Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Breaking of (OOTD)

Hi everyone! Hope your Thursday is going well. So, as you may have noticed, I came clean about my Breaking-of-the-Shopping-Ban.

Yep. I did it. I broke it. Tuesday night found me at Fashion Valley's Anthropologie store buying something that I'd called and put on hold, earlier in the day. The Sweet Cables Pullover is an item that I'd tried on back in December, and really liked. But at the time, with holiday expenses looming over me, I held off and decided to wait for sale.

Then I put myself on a shopping ban.

I have to say, all day, I agonized over whether I should get the sweater and break my ban. I feel like I've been doing so well on it, putting off the purchase of the Pom Flower Shift and Gull Wing Dress and Brushed Spot Print Wrap Dress from Loft. And I knew that so many of you were rooting for me, and was hard! It was surprisingly hard to break the ban! But I decided that I'd at least go to the store and decide after I'd looked at it and tried it on again. After all, it was entirely possible that it would not live up to my memory of it, and then I wouldn't be regretting it for months and months afterwards (I'm talking about you, Choreographed Dress, in a size 2).

Mm...yes...that didn't work so well.

I really love this sweater. The short sleeves make it a terrific layering piece, which is key for any SoCal wardrobe. It's got an uncommon cut (cropped in the front and back with longer pieces at the sides) that gives it some interest, and it's a great neutral color. Also, it's really cozy. I put that to the test today, since it was raining here and a little on the cooler side. This sweater, paired with the AG Stevie Cords and layered over the Shine-Through Button-Up made for a fun, casual, and super comfortable outfit.

*happy sigh*

(Rainy day = indoor shots of the OOTD)

Sweater: Sweet Cables Pullover, Anthropologie (here and still in stores. Similar here and here)
Shirt: Shine Through Button-Up (similar here and here)
Pants: AG Stevie Cords (similar here and here)
Boots: Apeppazza "Martin" Boots (similar here and here)

I am, for the time being, back on the Shopping Ban. But just a heads up, there are two upcoming events that may cause me to break it again, these being: 1) the March 13th Target Go Int'l Dress event and 2) the Pom Flower Shift going on sale. I don't imagine the Pom Flower Shift is going to go on sale anytime soon, so I think I'm safe on that count, at least for the next few weeks. But that Target promotion...oh, I don't know how I'm going to resist that!

Oh, okay, make that three events. Next week, I'm attending the Future:Standard trunk show, here in San Diego. If you appreciate the idea of ethical fashion (eco-friendly, fair trade, locally made, etc), you may want to come check this out. Registration is free and there will be refreshments, so if you're local, mark your calendars for next Thursday, Feb. 24th, and say hi if you spot me there. I'll be the one trying to convince myself that I really don't need this d a c e Kava dress (oh just kill me now).

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh no!!!! Okay, relapse is built into every recovery plan. The important thing is that you got back on the proverbial wagon. Now, just make a list to identify your "red flag" situations-AKA sales-and how you will come up with creative solutions to avoid the temptation. I'm with ya on the Target Dress event though, I'll be at my store when the doors open that day!!! Sorry, I'm the person someone in recovery should avoid ;-)

    The sweater is soooooo cute!!!!! I love it on you!!!

  2. hehehe.. now that you have broken your shopping ban, does that mean you are no longer on a shopping ban? Nevermind, the sweater is so adorable and would be perfect for layering and transeasonal wear. You're so cute Carol :-)

  3. Hehe, it happens 2 me all the time carol. If I decide no more Anthro, then bloomingdales or another store have a sale which I can't resist! The longest time that I didn't buy something lasted only 2 weeks! U should b proud of urself cus u can go back n ban urself again. It always helps 2 save so it's a good practice.

  4. I think you should definitely celebrate how long the shopping ban lasted while maintaining your blog and being accustomed to shopping often. It definitely is hard to stop completely and you did a great job. The whole experience teaches a valuable lesson but also demonstrates that there will be something that you'll really want, and that's okay, because you've thought about it long and hard!

  5. What an adorable sweater to break your ban over! I love how you layered it and it really looks like a versatile addition to your wardrobe. I fully support this slip-up! I also put myself on a shopping ban, but it's so hard to commit, because I start looking at makeup, fancy shampoos, clothes for my daughter, etc etc....

  6. I think you had great resolve to hold out this long on the shopping ban! It seems like it made you really appreciate picking up this sweater, so that perhaps can help ward off the little guilt-wiggles that might come up :)

  7. SUCH a cool sweater and I love this look!
    Good job keeping the ban for as long as you did!!
    Amber's Notebook

  8. This sweater is so cute on you. As long as you don't rebound into buying more stuff like I did, you should call your shopping ban a great success.

  9. Haha, it's okay Carol, the sweater looks great on you and you can just change the name of your Shopping Ban to Shopping Restraint. You restrained yourself and only bought one thing. Bravo! :-)

  10. The sweater was worth breaking the ban for, I love how you layered it. Be sure to enter my $50 GC Anthro give a way. You may win and you won't have to break you ban again. LOL!!!

  11. this is a beautiful sweater and i think you're still doing great in your shopping ban if you've only bought one thing. i love the way you're layering it and it does seem so super comfortable!

    cute and little

  12. It looks darling on you, and the regret you would have experienced had you missed this completely would haunt your dreams. P.S. I meant to comment a while back that I totally dig your new glasses. And, I may not be able to resist buying the Pom Flower Shift either. The stock in my size is dwindling....

  13. Carol you are so cute no one is surprised that you would break the ban for that sweater! I never looked twice at it, but you rock it. It's alright, you've done so well on the ban and that has been encouraging to me.

  14. It certainly sounds as though you thought long and hard about this purchase, and I agree that it was a well-warranted exception to the ban. I need to do a bit of 'fessing up on my blog. I'm supposed to limit my shopping to just one new article of clothing and one pair of shoes per month. Except in February, I got not two, not three, but FOUR new pairs of shoes. Two of them were free with giftcards and I'm considering returning the other...but still...

  15. Oh, and I forgot to mention, when I saw your post from last Tuesday, with the Dog Trot cardigna, I let out an audible squeal because it was so cute. I recreated a similar look and am hoping to post it tomorrow : )

  16. Haha it's like a diet. It won't be any fun unless you indulge yourself once in awhile. And indulge you sure did because you look delish! What a great purchase!

  17. Carol, the ban helped remind you to hold out for items that make you look and feel great! That right there made it worth it. I know for me my struggle is that I shop just to get something new so this is a great reminder to hold out for those to die for sweaters (great choice) or the kava dress (ive been drooling since we got the shipment). Cant wait to see and meet you Thursday!
    xoxo, Kassandra from F:S