Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa Arrives Early (Sale Haul and OOTDs)

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well these last few days before the holiday. Kathryn and I thought we'd report back on what happened when we encountered the Anthropologie Tag Sale (oh, it's bad - very, very bad) and hear from you what you indulged in too. Here's my list of reasons Santa is putting me on his "naughty" list...(though, as my husband glibly told Rowan the other day, "Mommy's actually hoping that Santa will bring her coal." Rowan: "What?! Seriously? Why???" Husband: "Well, specifically, she's hoping she'll get the highly compressed kind." Rowan: "Huh?" Me: "Hey--! Oh, hmmm....")

You know how I love my AG Stevie cords in the wine color and when these went on sale, I jumped at the chance to get another pair - especially since they're an extra 25% off! These pants are SO comfy, I wish I could live in them. Now that I have a couple pairs, I might actually end up doing that. I couldn't decide whether I wanted the gray or the brown more, so I brought home both, to try and figure out which I need more. And um...I think I might need them both.

I grabbed Saturday's Favorite Henley just to try on with the Stevie cords, because I was wearing a dress that day (see OOTD below) and it was so cute and comfy, I brought that home too (extra 25% off! It's killing me...).

Promises to Keep Cardigan:

I was a little horrified when 1) I saw this had gone on sale as I was hoping I'd have more time to save for it and 2) I saw it had sold out by the time I got online in the morning (one of the major drawbacks of being in Pacific Time is that the east coast Anthro shoppers get a three hour jump on you!). Fortunately, when I called Heather (Fashion Valley Anthro Personal Shopper) and asked if she could find me one, she was able to track it down for me in the store, in a small (all the extra smalls were sold out everywhere, sadly). I tried it on, and while it was a touch big in the shoulders, I decided I could make it work. I won't lie - this cardigan has a LOT of fabric in it - I was a little taken aback by how much fabric has to be scrunched under the belt - and it does create some volume around the waist, but I love the print and colors and as Heather pointed out, it's meant to look like that when you wear it. My lovely mother said she'd buy it for me as my Christmas gift, so it's getting wrapped and going under the tree.


Last week, when the first announcement of an extra 25% was made, I picked up the Mary Shirtdress as an alternative to the D'Armee Dress which is still not on sale. This cute little cotton shirtdress hasn't gotten much love on the blogs, and I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe everyone's military-ed out? It's got functioning buttons all the way down, along with two hook-and-eye closures at the waistline, to prevent pulling, and these delightfully oversized pockets, which I just love. And unlike the D'Armee, it's machine washable, which is totally a plus. Anyway, I tried on the purple and this green, and I decided on the green, because I thought it brightened me up a bit more than the darker purple. For $45, this dress is a great buy and I highly recommend. It was raining here in San Diego, so I had on my Burberry rain boots from last year (similar here and here and some less expensive but equally cute plaid rain boots here and here), which I scored on sale at Nordstrom (yay!). I know, it's a little silly to have nice rainboots when you live in a place that rains so infrequently, but I loves 'em anyhow. ^_^

TAG - you're it!

*slaps knee*

*ahem* Sorry, I couldn't resist.

It's almost Christmas, which means it's almost the end of the calendar year...which means TAG SALE TIME at Anthro and time for me to try and schedule some doctor appointments in order to maximize my benefits.

It's all about efficiency, you see.

Thing is, it's hard to do anything efficiently when your left arm is completely beat to crap from a tetanus shot (the nurse lied! He said it wouldn't hurt!) and then that same arm is subsequently bruised by a lab assistant who was unable to find a good vein from which to draw blood for tests.

Freaking ow ow OW.

Didn't stop me though:

Sawtooth Myrtle T-Straps and Pretty Yellow T-Straps from Seychelles That I Don't Know the Name of

Any of you that happen to follow me on Twitter might have seen me tweet my shoe dilemma. I had the hardest time deciding between these two pretty pairs of shoes. I'd missed out on the Anticipation heels, but I spied the Sawtooth Myrtle T-Straps and fell in love. I also loved the Seychelles heels, as they're insanely comfortable. Both of these shoes are slightly different for me; but, in the end, my budget only allowed for one pair so (after hour of deep thought) I went with the Sawtooth Myrtles because they felt more "me."

And if it ever stops raining in SoCal, maybe I'll actually get to wear them!

Speaking of the rain, it really has been raining nonstop here for about a week. A week. Here. In Southern California. Ugh. Getting dressed this past week, I couldn't help but notice that I have a shortage of outfits in my outfit arsenal that make me want to say, "Hey, you know what? This will look great when it's raining cats and dogs outside!" And by "shortage," I mean to say that I don't have
any outfits that make me want to jump for joy and say, "You GO girl!"

Anyway. this was the best I could come up with, for my OOTD. Nothing like a few sequins to glam up a rainy, rainy day:

Forever 21 Sweater
h.i.p. Sequin Camisole Tunic in Mocha (from Nordstrom, buy here)
American Eagle Skinny Jeans in Grey Destroyed (buy on sale here)
Forever 21 Necklace
Anaheim Ducks Santa Hat (available at the Team Store)
Children's Hunter Rain Boots in Light Pink with Cabled Welly Sock

I sort of wish I could've styled the Sawtooth Myrtles with this outfit, but the rain wouldn't let me. I pretty much love my light pink Hunter boots - they've saved me this past week, and I've gotten a ton of inquiries and compliments about them from random people. The sequin tunic was my poor (wo)man's version of J.Crew's Drapey Sequin Tank - ah Nordstrom, I love thee. And as for the Anaheim Ducks Santa hat...well, that one's self-explanatory. ( in, I love Christmas and I love the Ducks, therefore I have a Ducks Santa Hat.)

My Ducks were briefly featured on the latest episode of HBO's 24/7: Penguins/Capitals. They extended the Caps' losing streak to an unfortunate 7th game, and Capitals coach Bruce "F-bomb" Boudreau spelled Ryan Getzlaf's name wrong on his little whiteboard. Woo!

Seriously, if you get a chance to watch 24/7: Penguins/Capitals - do it. It's
very well-made and incredibly entertaining.

That's it from me for now. What'd the Tag Sale bring to your happy homes? Tell!


  1. the cardigan, shirt dress, and shoes are so adorable! i swear i saw you at the post office today and yes it has been raining like CRAZY ever since i got home ... i find it exciting though :)

    <3 Pandaphilia

  2. You guys got some good stuff! I love both of your rain boots! I got the Wightwick Manor Shirtdress, Cockle Shells Tights, and Raines Heels.

  3. No tag sale here, I was reading Roxy's thread last night and it sounded a nightmare for some with cancelled orders etc :(

    Kathryn - I saw the shoe pic on Twitter, how on earth did you choose btwn them?! Look forward to see the ones you did pick when the rain stops.

    Carol - your hubs makes me laugh so much, I love it when he comments on your blog too!

    I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas with your families. Best wishes x

  4. Carol, I've been loving on the Mary Shirtdress over at my bloggie! I think it's super cuteness! You look adorable in it. Oh...and by the way, I'm blaming you for my latest purchase of the Kissing Friday Dress. You looked so cute in it, I had to suddenly have it too :P LOL

  5. I love the Mary shirtdress - it's so versatile. I bought it in the store on Tuesday (along with the Striped and Peppered Skirt - yay!), and wore it all day yesterday. I love that you bought it as a replacement for the D'armee dress because that was my reasoning, too!

    I also snagged the Anticipation heels, Raines heels, another pair of heels that popped back in my wishlist, and some flats. I definitely took advantage of this sale... :)

    Merry Christmas to both of you!!!

  6. First of all, I don't even know if the tag sale has hit Canada, because I can't tell on the website. I'm having an internal debate with myself on whether I should swing by Anthro on my way to the shops today. I'm scared. But seeing all the sale items you bought has Anthro calling my name.

    You girls also have the cutest rain footwear I've ever seen. I really need to get myself a proper pair of wellies for spring.

    I've seen the Mary shirtdress in stores but have kept walking past it. I don't think I will do that again. A try on is definitely in order. It looks great on you Carol.


  7. I am a longtime lurker, and I always love coming to your blog to look at the pretty outfits and the funny stories. :)

    Carol, that Promises to Keep cardigan looks great on you! That's one that is, unfortunately, on my wishlist. Sigh.

    Kathryn, that is one cute, glam outfit! And being a Caps fan myself, I watch the 24/7 series over and over. Teehee! But congrats on that win over us, that was a bad stretch for us, whoo-ee! And yeah, "F-bomb" Boudreau indeed. Sigh.

    Happy holidays to you both! :) And stay warm and dry!

  8. Carol- Oh, I will NEVER be all military-ed out! :) Anything with epaulets and pockets is an automatic WIN for me. You look adorable in that dress! I'm fighting against buying it since I've already spent far too much money already! But it's sooo CUTE!

  9. Carol - I think it was the pockets on the Mary shirtdress that turned me away from it. My thighs and hips are big enough without adding those! but on you, it looks fantastic.

    kathryn - That is one adorable outfit! It looks warm and cozy and makes me think of fuzzy pink bunny slippers. I love it!

  10. Carol - just got more of the AG Stevies. Aren't those the greatest? I just got the jeans version and I love it!!!!

    Kathryn - I've heard about the rain in socal, but damn girl, you look so great in your pink boots! How cute is that!

  11. I never looked twice at the Mary shirtdress but now I think I might want it! Carol, I am also tiny -- are you wearing a petite size, or did the regular work for you?

  12. Carol - Loved the coal story.

    Kathryn - I have that Forever 21 sweater! I absolutely love it.

    Happy Holidays!

  13. Carol, I just bought that same sweater and I was cozy cozy cozy in it all day!
    Kathryn, yes a million times over to the sawtooth heels. You know those will be in your shoe arsenal forever!

    HOORAY for tag sale, boo for being poor after :)

    Merry Christmas!

  14. I have decided I AM going to live in the AG Stevie cords this winter. I have the wine, navy and tan.....the markdown and 25% off was more than I could bear. They fit so wonderfully and the colors are fabulous.

    I guess I am saying you should keep both pairs. After all, they're basics right? Who has enough basics? :-)

    Merry Christmas!

  15. So naughty, but oh-so-nice! Your girls crack me up. Carol, you look great in the Mary Shirtdress and burberry-esque (are they?) wellies! It's the perfect alternative to the darmee dress.
    Kathryn, i got those tstraps but in the blue colourway - i think they're called Glad Rags Tstraps? Anyway, those Sawtooth ones look fantastic that i kinda wished i had gotten those instead!
    I also got the first pick cardi on sale...and erm...something else on full price. oopsIES

  16. Now I'm wishing I would have at least TRIED on the AG Stevies...probably best I didn't. I probably would have bought them ;) I rec'd a PA on my Anticipation Heels and promptly put that $ to the Prized Rose Peeptoes. I also tracked down the Matriarch Skirt. I'm hoping it's not too poofy on my hips, but at that price I couldn't resist. It sounds like you both scored some great pieces. Carol's sweater looks so darn cozy and I love Kathryn's choice in shoes!

  17. Carol - great finds at Anthro!! i love the cardigan and can't wait to see more of it on your OOTD posts!

    Kathryn - i love the sequined top under the sweater and the touches of pink look so flirty!

  18. great blog!!! quick question, do the AG stevies fit TTS? do they shrink after wash? thanks for the help!

  19. @Angie - Oh, I was actually at the post office that day - maybe you DID see me, hahaha! How funny!

    @Bonnie - oooh, good picks! I liked the Wightwick Manor shirtdress especially. =)

    @Louise - thanks! I hope you had a great Christmas too!

    @Kay - yay for the Mary Shirtdress! And oh, the Kissing Friday! I wish I could have picked that one up too. Drat budgets!

    @Meg - yay for the Mary Shirtdress (again)! And oooh, I'm swoon at your shoes!

    @SweetLaundry - oh, you should definitely try it! Happy holidays!

    @Drewablank - Thank you! So glad you came out of lurkdom to comment. =)

    @prettyinpdxstyle - Thank you! You try it?...

    @Ady - awww, thanks!

    @Cindi - they ARE the greatest - I love 'em. And when/if the jean versions ever go on sale, they will be mine!

    @Asta - I have on the regular size 0. It's a touch long but fits okay everywhere else. I haven't washed it yet, and as it's 100% cotton, so I expect it might shrink. Hope that helps!

    @Fei-Fei - thanks! Happy holidays!

    @MissNovemberStudio - yay for the cardi! It IS cozy! I love it. And yes, BOO for being poor after the tag sale... =(

    @Bronzi - I swear, between my AG Stevies and Angelinas, I have to remind myself to wear my skirts and dresses! Hahaha, they're so comfy and cute.

    @Vintageglammz - thanks! Can't wait to see what the oops-full-price purchase was! =)

    @Pamela - You should have tried them on! They're so great. Yay for PAs and new shoes! Hope the Matriarch skirt works out. =)

    @kileen - thanks!

    @Anonymous - the AG Stevies do fit tts. They're a stretch corduroy, so they have a bit of give. They shrank a little, but it was length-shrinkage, not width shrinkage (as mentioned, the stretch allows some give and comfort). They're terrific - I highly recommend!

  20. Oh my -- I am loving the Sawtooth Myrtles. And Kathryn's kid-sized Hunters are too cute. Who couldn't adore fuzzy pink rainboots???

    Carol, the Mary Shirtdress does look fantastic. It definitely deserves some more blog-loving!

    I was able to score the Pebbled and Primped Boots, Stilled Night Dress, Easy Keeper Dress, and the Shifting Buttons Skirt -- the last of which was only $7.50!