales with her. Goodness knows the world can use some more female heroes, after all. Who better to fill those roles than our own selves and daughters? 

Hoping your Friday is a bright and beautiful one!


  1. Carol,I'm LOVING how you are incorporating books into your posts!! They are becoming one of my favorite things to look forward to on your blog!

  2. Carol, you look divine in the Kiwi Bird Dress! It is definitely chic and with pumps shows off your nice legs.
    Happy Friday!


  3. Carol, I totally agree with mk! I haven't had much time for leisure reading (accounting books definitely don't count) until now and I've purchased a couple of the books you've recommended. Keep them coming! -- Liz

  4. I love your second outfit - those shoes are drool-worthy!!
    I highly recommend the Kaden or the Kachiri Target boots - both are on sale, and you can't go wrong with either! I own them all!

  5. Carol, you are just way too cute! No matter what you say about your first outfit, I say it's perfect! Love the second outfit too. And thanks for sharing the folktales of women...I am going to check that out.

  6. Thank you for the book recommendation for the folktales of women! As a mother of 2 young girls (6 and 4) I am always looking for good literature to share with them. Since we've exhausted all the traditional books (Secret Garden, Ballet Shoes, Rats of NIIMH, Narnia, Peter Pan, etc) I am thrilled to have this anthology to share with them. Best wishes!

  7. You look so cute in both - the shoes in outfit #2 are killer! And take heart, it's the weekend! I'm trying to figure out what to do with Graham while we decorate the tree...I don't want him to hurt himself on the hooks or glass, but I don't want to do it without him either - I think he'll be watching from the highchair...

  8. Adorable outfits Carol! I'm also looking for the perfect pair of black boots. I really like these (they come in black leather and several colors in suede) but they're too expensive for me right now:

    Also, I love when you post about books! That fairytale book sounds awesome. :-)

  9. I love both outfits! And I'm an Ann Patchett fan too-- have you read Bel Canto? It's fantastic!

  10. i love the literary-inspired outfits. my fav girl heroine is Anne of Green Gables!

    Outfit #1 looks great with your polished black boots.
    As for black boots, how about these:

    these have been around for the last 2 years, but i think they are a great compromise between a "pointy fancy boot" and a more casual riding boot. they have a small wedge heel that gives you a little height (which i need) =)

  11. Both outfits are so elegant and sleek- love!

  12. Love that Kiwi Bird dress!

    Your description of Run reminds me of Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver. Have you read it? It's a masterpiece that's the opposite of a page turner--I actually wanted to read it slowly, to savor every word, because once you get to the end there is no more! I was introduced to her by Ms. Stevenson at CHS with Animal Dreams and I'm not sure I can ever thank her enough.

    Please keep up the book posts! They are indeed "pretty!"