Friday, January 14, 2011

Girly Camo (OOTD)

This morning, when I came downstairs after getting dressed, my husband greeted me with, "Hey, Camo-Lady." I thought maybe I'd heard a garbled version of, "Hey, Carol-Lady," but wasn't sure, so I responded with the best of all clarifying questions: "Huh?"

"Your shirt," he explained. "It looks like girly-camo."

Yep. Girly-camo. So, what's the verdict? Do I fade into my surroundings?

 Top: Bianka Blouse, green, Anthropologie (similar here)
Jeans: AG Angelina Petite Bootcut Jeans (available here and here)
Boots: Apepazza Martin Wedge Boots (similar here and here and here)
Watch: Michael Kors Clear Acryclic Glitz Watch

Haha, you know, looking at these photos, I think, yes, actually - I do! At least, my top half. It was warm today (mid-70s) and gusty, so my hair's a bit of a mess. These are actually the best of the bunch, believe it ot not. Sorry about that!

The necklace I'm wearing was a Christmas gift from my husband. It has a funny story, because he ordered it for me and apparently worried and worried that I wouldn't like it. You see, last Christmas, he gave me...well, he gave me an alarm clock. It was a very nice alarm clock - sleek design, blue backlight that I could adjust to my preferred brightness, CD player, radio. It was also a very thoughtful gift, because the alarm clock I had prior was super old, and had quite literally been the cheapest one in the store, the day I went in to get one.

Anyway, I liked my alarm clock gift very much, but you can imagine the teasing he received, every time someone asked me, "So, what did you get from Lawrence?" and I replied, "An alarm clock." And apparently, he got it into his head that I didn't like the said alarm clock (which is incorrect - I do! I really do! I use it every day) and then worried I wouldn't like the gift he got me this year either. In fact, he was so worried, he gave me the gift early, so that if I didn't like it, he would have time to try and find me something else.

Isn't he the sweetest? 

Anyway, he needn't have worried, because I love this Judith Jack necklace - it's so pretty! AND, it's convertible! The loop on the pendant is hinged and opens up, so that the double chain can be unlooped and become a longer single chain. 

So, any special plans for the three-day weekend?


  1. What's this, you guys in America have a long weekend??! Ok, i'm jealous.
    Your husband is the sweetest and very thoughtful. The necklace is lovely and love how it can also be worn two ways.
    And oh yes, your top half does look a little camo in front of the greenery. Nonetheless, it's still very girlie and pretty!

  2. lol, your hubby is so funny. the top is kinda girly camo i guess, but i love it! and the necklace is indeed gorgeous. a very nice gift indeed!

    cute and little

  3. Hahaha, great story, and guess what! I *almost* got my husband an alarm clock this year for Xmas! Our Bose alarm clock bit the dust earlier last year, and since then we've been using an awful $10 Target cheapie until we could make time to get another Bose. Of course, now they have all the bells and whistles (they're wirelesss! they can play songs off your computer wirelessly! and off your ipod too! and it makes coffee! and donuts! and little ninjas pop out and karate chop you in the face if you hit the snooze button more than 3 times!) and I couldn't make up my MIND, so that little idea kind of fell through.


    But the necklace is verrrrry pretty, and works perfectly with that top.

  4. That necklace! It's so pretty.

    The pattern on your blouse is really pretty. I guess our version of camo WOULD be in pretty, soft, floral like patterns :)

  5. My husband refuses to buy me jewelry anymore because I always end up having him return what he gets me. I hate doing it, but I feel like if he's going to spend that much money on me, then I should really love it. I'm just too picky I guess :/

  6. Gotta love San Diego! Im here too and plan on taking a long hike with the Hubby and my 15 month old (obviously she doesnt hike) she gets to hitch a ride on my back, its like carrying a 23 pound weight, burns more calories :) Have a good weekend!

  7. This is such a fun story. My dad regularly buys my mom household items and she LOVES it. She's very proud of her pancake griddle, waffle maker, and new, lightweight vacuum. But his coworkers all think he's cheap or insensitive.

    And the Bianka blouse does look a little like girlie camo. What a great description! I am sort of kicking myself now for now getting it...but must remind myself about New Year's resolutions...Shop the closet, Jamie, shop the closet...

  8. I'm jealous of the warm weather you're having!!

  9. Your hubby really is way too cute - I love that he really wanted to get you something you would cherish! The necklace is beautiful. I love the Bianka on you!

  10. Cute - an alarm clock.... :) love it. Your Bianka blouse is adorable! Love it styled so simply.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. What a sweet hubby you have! How cute that he was so concerned. The necklace is gorgeous (and the alarm clock sounds good too)!

  12. I'm so jealous that it's warm enough for you to wear short sleeves in January. I'm still in my sweaters and heavy coat here on the East Coast.

  13. I really love your blouse. It's so pretty. And I like the easy way you styled it. I miss San Diego's weather. You're so lucky to enjoy it.