Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Your Movie-Inspired Outfits! (Netflix Contest Entries)

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! Here are the contestants for the Movie-Inspired Outfits Contest. First, Kathryn and I want to say that we were SO impressed by these stylings. You are all so amazing. Secondly, we noticed that when you think about stylish women in film, Audrey Hepburn's iconic style seems to figure not only prominently in your minds, but also prominently in your closets. ^_- 

Now, this is how we're going to choose the winner. I have sorted the submissions below, and named them. Take a careful look at the entries and decide which is your favorite. Then, at the bottom of the post, there's a poll for you to vote on who the winner should be.  The poll will close at the end of tomorrow, so don't forget to cast your vote for your favorite fellow-reader's movie-inspired outfit.  The winner will receive a nearly-full year subscription (*sigh, Mom and Dad*) for Netflix. Here we go!

Entry 1: Breakfast At Tiffany's/Anthro

Here's Vikki's Audrey-inspired outfit, which she so aptly titled, "Breakfast at Anthro" (I think you readers will recognize the bag she's holding in her photo, hm?) She's wearing the "Audrey Mini Dress" (perfectly named!) from Trashy Diva.

Entry 2: Charade/Gossip Girl

This is Jessica W's outfit, inspired by both Audrey Hepburn's character, Reggie, in Charade, as well as Blair Waldorf's character in Gossip Girl (and since you can rent TV season DVDs at Netflix too, we'll count that). Her cloche hat and gloves are recent purchases from Anthro (love that feather detail on the hat!)

Entry 3: Love Actually, Outfit 1

Manda was so inspired by the style of Natalie's character in Love Actually, she submitted three outfits, all of which are just adorable! Here's the first of them:

Entry 4: Love Actually, Outfit 2

Entry 5: Love Actually, Outfit 3

Entry 6: Funny Face

Here is Jamie's Funny-Face-inspired outfit, balloons and all! Jamie is wearing the Anthropologie In a Twinkling Dress, Urban Outfitters Cloche, a black cap-sleeved swing coat (thrifted), and Lilly Pullitzer flats.

Here is a link to Jamie's blog: Thrifty Threads

Entry 7: Troop Beverly Hills

This is Jess's (of Consume or Consumed) take on Shelly Long's fabulous Scout Leader-style, which she translated wonderfully with this Marc Jacobs dress from a past season.

Our last entry isn't really an entry, as Shira already has Netflix, but she wanted to share her movie-inspired, "outfit" (that she happened to wear on a holiday called Halloween) and it's so great that we had to post it along with the others. Here's Shira as Zoe from Firefly:

Thanks to all the ladies who submitted! And thanks to everyone else for voting!


  1. I love, love, love Jess's outfit! I forgot all about that movie!

  2. Wow, this is just awesome! What a creative contest, and I LOVE how it ties in with the prize, too!

  3. Troop Beverly Hills is one of my favourite movies!


  4. These outfits are all so beautifully executed. I'm impressed :)

  5. I'm so excited to be a finalist! Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful contest, ladies, and good luck to everyone!

  6. So fun! I love seeing the recreated outfits!

  7. Love this contest! Such a great idea!

  8. Love this post. Such great, fun ideas ladies! oh that IS indeed Jamie of thrifty threads! that is a great shot with the balloons!

  9. Thank you so much for including me in the fray, Carol and Kathryn!!!

    Thanks Tien!! So glad other folks remember Troop Beverly Hills. It was such a fun silly movie and a favorite from my childhood.

  10. aw thanks Carol and Kathryn for letting me be part of this! I have never won anything, & I got layed off from my job here in No Cal, so free movies would be so lovely right now...*sigh*
    All the ladies here look so lovely!

  11. the winner asked everyone on Fashionism Board to vote for her. #1 should have won :)

  12. I thought campaigning was allowed. I also posted it on my own blog, etc. Was that not permitted? Vikki looks amazing! All the entrants do!

  13. Hi everyone! Just to clarify, there were no rules against campaigning for votes, and generally, this seems to be a fairly common practice in these online contests. Thanks for your concerns. Look for an announcement post soon! =)

  14. I thought campaigning was allowed. I also posted it on my own blog, etc. Was that not permitted? Vikki looks amazing! All the entrants do!

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