Thursday, March 31, 2011

Target Twinsies (OOTDs)

Hello and Happy Thursday, Everybody!



...yeah, I don't really know what else to say, as not much has really happened yesterday. Well, except that my Ducks beat the Flames yesterday in Calgary, improving their chances of making the playoffs. So luckily, I'm a generally happy Kathryn today instead of a morose Kathryn.

I've probably mentioned this before, but it's a little embarrassing to admit that many of my days are either made or ruined based on how the Ducks play.


In a happy coinky-dink, Carol and both happened to throw on a couple of Target GO International dresses as our outfits-of-the-day. We didn't even plan it or anything! It's like we have ESPN, or something. We're just cool like that, obviously. ^_-

I still say that I like this little Rodarte number more in photos than I do when I see it in person, but I guess that's not an awful thing. I decided to throw on an old cowlneck sweater (I really seem to like those, don't I?) over it, and I was pretty pleased with the result if I may say so myself.

Always nice to find multiple ways to wear an item. ^_^

Rodarte for Target Lace Print Dress
Rampage Fleece Cowlneck (older than Carol's eldest child, but a very nice option here)
WHBM Black Patent Skinny Belt (check out this adorable one here!)
Nordstrom Frenchi Black Tights
Report "Britt" Booties (a nice alternative here and another option here)
Betsey Johnson Earrings (similar here and another pretty option here)

Haha, now that I look at my photo, a couple of thoughts occur to me...1) the way I'm standing makes it look like I have to pee, 2) I wonder how long the neighborhood kids have been looking for their blue rubber ball, and 3) I really need to bribe my husband to attend to the weeds in our patio!!!

So that's about all I have for today...sorry for the writer's block, but thank you all for visiting and reading my silly babbling! ^_^ Stay tuned for a very VERY cute Carol!!

Have a great day!!!

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. It's Thursday, which is one day farther along towards getting through this week, so I'm okay with that, haha. I'm wearing the Thakoon for Target Tie Waist Dress, which as you can see is navy and gray more than "black and white" as described on the website. Maybe the one I ended up with is a color variant? I dunno. Either way, I'd never call this dress black and white.

Dress: Thakoon for Target Tie-Waist Dress (may still be in stores, sold out online)
Belt: Snakebite belt, Anthro (similar here and here)
Shoes: Diamond-Stitched Skimmers, Anthro (similar here and here)
Necklace: Judith Jack

Have a great day, and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What We Wore When Teemu Selanne Scored a Hat Trick (OOTDs)

Greetings, everyone!

I hope that you're all doing well!

I'm doing quite all right, myself. I took an extended break from work to decompress after it took me days to generate a very large and detailed report. The fact that the completion of the report coincided with my birthday was a happy circumstance, haha. So I didn't really get "dressed" for most of last week. As a result, I had the biggest urge to throw on a pencil skirt and heels.

Do you ever feel that way? After days of sweats and PJs, you just really feel like rocking a pencil skirt and heels?

I don't really know what I was thinking when I put this outfit together, other than that it had been awhile since I'd pulled out my Acting Out Skirt, and that I really liked the idea of a nice, slim sweater to go with it for a streamlined silhouette. The sweater I decided to wear is actually the tunic that I wore here - just one of those happy, Nordstrom BP finds that's held up remarkably well over the years. Looking at my outfit now, it makes me think of something Kendi might wear...or maybe that's just me sounding optimistic about my outfit, hahaha.

Nordstrom Frenchi cowlneck tunic (super old, similar style in a different color here)
Anthropologie Acting Out Skirt (Fall 2010, similar here)
Jessica Simpson "Oscar" Nude Patent Pumps (similar here)
Matrushka Construction Glass Earrings

...of course, when I got dressed in the morning, I didn't accommodate for the fact that I would be heading to a hockey game right after work. And so, this was what I was wearing when Teemu Selänne scored his 22nd career hat trick and became the first player over the age of 40 to record a 5-point game (3 goals, 2 assists = 5 pts). Hats were thrown. Many, many hats.

I may or may not have cried a little.

I've been fortunate enough to meet this amazing man several times, and he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Teemu exudes a rare brand of kindness and genuine love of life that is as infectious as it is endearing. It's only natural that, at the age of 40, questions loom as to how much longer he'll be playing. He's been a part of my life as a hockey fan for so long, it's impossible (and heart-wrenching) to think of him not on the ice for my team anymore. And so, I felt extremely privileged to be there and witness this beautiful specimen of a man "do work" in person.

Witness his face, as my friends successfully coaxed the entire arena into chanting, "ONE MORE YEAR! ONE MORE YEAR!"

screen shot of a DVR recording of the game, courtesy of Sam King

The good news is, my heels held up nicely as I was jumping up and down with excitement. ^_-

On the way to my car after a previous game, I ran into a group of loud and proud (and probably very inebriated) Finnish people who had flown over from Europe to watch Teemu play. Their energy and enthusiasm had me thinking that Finland might surpass Disneyland as the "happiest place on Earth," and they left me with this statement:

"You need Finnish people to win!!!"

Yes. Yes you do. ^_^

Hey everyone! It's me, Carol. I have no cool or interesting stories. This week is turning out to be one of those weeks I just need to get through. Ever have those? Yep. That's where I am right now.

So, here's what I wore yesterday - mostly because I've had this acid yellow scarf I bought on impulse for a while (fortunately, it was an under-$10 impulse), and felt like I just needed to wear it. Not sure if it was totally successful (I think next time, I'll layer a different shirt under the blazer - this one was possibly too long), but I think it did the job.

Jacket: Sine Blazer, Anthropologie (similar here and here)
Top: Scoop neck tee, Three Dots (similar here and here)
Pants: Denim "Minnie," J. Crew (similar here and here)
Shoes: Pink Studio (similar here and here)
Scarf: Forever 21 (similar here and here)

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Polka Dotted Pleats (Quickie Review & OOTD)

Hello everybody and happy Tuesday! Hope your week is going well. I had an extremely busy weekend (had to work the entire day, Saturday) and the DH is now sick (I'm counting on having a nice long bout of overall household-health and well-being after he kicks his bug, because we are DONE and I mean it!) so haven't had a single opportunity to sit down and watch any Firefly just yet. It's on my queue, though, and I'm hoping that by Wednesday night, things will have settled down enough for me to get an hour to watch at least one episode.

One. It's not too much to ask, right?

Still, last night, I stopped in at Fashion Valley to pick up some gift cards and while I was there, I saw a few pretty things. Here's one that stopped me in my tracks when I saw it. It's entirely the wrong size, but I've been dying to try it on, so here it is - the Kate Spade Melody Dress:

The Melody Dress is the one you may have seen Bryce Dallas Howard wearing in Kate Spade's spring ad campaign. I've been intrigued since the moment I saw that ad and while I was worried the very-pale-nearly-nude color (Nordstrom's website describes it as "champagne") would wash me out, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn't. Please note, I'm wearing a size 4 in these pictures, which is obviously on the big side for me. I'd need this dress in a 2, or possibly even a 0. In the size 4, the dress was rather long - the skirt hit an inch or so below the knee. I'm hoping the correct size will bring the length up a bit, but if not, I may be willing to wear it a little long. 

The dress is just delightful in every other way, though. The finely pleated, full skirt is just a dream - sort of what the Quiet Blush Dress's skirt attempts to do, but completely fails to execute. The Melody Dress's skirt is just fantastic - the quality (and the correlated expense) are written all over it. The front of the dress is demure and ladylike, with a bateau neck and fitted waist. The back dips into a lower V, which you can see in the model shots, but not so far that it causes problems for a bra. There's a bow detail on one shoulder, and of course - the dots! The dress is made of silk, is lined, and has a side zip. It'd make a really truly perfect birthday dress. My only problem is the cost. Fingers crossed that my size makes it to sale - and that maybe it'll even get there before my birthday arrives in late April.

Speaking of shopping luck, I had a rather crazy stroke of it when I stopped into Anthro to get some gift cards. Someone had just made some returns of things from the fall/winter season, including the Vestiges Dress in a size 2, which was now marked down to $9.95.

Yes, you read that right. I bought this dress for $10 and change, after taxes. I know, I know, I'm on a shopping ban, but c'mon! You couldn't expect me to walk away from that. Here I am, with Kate (who was making faces at herself in the mirror, and cracking the both of us up):

And here, just on my own:

Dress: Vestiges Dress, Anthropologie (build something similar with this and this. Or for the print-phobic, try here)
Shoes: Pink Studio (similar here and here)

I know I didn't do much with this outfit aside from throwing on the dress and some shoes, but I rather think that when you're wearing a print like that, it's best to just let it speak for itself.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lost Fitting Room Reviews

Hello all, and Happy Monday!

I hope that you're all doing well!

So, I had tried on a couple of things awhile back, but I never got a chance to review them. They're a little old, but I forgot to list one of them on our recent wishlist post, and I also wanted to show why another of them is on my wishlist, goes!

Pezza Dress ($128, shown in size S)

Hello, lovely dress! I really can't think of too many dresses that are easier or more flattering to wear than this one. The material and make of this dress reminds me a lot of the Tracy Reese Dreamy Drape Dress I picked up last Labor Day here. I love wearing that dress, so I could see working this dress into my routine very easily. I found the drapey cowl neck to be flattering for my small bust, and I also think that, subconsciously, the color and the cut remind me a lot of this dress that Anne Hathaway wears in The Devil Wears Prada:

I've always loved that look (what better dress to wear, when you're sent across town to grab steak for your boss's lunch?), and in my seemingly never-ending quest to imitate movie style, I've been looking for a dress like this since the movie came out.

It's love, obviously. Wishlisted faster than you can say...something...that...doesn't take very long to say.

You get the point. ^_-

Neo-Refinement Pullover ($88, shown in size Medium)

Sometimes it's hard to tell you're going to like something just by seeing it on the hanger. For example:

Inspiring, right?

Nevertheless, I was intrigued enough to give it a whirl.

Now I admit, I've always been a sucker for big, drapey, off-the-shoulder-y type tops like this. I grabbed a Medium because I didn't see any Smalls on the floor. I kind of think this this is the type of top that has a lot of leeway in sizing, though. It's a little strange...baggy, yet sexy all at once? And the material was very soft and non-itchy. I loved it, and I imagined pairing it with slacks or a pencil skirt and layering long necklaces over it.

Why hasn't it gone on sale yet, exactly? *wink*

I don't see this color combo online, and it's been about a month since I actually tried this sucker on so I don't hold out a ton of hope that I'll even be able to find it at this point. But if any of you happen to see this puppy in your stores, please feel free to message me because I love this sweater and wouldn't mind making it a part of my life. Thank you! ^_^

Quiet Blush Dress ($168, shown in size Small)

Hello, nurse?

No, really. I feel like I look like a nurse. A nurse in rayon. Not gonna lie - I'm not a fan of this dress. I believe I echo much of the blogosphere in saying this dress was a total pass. The material is...not nice. And the slip on the inside is laughably cheap-feeling. The sheerness of the shoulders looks like an accident. It's a shame, this dress was so pretty in the catalog photo...but then, the photo was all back-lit anyway, so it was always hard to tell how this dress was going to be in person from that photo.

So there you have it. I hope these (very) delayed reviews are helpful! What do you all think? Should I wait a little longer before I pull the trigger on the Pezza Dress? There seems to be plenty in stock in the green. Here's hoping it makes it to sale!

Thank you all so much for reading!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Space Cowgirl (OOTD)

Happy weekend, everyone! Hope you're all having a great Saturday, so far. San Diego has been visited by a wave of cooler weather and rain, which is not a totally awful thing, as well, it's good to get rain here (catching up with drought deficits) and if nothing else, it gives me a few more opportunities to wear my fall/winter clothes, before they get packed away for the next several months. I thought I'd pull out this Kensie sweater I bought last October, and with the whole southwestern-feel going on, felt inspired to add a fun new addition from Miss November Studio to the outfit, to create my own "space cowgirl" outfit.

Which seemed perfect, because Firefly keeps randomly cropping up in my life lately: first, Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds) was on the cover of last week's Entertainment Weekly that was delivered to my mailbox, and then, a few days later, a friend sent me a surprise gift of the entire series on Blu-ray!

Firefly: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]

Weird, right? (Also, very exciting! Thanks to my friend for sending it to me! Can't wait to finish watching it this weekend!) This is, of course, one of Kathryn's favoritest tv shows of all time, too, so it's fun to finally be watching it all the way through.

 Sweater: Kensie Nomad Shawl Collar Cardigan (similar herehere, and here)
Top: Gap Henley Tee (similar here and here)
Pants: Joe's Jeans Ponte Knit Pants (similar here and here)
Boots: Apepazza "Martin" Boots (similar here and here)
Necklace: Space Shooter Ray Gun, Miss November Studio 

Detail shot of the Space Shooter Ray Gun from Miss November Studio.

Okay, so I'm not nearly dusty enough to be a real space cowgirl, but you know.... ^_-

Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashbacks (OOTDs)

Happy Friday, everyone!

I'm finally feeling better today, so that means I got dressed (yay!) and went to work and caught up with all kinds of stuff that being out sick made me fall behind on, but doing all that means I didn't have time to take a pic of today's OOTD.

Soooo...that means you get an older one from a couple weeks ago, that I never got around to showing you, instead. As you can see, I'd stopped in for a quick browse in at my beloved Fashion Valley Anthro, and just snapped a quick pic in the fitting room mirror.

It's a quality show here, people. (Or something. Sorry!) Bonus points if you can spot Kate in this photo. ^_-

Sometimes, when I'm putting together an outfit, I'll quite literally start with an item I haven't worn in a long time - in this instance, the mint green cardi - and then run it up against all the other clothes in my closet to see what jumps out at me. When I brushed it past the tops, the Night-Skating top shouted, "Choose me! choose me!" and then holding the two together, I ran them past my skirts and pants, and well, the teal Circle the Globe skirt practically threw itself at us. For contrast, I added my trusty mauvey-pink skinny belt from J. Crew, and voila! Outfit!

Sweater: Bling-Bling Cardigan, J. Crew (similar here and here)
Top: Night Skating Top, Anthropologie (similar here and here)
Skirt: Circle the Globe skirt, Anthropologie (similar here and this could work too)
Shoes: Rensselaer T-Straps, Anthropologie (similar here and here)
Belt: Patent leather skinny belt, J. Crew (similar here and here)
Necklace: Umbrella necklace, Miss November Studio

Hi all!

I hope you're all well!

I didn't have an OOTD today either, so I'm going to give you an old one that I never put up from a few weeks back! I don't
think I've blogged this dress yet...but this look is a look I totally borrowed from Rosa of Love at First Shop. I'd fallen in love with this dress when I saw it on her here back in January (Carol and I had drooled over her post together), and I waited eagerly for weeks for the right sale to pick it up. I'm so glad I did, as I just love the soft pink spots (which is saying a lot, since I'm not one for prints!). I can't wait until it gets warm enough to wear it with pumps and without tights!

Ann Taylor LOFT Brushed Spot Print Wrap Dress
H&M Cardigan (similar here)
Nordstrom Tights
Nordstrom BP Bow Necklace (similar here and here)
Forever 21 Flower Ring (similar here and here)
Target Kachiri Boots (SO comfortable! buy here)

...and...because I can't seem to write a post these days without mentioning hockey, I happened to wear this dress while meeting Scott Niedermayer too!

...I swear, I wasn't trying to flirt! I was just telling him
how much I miss seeing him out on the ice!

Photo from Frank Tran

Thanks so much for reading!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Listy-Lists (Wishlists updates)

Hi everyone! How're you all doing? Sorry that we've been away awhile. I was dealing with sickness - first Kate's, and then mine (not surprising, since Kate was coughing and throwing up on me for days on end), and Kathryn had birthday and hockey celebrations going on, so that comes out to = very quiet blog for the past few days.

But we're back! And we're doing something we haven't done in a looooong while, which is updating our wishlists.

For me, personally, it's been hard to have a wishlist, because I'm on a shopping ban, and I find it much easier to resist shopping, if I don't let myself pine over things. That being said, I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit that a few things have caught my eye, and will hopefully become mine, once sale-time visits. So, with no further ado, here are the things we're wanting, waiting on, and have to remember we already have...

Carol's Full-Priced List
1. Tracy Feith for Target White Strappy Dress
2. Libertine for Target Striped Tunic in Blue & Green
3. Tucker for Target Button Front Dress
4. Thakoon for Target Printed Tie-Waist Dress
(I should probably move on purchasing these soon, as I notice that some of them are sold out online already...)

Carol's Sale-Priced List
1. Pom Flower Shift Dress (Still love it, still waiting)
2. Gull Wing Dress (Ditto - see above)
3. Winter Kate Maxi Halter Dress (Okay, so this one's a bit of a fantasy. Even at half-price, it's still too much, but a girl can dream!)
4. Kate Spade Aubrey Wrap Dress (My perfect spring dress! Maybe in time for Easter?)
5. Take Action Dress (because I pretend I could do without it, but I'd probably cry if it passed me by)
6. A Chambray shirt like this one (love the fitted silhouette), though I might break down and get this one sooner...
7. Pins and Needles Pleated Skirt (Not strictly necessity, but would be fun to have. The worst thing? Just last summer, I donated a skirt exactly like this that had been in my closet from 10 years ago. Gah.)

Carol's List of Things She Already Has (and needs to remember when wanting new things)
1. Alice + Olivia Abbie Dress (True love with this dress. Can't wait to get better so I can wear it again!)
2. Citizens of Humanity Hutton Jeans (Flare leg jeans! Yes, thank you!)
3. Givenchy Platform Clog Sandals (Covers a lot of the spring/summer trends all in one shoe. Perfect!)
4. d a c e Iris Blouse (Picked this one up at the Future:Standard trunkshow. Love it!)

And you know, looking over this list, I feel like the four things I did spend my money on in this first quarter of the year really cover all my bases pretty well, in terms of filling in gaps and getting me "updated" for this coming year, so if I don't get the other things on the list, I'll be okay.

...I think... ^_-

Hello, my bloggy friends!

Yes, I really must apologize for my absence these last few days! I had a whirlwind birthday weekend...

Highlights from last weekend include:

  • Delicious salt ramen with cha-shu at Orochon with Duck fan friends
  • Behind-the-scenes tour of Staples Center, where we happened to stumble upon several Ducks players in their pre-game soccer ritual
  • Getting to lean against the glass as the Ducks were taking their warmups at Staples Center
  • Having my friends make signs that said, "PUCK HER, SEXY! IT'S HER BIRTHDAY!" (for one of my favorite little players, Dan "Big Sexy" Sexton...the signs weren't my idea, they were my friends' idea...honest!!!)
  • Having Ryan Getzlaf and Dan Sexton actually skate over and flip pucks over the glass at me after having read the signs
  • Watching my Ducks beat the Los Angeles Kings in overtime
  • Watching my Ducks beat the Calgary Flames in overtime the next night
  • Losing my voice after watching the Ducks win back-to-back overtime games in ulcer-inducing fashion
  • Delicious Persian/Iranian food at Hatam with my family
  • Text-messaging my 10-year old niece about lunch (oh wow, what is life?)
  • Quiet, but beautiful afternoon with my beloved parents
...all in all, a very tiring, but FUN weekend!

Ryan Getzlaf, smiling at our signs.

Me, after getting "pucked" by Dan Sexton

(photos courtesy of Frank Tran)

Anyway, just because my birthday has passed doesn't mean I'm done wishing. And hoping. And plannin'. And dreamin'...

Kathryn's Full-Priced List
1. Take Action Dress (I think this one will be a birthday gift from the Husband...yay!)
2. AG Farrah Jeans (I need to get on this flare-leg jean trend STAT!...these COH flares look cute, too!)
3. High-Gloss Belt in Pink (seen from a tweet from Kim!)
4. Dolce Vita for Target Rope Wedge Sandals in Cognac (I just love how these look!)

Kathryn's Sale-Priced List
1. Cultural Heritage Skirt
2. Neo-Refinement Pullover (tried this on a whim and fell in LOVE...candidate for FP list!)

Kathryn's List of Things She Already Has (and needs to remember when wanting new things)
1. Tracy Feith for Target White Strappy Dress
2. Tucker for Target Button Front Dress
3. Rodarte for Target Lace-Print Dress
4. Sun Shades Dress
5. D'armee Dress

Hm. I'm wishlists are fairly short right now!

In closing, here's my OOTD from the other day, featuring one of my new,
favorite dresses. The D'armee Dress is seriously one of the most comfortable dresses I've ever worn. I just love it, and I highly recommend it!!

D'armee Dress (buy here)
Nordstrom BP Bow Necklace (similar-ish here)
Oh, Hello Friend Belt (she had these available in several colors last time I saw her!)
Nordstrom Tights
Steve Madden Intyce in Cognac (buy here)
NHL Practice Pucks (Dan Sexton's on the left, Ryan Getzlaf's on the right)

Thanks so much for reading, and thank you so much for all your kind birthday wishes! Love you all!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

At Long Last... (Giveaway Winner)

We finally finished tallying all the entries for the blog-iversary giveaway, and thank everyone for their patience with us while we did this. Between work, flus, birthdays, and other obligations, it took us more time than we expected. Thanks to everyone who entered, and an extra thanks for all the kind comments, encouragement, and support for the blog. Every single one was truly appreciated.

And the winner of the In Pursuit of Pretty Things Blog-iversary Giveaway is:

Jennifer G.

Congratulations, Jennifer! Please email me at carol.prettythings [at] within 72 hours, and we'll get your prize out to you ASAP. If the prize is not claimed within 72 hours, we will redraw and announce a new winner.

All valid entries were tabulated in the order received in the comments section of the giveaway post. The final list of entries can be viewed here. A screen capture of the random number generator is below:

Thanks again to everyone for entering, and as always, for reading!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kathryn!!!

Today is Kathryn's birthday!

Image via

Kathryn, I hope your day is a fantastic one and that this is your best year yet. ^_^ I love you, dear friend!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Matter of Size (Review & OOTD)

In the April issue of Vogue magazine, there's an article about a small group of fashion insiders who are embracing their "imperfections," and dressing to emphasize their height, regardless of what it may be. The author gives examples of prominent figures (no pun intended) in fashion, who are incorporating their size into their personal style, by choosing clothes that almost exaggerate their actual size. For instance, one small-boned, slender woman who stands at 5'3" gravitates towards long maxi skirts and oversized coats to accentuate her smaller stature. Another woman who stands at 5'10," dons 4-inch stiletto booties which catapult her to an astonishing 6'2." 

I found this notion intriguing. As a shorter woman, I definitely tend towards clothing choices that don't make me look short - I prefer to wear garments that elongate my lines and add to the illusion that I'm taller than I am. In my mind, this spring's maxi dress trend is all wrong for me - even on the hanger, they seem taller than me. I immediately imagine that they'll look cut off on me as I'd have to hem them and make me look stumpy - and worse, frumpy.

But what if that's what I was going for? What if I chose a dress, to emphasize my size? To embrace the "imperfection" (and of course, it's entirely debatable as to whether I even consider my height so) of my shorter frame? The very idea was eye-opening. Suddenly, the gorgeous, flowy maxi dresses I'd been deliberately ignoring for the past month or so had all kinds of new potential. I decided to give one a try - baby steps - and just get a sense of how I felt with it on. I chose one I'd been wistfully eyeing ever since it showed up on the cover of Nordstrom's February catalog.

I'm wearing 3.5" heels with this dress, and as you can see, it still manages to pool around my feet. I was pleasantly surprised to find that even so, I didn't feel particularly short. Instead, I felt (and yes, this will sound a little silly, but I never said I wasn't) like I'd been magicked into some otherworldly story, where I would wear, as a matter of course, long flowy dresses whose skirts pooled at my feet.

At one point, I even thought that this was the sort of dress I was expecting when I heard that BHLDN was going to be offering a unique, alternative selection of gowns for the discerning bride. This would be beautiful in a wedding, don't you think?

As for the fit, I'm wearing the XS, and the waist hit at my natural waist, which looks about right, after comparison with the model shots. For ease of wear, I'd probably hem up the skirt another inch or two - but still let it graze the floor as I walked. Overall, I really loved it and was glad to try it on. Sadly, it's priced way out of my budget, but maybe I'll be able to find something similar, closer to what I can actually afford. Now that I feel up to the task of wearing such a dress, im/properly, that is. ^_-

So sorry for the poor photo quality, but here's the back of this dress:

And a couple of other options I'd like to see in-store for a try-on:

Parker Tie-Neck Silk Georgette Maxi Dress:

Leifsdottir "Cockatoo" Maxi Dress:

And here's my OOTD:

Sweater: Cloudcover Poncho, Anthropologie (similar here and here)
Top: Pure and Good long sleeve tee, Anthropologie (similar here and here)
Shoes: Seychelles "She's Got the Moves" sandals
Necklace: gift from mother and father-in-law

I haven't worn this poncho very much since I bought it, late last summer. It was a total impulse purchase (not good), which requires a bit of creativity to style, so has mostly been waiting patiently in my closet, as usually I'm in too much of a rush in the mornings to think up ways to wear it. However, this was a weekend day, and my in-laws had just brought me this gorgeous necklace as a gift from their 10-day cruise to Hawaii (it was so thoughtful of them, and I love it! It picks up on the bohemian feel of this season perfectly!) and I wanted to build an outfit that showcased the necklace while still being interesting. What do you think? Did it work? 

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Power Dress (Quickie Review & an OOTD)

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well. I've been better - Kate's caught a flu bug, so was running a fever the past couple days (isn't it nuts that babies can run a fever up to 103.9 degrees F, and it's still considered "not serious?") and yesterday, threw up on me so many times...well, I won't regale you with those details. She's vastly improved today - still not at 100%, but I call not vomiting once in the past 12 hours, a HUGE step in the right direction. 

Anyway, for those of you who are Nordstrom Card holders, this weekend is a triple-points weekend. I though in interest of that, I ought to post this dress I tried on there recently. I can't find it online to save my life - on any online retailer and I've looked! The closest I got is a white version of the dress available at Bloomingdale's, but if anyone want the details on the dress, leave a comment or shoot me an email, and I'll see if I can track them down. I didn't buy the dress (more's the pity) as I'm still on my shopping ban, but this is my idea of the perfect Power Dress for the office. 

EDIT: For those of you who'd like the details for this dress, it's the Rebecca Taylor Femme Fatale dress, in Steel Grey, and the sku# is 884092226612. The dress is currently priced at $350. As of 3/19, the Fashion Valley Nordstrom in San Diego had several in stock, in a range of sizes. Call your local Nordstrom or contact Nordstrom's customer service to order.

I'm wearing this dress in the size 2, and I loved it - it's sleek, strong, and feminine - but in a sleek and strong way. It's one of those dresses that says, "Yes, I'm a woman. Don't mess with me." The dress is made of a very substantial jersey fabric which does a fairly decent job of hiding most of my figure flaws. I really liked how this structured dress is cut and the piping/seaming that acts as detailing, as well as the gathered bust. My narrow shoulders and short waist worked against me a bit on the top of this dress (see the photo below), causing some gaping around the shoulders. It is, however, something the alterations department at Nordstrom can make quick work of, and it may even qualify as a free basic alteration (though I'm not certain of this). 

I'd style this with a contrasting blazer or cardigan and a belt - I think both skinny and wide belts would work well with it. It'd make a fantastic addition to any professional woman's wardrobe, and I'm a little sad I can't pick it up. Maybe, on some fluke, there'll be one still around in my size when this hits sale. 

Detail shot of the neck and shoulders on the dress - I'd probably have this one altered to fit my narrow-shoulders better.

And I don't have an OOTD today as I'm still caring for a sick baby, and I'd rather not risk my nicer things, but lucky for you, Kathryn sent me a quick snap of her outfit today:

Top: Volante Tee, Anthro (similar here and designer versions here and here - so beautiful! I die! -c)
Skirt: Tria Sweater Skirt, Anthro (similar here and an interesting alternative here)
Belt: J. Crew belt in Metallic Tulip (similar here and here)
Shoes: Lela Rose for Payless (similar here and here)

Oh, and just for fun, I have to share this little handbag I came across, while searching for something similar to the Volante tee. The color and the bows and the gold hardware! So lovely!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting to Know You, Part 2: The Clothes (and OOTDs)

Hi everyone! Hope your week is progressing well. We're slowly tabulating all the entries from our blog-iversary giveaway, so thanks for your patience with us while we work on that. I think it's going to be a few more days until we announce our winner. That being said, here are our answers to some more of your questions.

What did you start off desiring last spring that best lived up to the love?

C: Ooh, that's a good question. Last lived up to the know, this might sound funny, but I'd have to say, the Looping Lanes belt. Kathryn and I hunted that belt, along with the Snakebite belts with laser-like focus and intensity. And really, that belt is amazing. It takes every outfit I put it with, up a notch. So, yes, the item that I started off desiring last spring that best lived up to the love is a belt. ^_^

K: Hmmm. That is a really good question. Carol definitely has a point with the Looping Lanes belt, though I think I'm going to have to stick with one of the (many) shirtdresses I picked up this past year - namely the Two-Wheeler Shirtdress. No matter how I styled it, I always felt put-together and pretty in it. I hope to have that dress with me for a very long time.

If you could only keep one Anthropologie item from your closet, what would it be?

C: Oh, this is a mean, mean question. Gosh, I really don't know. Just one? Seriously?'d probably be a dress. So, if just one Anthro dress, which one? Oh I go for the one I love because it's a great, classic, party dress (the Mullany?) or do I go with the one I wear all the time, on any day of the week (like the Reed Shirtdress or the Here Today Here Tomorrow dress)? I don't know how to answer this. I can't answer this. I won't answer this! [bursts into tears and runs out of the room]

Ewww. What an awful question. Haha, just kidding. Umm, I'm going to agree with Carol on this one and say it'd have to be one of my dresses. But which? Hm. I'll go with a dress that, in my opinion, dresses up or down seamlessly - my In a Twinkling dress. [proceeds to burst into tears and follow Carol out of the room, totally running like a girl]

If you could only shop at one store for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

C: [shouting from outside the room] Okay, another mean question, because I have two loves. TWO. Obviously, Anthro and Nordstrom. How am I supposed to choose between these? I mean, really, how? They're totally different, mostly, aside from overlap in the occasional shoe and Leifsdottir. I'd have to toss a coin. And then I'd probably cry myself to sleep over the one that lost.

K: Oy. So many hypotheticals in this set! Seriously, why don't you just ask me which five songs I'd want to listen to for the rest of my life on a desert island?!

Welp. A brutal question deserves a brutal answer, I suppose. I may not have been as openly vocal about it on here, but I've often called Nordstrom the perfect store. There are so many different price points to suit your fancy f
or clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry. Plus, you can find all your makeup and skincare here. Need home goods? They've got that, too. Are you hungry? Their cafes and bistros are delicious. So that question is kind of easy for me - Nordstrom.

Carol, what is your favorite outfit of Kathryn's from this past year?

C: My favorite outfit of Kathryn's is actually a series of outfits - the seasonal Blooming Lattice Outfit Set

Winter                                                              Spring

Summer                                                                        Fall

Beautiful, right? This set of stylings convinced me I had to pull the trigger and buy the Blooming Lattice Cardigan, and I'm so glad I did - it's an incredibly versatile (as she demonstrated) and super cute piece and has become a workhorse of my closet.

Kathryn, what is your favorite outfit of Carol's from this past year?

My favorite outfit of Carol' There is one in particular that I can think of...which, I'm not sure she photographed for the blog. However, I think I photographed myself in my own version of this outfit:

...the Maeshowe Dress, Snakebite belt, grey tights + boots.

Carol, if you could steal one Anthro item from Kathryn's closet, what would it be?

Hmm...maybe her In a Twinkling dress. Or maybe her Thousand Days Skirt. One of those two things. I love them both, and haven't had success tracking them down on eBay.

Kathryn, if you could steal one Anthro item from Carol's closet, what would it be?

I'm not sure about an Anthro item I would steal, but there's an Anthro-esque item of hers I know I would steal in a heartbeat:

Chiffon Dress, Twenty8Twelve

And because this post isn't long enough:

Top: Anthropologie (I don't remember what this one's called, Spring 2010. Similar here and here)
Skirt: Denim Pencil Skirt, Benetton (super old - circa 1999? Similar here and here)
Belt: Mossimo leather studded skinny belt, Target (similar here and here)
Shoes: Charles David (older, 2006; similar here and here)
Necklace: Umbrella Necklace, Miss November Studio

And here's my OOTD, featuring my new Rodarte for Target dress:

Rodarte for Target Lace-Print Dress (buy here)
Nordstrom B.P. Cotton Emporium Shrug (super old...but there's a fun, crazy option here)
Black Patent Belt (from another dress)
Nordstrom Tights
Report Britt Bootie
Matrushka Construction Glass Earrings
Oh, Hello Friend Pocketwatch Necklace (similar one here, minus the charms)
Oh, Hello Friend Owl Double Ring

I've been wanting a double ring for a long time, and I love this one I picked up recently from Danni of Oh, Hello Friend: