Friday, February 18, 2011

I Am the Son and Heir, of Nothing in Particular (OOTD)

Hello readers, and Happy Friday!

I hope you're all doing well! As for me, I didn't think Friday was ever going to get here.

I love it when I put my iPod on shuffle and it finds an old song. And we're talking old-old. An oldie, but a goodie. And so I decided to use some of the lyrics for the title of this post, even though they really have nothing to do with my outfit.

Though I am human. And I need to be loved. Just like everybody else does.

And who couldn't identify with that?

Anyway, the funny thing about my outfit is...I pretty much borrowed stole this look from my friend Debbie, of Possess and Obsess. Debbie is a good friend of mine and I absolutely love her style. She's always coming up with the most amazing and creative stylings, so it was really just a matter of time before I wore a Debbie-inspired look.

Before getting dressed in the morning, I'd told my husband I was going to look very "Debbie-tastic." And when I finished getting dressed, he let out a huge, "WHOA. Uh...hi Debbie!" can see why, here.

So, just call me "Debs."

And uh, yes. I am sitting in a tree.

Sweater: Blooming Lattice Cardigan (Spring 2010)
Shirt: Arid Season Button-Up (Spring 2010, high class option here)
Skirt: Field Skirt (Fall/Winter 2010, still in stores, similar here)
Tights: Berry Bush Tights (Winter 2009, similar-ish here)
Oh, Hello Friend Pocketwatch Necklace (currently sold out online, but shop her site here)
Oh, Hello Friend Belt (not available online, but message her for info)
Not shown in photo: Tory Burch Reva Flats (buy here)
Hard-to-see in photo: My Melody "50th Anniversary" watch, from McDonald's

I walked over to a local park to snap my OOTD photo, and for some reason I decided it'd be fun to try and climb a tree for the photo. I have no idea why. That's just how my brain works, sometimes. It's amazing to me that I poked a hole in these tights with my fingernail the VERY first time I put them on (luckily the hole isn't overly obvious, so I still wear them), but I was able to climb a tree and the tights didn't get any holes in them when they snagged on the branches. So weird how that happens.

Conversation between Husband and me, afterward:

Me: "Oh my gosh, I had the hardest time climbing a tree earlier!"

Husband: "Why, how high was the tree?"

Friend, upon overhearing this conversation: "Um...I love that it didn't phase him that you were wearing that outfit and climbing a tree and he didn't ask why..."

Yep. That's just how we roll.

As always, thanks for reading! And the first person who names the song and the artist wins a prize. Seriously.

Have a great Friday!

(p.s. I plan on downloading the new Radiohead album today. SO excited!!!)


  1. How soon is now? by the Smiths! Yay, British alt rock bands, hehe

  2. I am wearing the same skirt today. Great minds? :)

  3. adorable!! I love the outfit! Good to see you Kathryn!
    Amber's Notebook

  4. I am wearing that skirt, in navy as well! I love your outfit, and sympathize with the strange way tights work.

  5. I love this outfit and your cute pic in the tree! I miss seeing your outfits, so it's nice to have you back! I also love the convo between you and the husband!

  6. You know for the longest time I thought Morissey was saying "I am the sun and air." I am kind of freaked out now...hahaha....

  7. @Anonymous - Hahaha, I TOTALLY did too. Though, I was disabused of this notion about 12 years ago. ^_-

  8. @Lindar - lol, you win! Feel free to message me for your little prize. =) (though now I am more than slightly scared I'm going to be sending this to Bolivia or something...)

    @Ady - Obviously great minds. ;)

    @Amber - Thank you so much! You make me smile, Amber! =D

    @Steph - See? Great minds wear the same skirt. Wassup, Field Skirt?! And yeah - I just wish I'd bought 2 or 3 pairs of these tights when I had the chance...

    @Kim - Thanks Kim! You're so sweet! I'm trying to incorporate something I read from Maria a couple of weeks ago and attempting to take outfit photos at work. It's kind of challenging, but at least I can try to catalog my outfits again!

    @Anon at 11:09 - LOL, that's totally understandable! And don't worry - I remember as a kid I thought Irene Cara was singing, "Take your pants off and make it happen" when she was really singing, "Take your passion and make it happen!" in that Flashdance song.

    And now I suddenly feel the urge to listen to "What A Feeling" haha...

  9. depeche mode, the smiths, radiohead...kathryn, your excellent taste in music is only exceeded by your excellent fashion sense! good stuff!

    and anon@11.09--i totally thought the same! i guess i never bothered to read the lyrics in the cd booklet!

  10. Lol! Really cute photo kathryn! Ur 2 brave cus I don't think I can climb trees while I'm wearin skirts... :b

  11. Yay, The Smiths!
    You look so cute on the tree branch Kathryn. I don't know how you managed to climb it without getting a hole in your stocking - takes skill to do that!
    I prefer Radiohead in their Creep and Fake Plastic Trees there's just too much electronica IMO. Ah..i guess they gotta keep up with the times!

  12. what a cute outfit and i love the watch! and it's cute how your husband isn't phased at all by you climbing trees. you guys sound like such a cute couple!

    cute and little