Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Object(s) of My Obsession (Wishlist & OOTD)

Hi everyone, and happy weekend to you all! I hope you're all doing well. My family spent Saturday in the Orange County/Los Angeles area. Lawrence and Rowan headed out to the Fitness Expo in Los Angeles, where they bought a Gracie JiuJitsu t-shirt for Rowan (more on that in an upcoming post), watched the body-builder spokesmodel competition (think swimsuit pageant, only with guys in speedos, flexing their muscles, followed by a question-and-answer session), and won a football from the Marines recruiters, by doing 16 chin-ups (that was Lawrence, not Rowan, who did the chin-ups. And apparently, doing 16 actually qualified Lawrence to win a t-shirt, but Rowan wanted the football, so Lawrence traded down for that prize instead). 

Kate and I, on the other hand, went to Fashion Island, with my mother, in order to help her choose some shoes and a handbag for herself (she claims that she's become indecisive with age). We had a great time, and I had another pleasant outing at the mall, without buying anything! It helped that I was helping my mom pick out stuff - I got all the fun of shopping without having to do the spending. And, my mom was really happy with what I helped her find, which left me with a pleasant glow - especially since both items were things she didn't think of, until I made her try them. Yay!

Of course, all this helping-others business didn't prevent me from seeing and falling rather impulsively in love with something:

Oh, I really really really really like this handbag! I need a new handbag like I need another anything in my closet, but love knows no boundaries people! Love needs no reasons! The moment my eyes alighted on the delicious chocolate brown color (and it is! It's the same brown as a really wonderful bar of dark chocolate), I was instantly smitten. The bag is textured with a really great cross-hatch pattern, and along with the gold hardware accents, it has a wonderful '70s feel that I just can't resist. Well, at least, for long. I'm already scheming to find a way to buy this bag. Maybe I'll hold a blog sale and use the proceeds towards this? Do shopping bans preclude any and all purchases, even those made with unexpected sources of income (such as the profits from a sale of some of your own possessions)? 

I don't know, but I think maybe it does. After all, a shopping ban is a shopping ban. And buying this bag would definitely be shopping, no matter where the money comes from, right? ...Right. 

*Long pause*

(Did anyone else think of Joey from Friends just now?)

Yes, well, it's on The List. You know, The List of Things-I'm-Dying-to-Buy-Once-This-Exercise-in-Something-Good-For-Me-(because it sucks, and most things that suck are inevitably good for you, somehow - like eating fiber and going to the dentist)-Has-Come-to-Its-Long-Awaited-End.

Other things currently residing on this list?

3. Brushed Spot Print Wrap, Ann Taylor Loft
4. Gull Wing Dress, Anthro
5. Sun Shades Dress, Anthro
8. Natalie One-Piece (in the polka dot print), Anthro

Sweater: Konnichiwa Sweater, Anthropologie (similar here and here)
Dress: Printed Elastic-Waist Dress, Zara (similar here and here)
Tights: Diamond-patterned Fashion Hosiery, Nordstrom (similar here and here)
Shoes: Booties, Pink Studio (similar here and here)
Necklace: Multi-chain necklace, American Eagle (similar here and here)
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs The Weavy T Shifty Satchel (borrowed from the store display, because a girl can dream!)

Oh, and off-hand, my mom ended up buying the Pikolinos "Ginebra" Mary Jane Pumps, which were not only very cute, but really-super-comfortable. I want the gray ones. You know. When all this is over.


  1. That bag is lovely! ....and it looks great with your OOTD. =)

  2. You're doing so good with your ban! I love that bag you're lusting's amazing! The texture and color are so perfect. You always look so lovely and put together...that sweater is very cute in you! Glad you had a fun shopping day with your mom...girls days are always the best!

  3. That bag is perfect for you on the go mommy lifestyle. For what it's worth, I think it's totally reasonable to hold a blog sale to raise funds for the bag. Technically, you're not adding. And you're doing yourself a service by getting rid of a bunch of stuff for one other thing. More closet space!

  4. It's a cute bag.

    Yknow... Gifts are considered okay during shopping bans. Is your birthday coming up? Maybe request it as a gift?

  5. A blog sale?! I am fully behind that, not only for bag-raising-funds, but hello, we are the same size so there are selfish motives involved ;) The bag is gorgeous, and I had to click on over to Nordstrom where I promptly fell in love with a pair of shoes in the may we also recommend column - blast!

  6. Blog Sale is totally ok to raise funds! DO IT! ;)

  7. Hold a blog sale and I will lift my shopping ban to help you out. It's for a cause, obviously. Like Jan, I, too have selfish motives ;-)

  8. I feel horrible saying this, as I am not on a shopping hiatus...but, ask your husband. I bet once again, he says, would you be shopping? Then yes, it's breaking your ban. (My husband is also too darn level-headed for my own good, too.) Gorgeous OOTD, by the way!!!

  9. you're doing so well on your ban!! i love that bag on you as well and it looks really lovely with your current oufit. and how awesome that you picked out some new items for your mom!

    cute and little

  10. What a gorgeous MBMJ bag Carol! I want one too! It's Ok to raise funds for the bag via a blog sale, no worries. But then, if you want to really make sure you are sticking to your ban, you could get the bag after the ban...surely it will still be around in April?

  11. Hi Carol!

    This bag is pretty sweet. If you want my opinion, I think holding a blog sale is a good way to purge some items and buy something new. I really like your outfit...the booties are super cute. AND, The Fighter was SUCH a good movie. Christian Bale is phenomenal. I'm interested to hear what you thought about The King's Speech...that's next on my list!

  12. I have the Natalie one piece in the polka dot print. It's cute with a very flattering fit. If I get brave, I might do a review :) Totally behind the blog sale to raise funds :) I'm a little self-interested since we wear similar sizes!

  13. It's a goooorgeous bag, but stay strong! You can do it - and if it's still around when the ban is over, then it's meant to be. :)

    (I also always find that if I walk away from something and spend a few weeks thinking about it, I no longer want said item.)

    (Even if prior to that I was COMPLEEEETELY convinced that not only did I NEED the item, but the world would stop twirling on its axis and explode if I did not buy it.)

    (It's a funny, funny little phenomenon, feh!)

  14. My prediction is that by April you will no longer want all the things on that list. :) And the bag is nice but I like your other bags more.