Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashbacks (OOTDs)

Happy Friday, everyone!

I'm finally feeling better today, so that means I got dressed (yay!) and went to work and caught up with all kinds of stuff that being out sick made me fall behind on, but doing all that means I didn't have time to take a pic of today's OOTD.

Soooo...that means you get an older one from a couple weeks ago, that I never got around to showing you, instead. As you can see, I'd stopped in for a quick browse in at my beloved Fashion Valley Anthro, and just snapped a quick pic in the fitting room mirror.

It's a quality show here, people. (Or something. Sorry!) Bonus points if you can spot Kate in this photo. ^_-

Sometimes, when I'm putting together an outfit, I'll quite literally start with an item I haven't worn in a long time - in this instance, the mint green cardi - and then run it up against all the other clothes in my closet to see what jumps out at me. When I brushed it past the tops, the Night-Skating top shouted, "Choose me! choose me!" and then holding the two together, I ran them past my skirts and pants, and well, the teal Circle the Globe skirt practically threw itself at us. For contrast, I added my trusty mauvey-pink skinny belt from J. Crew, and voila! Outfit!

Sweater: Bling-Bling Cardigan, J. Crew (similar here and here)
Top: Night Skating Top, Anthropologie (similar here and here)
Skirt: Circle the Globe skirt, Anthropologie (similar here and this could work too)
Shoes: Rensselaer T-Straps, Anthropologie (similar here and here)
Belt: Patent leather skinny belt, J. Crew (similar here and here)
Necklace: Umbrella necklace, Miss November Studio

Hi all!

I hope you're all well!

I didn't have an OOTD today either, so I'm going to give you an old one that I never put up from a few weeks back! I don't
think I've blogged this dress yet...but this look is a look I totally borrowed from Rosa of Love at First Shop. I'd fallen in love with this dress when I saw it on her here back in January (Carol and I had drooled over her post together), and I waited eagerly for weeks for the right sale to pick it up. I'm so glad I did, as I just love the soft pink spots (which is saying a lot, since I'm not one for prints!). I can't wait until it gets warm enough to wear it with pumps and without tights!

Ann Taylor LOFT Brushed Spot Print Wrap Dress
H&M Cardigan (similar here)
Nordstrom Tights
Nordstrom BP Bow Necklace (similar here and here)
Forever 21 Flower Ring (similar here and here)
Target Kachiri Boots (SO comfortable! buy here)

...and...because I can't seem to write a post these days without mentioning hockey, I happened to wear this dress while meeting Scott Niedermayer too!

...I swear, I wasn't trying to flirt! I was just telling him
how much I miss seeing him out on the ice!

Photo from Frank Tran

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Carol, that mint green is a lovely color on you, and what a cute necklace!

    Kathryn, the dress looks fantastic on you. I heart Niedermayer! While i don't follow regular NHL seasons, I am an Olympic fanatic. He was outstanding during the games!

  2. Ha, Carol, I wore a really similar outfit last week, only with my Thousand Days Skirt! It looks lovely on you. And I found Kate!

    Love the wrap detail on Kathryn's dress (and your hair!).

  3. Carol - I love how you picked your outfit!

    Kathryn - you two are so cute and your hair is aMAZing.

  4. Carol--I totally use that same technique! Pick an item, run it through the closet and see what jumps out. Love it! =) You look so cute in mint green!!!
    Kathryn--I ADORE this cute dress on you...the whole look is perfection!

  5. Oh no, sorry that you were sick Carol. You look so cute though. I love the mint green cardi on you and i like your process of choosing an outfit!
    Kathryn, how adorable is that polka dot dress! You look fantastic.

  6. sweet outfits, ladies- besides, how many OOTD are actually of 'that day'....I love the combos of mint and navy polka dots, and the green with soft brown and pink polka dots!!!

    heh, and I see kate's tiny little hand!

  7. Great outfits! Kathryn, I just picked that dress up at Loft's most recent 50% off all sale items -- after being inspired by Carol's dressing room review of it! Love it, but I had to get a stitch put in so that the top wouldn't gape open on me. It looks great on you!

  8. Awesome outfits! I love that brown dress, I'm watching pretty woman right now and I feel it's an updated version of Julia Robers iconic(?) brown dress. Carol's outfit is so feminine and perfectly picked!

    I spotted Kates cute little arm!

  9. Hi Katherine,

    I just picked up that dress last weekend (yipee!) and are waiting for a warm up to pair with some sandles. Sadly in Chicago that warm-up will take some time. But the outfit you wore gives me inspiration to wear it now.