Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kathryn W. Suffering From Flu, Listed as Day-toDay

In Pursuit of Pretty Things co-blogger Kathryn W. is suffering from lightheadedness and flu-like symptoms. She is currently listed as day-to-day, and could be scheduled to resume regular OOTDs soon.

Her status remains a game time decision.

While Kathryn has not blogged many OOTDs this season, she is known for her endless wishlist of dresses and shoes. However, her interests also extend to tops, and her most recent purchase prior to illness was this handmade hoodie from Matrushka Construction:

Kathryn (picture taken prior to onset of flu-like symptoms)

This had been a long wished-for item for Ms. Kathryn, as she had seen this style for months on the Matrushka website and in the store :

(Note: as shown in the previous photo, the hoodie acquired by Ms. Kathryn is actually charcoal grey fleece with a red contrast lining.)

The hoodie has yet to comment on its new owner.

Last weekend (prior to the onset of flu-like symptoms), Ms. Kathryn completed a dessert display for a friend's 18th birthday, featuring Anaheim Duck-themed cupcakes and chocolate-covered Oreo cookies made to look like hockey pucks:

It was reported that the recipient of the birthday display was extremely pleased, and images of the display made their way around the Twitterverse.

In preparation for her own birthday next month, the Pretty Things blogger may make a bold move to add to her footwear depth. One of the choices rumored to be in the running are this pair of light pink leather pumps by Ivanka Trump:

Ivanka Trump shoes are a much lusted-for item for the Pretty Things blogger since the collection debuted in December of 2010. Also high on the list for Ms. Kathryn are the Asteria:

Shoes & Boots by Donald Trump at ShopStyle

For now, the blogger looks forward to wearing something other than pajamas once the flu virus passes through her system. All donations of Kleenex and chicken soup are greatly appreciated.

(...apologies for the cheesy post, darling readers. This flu has me all loopy! Thanks for putting up with my silly sense of humor, though!)


  1. Hilarious! And the dessert display looks fantastic.
    Feel better soon!

  2. Love your blog and just added you to my blog roll. I love this post, so funny. Feel well soon.

  3. those cupcakes look amazing!

    feel better soon

  4. You are one awesome, talented goofball!

  5. I know you Ms. Kathryn must be sick cuz she's missing vendor fair!!!! Get better soon! (That's an order!)

    Ps. I still love the jacket!!! And if you can only get one pair of shoes, may I suggest the pink pumps because they look more comfy but you'll have to try them both out ;) Also Asterias vaguely resemble the other open-toed shoes you have with da sparkles.

  6. OMG! Feel better soon! This post was cheesy but CUTE and it brought a smile my face as I was reading it! Love the hoodie! WANT!

  7. Why not go the Al Michaels route and just be out 'with a head' or 'with a nose'? :) I'm enjoying your hockey tweets. (Go Avs!)

  8. that hoodie? is AMAZING! feel better sooooon!

  9. Oh, I want to curl up in that hoodie right now - minus the flu like symptoms, though ;) Hope you are feeling tons better ASAP. I am super impressed with your cupcakes, and the fact that you have friends who are a mere 18 years old.

  10. OMG that dessert display is so awesome. I am drooling for some dessert now.

  11. I liked the cheesy cute post (& that awesome hoodie). Feel better soon!

  12. Hoodie-i want one
    dessert display-drool worthy
    post-cute and funny, just like you!!

    Take care and get better soon!

  13. Ooh, kathryn....I'm so sorry you've been struck by the plague. That's what I'm calling it anyway. It stuck around my house and passed from person to person for two whole weeks. Wiped us out. Total and complete Yuck. On the upside, your cupcakes/cookies are super cool. Those shoes are hot. HOpe you get them. Feel better soon!

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