Thursday, January 13, 2011

On a Gray Day (OOTD)

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a great Thursday. I've really been enjoying reading all your fun and memorable shoe stories! If you haven't yet, go check out the Shoe-La-La and giveaway. The entry period closes on January 18th. 

Sweater: Cashmere Cardigan (similar here, here, and here)
Dress: H&M bird print dress (similar here and here and here)
Tights: Hue opaque tights (similar here and here)
Boots: Apepazza Martin (similar here and here and here)
Belt: Acquainted Bands belt, Anthropologie (similar here and here)
Necklace: Zodiac Heirloom necklace, Anthropologie (sold out online, still available in stores)

I love this little bird dress from H&M. I bought it a few months back, thinking I was being thrifty, by shopping at H&M instead of Anthro. I suppose, to some degree, I was (harm reduction?). But really, shopping is shopping, isn't it? Speaking of shopping, I have to be totally honest - I've been daydreaming about the Pom Flower Shift with alarming frequency. It's really rather distressing. There are 79 more days until April. 

Possibly the 79 longest days of my life, and that's saying a lot since I've been pregnant twice (third trimester - ugh). Are there any dresses or other pretty things you're daydreaming about?


  1. I am dreaming of the same dress...I love it. I too am on a shopping ban and each day it's getting a little harder :-(

  2. I was dreaming of the same dress, and I bought!
    Sorry, I am probably not helping your shopping ban.

  3. The Juerga Gathering Skirt is on my mind all the time. Especially now that it is on sale! I am not on a shopping ban, but I am decreasing my spending allowance and putting more in savings, so I have not splurged on it yet.

  4. Carol, this is such a lovely, lovely combo. I live in dress, cardigan (preferably cashmere), tights, and boots! Plus, the colors are beautiful.

    Stay strong on your shopping ban! I'm trying to save up my pennies for new camera gear, so I'm resisting the urge to splurge as well.

  5. This outfit is fantastic Carol! So casual and laid back but still pretty and interesting. Love the brown and gray accents on this dress (which by the way I tried to hunt down at both my local H&Ms after seeing you review it the first time, sadly to no avail -- ah well! I'll live vicariously through you!).

    Good luck staying strong on the shopping ban! It's tough business for sure. Even the "shop light" thing I'm trying to do is a little painful to be honest ;) But then I check my bank balance and always get a little high when I calculate how much extra I'm actually saving for once, which helps dull the shopping pangs...

  6. I want this outfit. I absolutely want it. I know I say that a lot about a lot of your outfits (because it's true) but I WANT this one. It's so... relaxed, feminine, yet alternative in a way. Which I adore! And bird print? LOVE.

    Good luck on your shopping ban! I believe in you! I agree with Anjali -- maybe you can check your bank balance once in a while to reassure yourself with how much you're saving!

  7. Carol, even on a gray day, you make me all smiley and sunshiny inside! You're just so cute! And now I'm on the prowl for that delicious Michael Kors clear watch...SIGH*

  8. Adorable outfit. I want a dress like that. :)

  9. Isn't this H&M bird print dress the bomb diggity? Sorry, I've been watching too much Bev Hills 90210, as you know. I love how you've styled this dress. Next time I wear it I'm going to throw a grey cardigan over top. And duh, I never thought to replace the fabric belt with a cute one. Thank goodness I have you and your blog to point me in the right direction :)

  10. This outfit looks so effortless and easy yet completely appealing to the eye. Heck i love it!
    Shopping bans are never easy, but picture yourself at the end of it with all that money saved. I'm daydreaming about the Peggy Sue (STILL!), the Sun Shades, Sing Sweetly and the Take Action dresses. I haven't bought anything since from Anthro October last year, so i'd say my time is coming up....

  11. OMG I bought wore that dress today too!!

  12. oh i know exactly how it feels like to be dreaming of clothes. i do it all the time! oh why won't things just go on sale more often?!! :)

    i love this dress on you though. it was definitely a great H&M buy. you did save yourself some anthro money. :)

    cute and little

  13. You're killing me with those boots! I love the whole entire outfit. Like Tien, I'm also restricting myself from buying clothes because I'm saving up for camera gear. There's just too many lenses (and flashes and new camera bodies) I want! Ugh.

  14. I'm dying for the AG Farrahs and the brown and tan 50's style dress with the amazing back detail...aaahhhhhh! My $50 budget sucks. I have to continue though. I'm hoping eventually they will go way on sale and I'll get lucky and find a pair supercheap...probably around November, haha!

    At least your ban ends in April, mine has just begun!


  15. I don't think I've ever posted here, but I love your blog and style, and I really sympathize with your temporary shopping ban. I'm also on a low-shopping diet, granted I'll allow myself to pick up a little something in February. BTW my husband has the exact same approach to, ehem, influencing my shopping - "I know you will do the right thing", and he really believes it. It's a nice place to be at, really.

    I'm sure you'll get the Pom Flower Shift when you're ready for it - tracking down even seemingly sold out items usually works! As for me, I'm dreaming of Softly Structured dress in blue which just sold out in my size on-line... I'm hoping that come February I will find it somewhere!

    Anyway, thanks for a great blog!

  16. This styling is adorable! I love the dress... must find.

    Girls Day Out