Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting to Know You, Part 1: the Basics (Answers & some OOTDs)

Hi everyone! So, we finally started to answer some of your questions (sorry about the delay on this - we've both had pretty hectic work schedules for the past week or so), and haven't had as much time for blogging this week as we'd hoped. Here's the first of three posts, with answers to your questions for us.

How did the two of you meet?

C: So, this one time, in band camp...I was a freshman and Kathryn was a cool junior (and the drumline section leader, btw - totally cool) and we were in marching band together. It's true. Oh, and there was this boy she liked that I was friends with, so she called me up one day to get the scoop on him. (Why else would a cool junior call a lowly freshman out of the blue?) Haha, little did we know then that it was the start of a 20+ year friendship, that included me being her Matron of Honor (ugh, anyone else hate the word "matron?") and her being my first child's godmother.

K: Haha! Ah, memories! It's true - we met because of a boy. I was hardly cool, though. Carol was the peppy, pretty freshman girl that everybody liked. I was in ASB and we needed some freshmen to participate in our homecoming rally, so I called her up and used the rally as a conversation starter with her...and also managed to wrangle the guy's number from her. Smooth, eh? ^_- The relationship with the guy didn't last, but the friendship with Carol did, and I couldn't have asked for a better friend.

Who knew we'd go from pep rallies, field shows and parades to sharing a style blog??

How often do you see each other?

C: Not nearly enough. Maybe once every two months or so? But we chat online everyday, practically, so it feels like I "see" her all the time. ^_-

K: Not enough, that's for sure. But Carol's personality is so vibrant (as you may have all noticed!) that when we chat online it seems like she's right there in the room with me. ^_^

Do you ever fight?

C: Lemme put it this way - I'm not wearing long sleeves right now because of the cold. I'm wearing it to cover up the scratch marks from the last time we threw down...over a dress, of course. (totally kidding, btw) We've been friends a really long time, so yes, we've had our differences. But who doesn't, in real life? And I think it's true that our friendship is strong enough to have overcome those and seen us along for many years now.

Haha, I wondered if anyone was going to ask this! Well, we don't see eye to eye on everything; but, as with any relationship, communication and respect are key. Our friendship has survived as long as it has because of our commitment to those values.

That said, I've invested in some good concealer to cover up the black eyes she's given me over the years.

What are your favorite pieces from your closet?

C: My favorite pieces? Hmm...currently, I really really love my Alice + Olivia Abbie Dress. It's definitely a fave. I also love my red motif Reed Shirtdress, my navy blue Blooming Lattice cardi, my Maeshowe shirtdress (which is sadly a little big for me now, but I refuse to part with it) and my AG Angelina jeans, which I live in. I love my Miu Miu gray suede platform pumps and my Lanvin pumps and my Apepazza Martin wedge boots and my Free Flow tank. Oh...wait. I'm not supposed to list everything in my closet, right? Hm. Well, this is a tricksy question, then. Because nearly everything is going to be a favorite, on any given day for any given occasion.

K: Gosh, that's a tough one. My Marc by Marc Jacobs Pink Coventry Coat is a longtime favorite of mine. I think my favorites are all dresses - I adore both of my Black Halo dresses, and I would wear my dark blue Rebecca Taylor dress every week if I could get away with it. As for Anthro pieces though, my absolute favorites are my Two-Wheeler Shirtdress, Mullany Dress, my green Beda Dress, my Blooming Lattice Cardigan...and I'm sure my list will continue to grow with time!

Of course, one of my
other favorite pieces in my closet is my champagne-stained, autographed Scott Niedermayer Ducks jersey.

What current or past fashion trend do you wish never happened?

C: Can it be a hair trend? Can it be big bangs? Because I could really do without photos of myself as a child in the '80s, sporting big, shellacked bangs.

Haha, another tough one! There are so many things I wish never happened...stirrup pants of the '80s? Booty shorts? Ed Hardy? (, no offense to those who are fans of Ed Hardy - it's just not my style is all!)

And of course, no offense to those who love stirrup pants and booty shorts. I just don't think I'm ready for this jelly.

How did your love for Anthropologie begin?

C: I was a college undergrad the first time I ever walked into an Anthropologie (on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, in case you wondered), and I fell in love with the clothes and the aesthetic, instantly. I couldn't afford it though on a student budget or later, on my beginning-teacher-paying-her-way-through-grad-school budget, or even after that, as a young-married-with-a-grad-student-husband-and-small-nonprofit-salary budget. While I definitely loved browsing in the store, I didn't actively start shopping in it until a few months after I had Kate, when I decided to shake off my post-pregnancy-hating-the-way-I-look-blues and overhaul my wardrobe, in the late fall of 2009.

K: Anthropologie was a store that I'd always loved, but didn't know how to dress in. I'd buy things there every now and then, but I never really knew how to style the pieces effectively. I probably sound like a broken record, but it really was Kim of Anthroholic who opened my eyes. I just love her lovely, feminine style and have truly enjoyed incorporating my own twist on it in my own life. It's been fun!

Kathryn, what hair products do you use and how do you get those big curls?

C: You know, I've actually had her show me, in person, on a few different times how she does this - achieves this amazing hair. She just has amazing hair, is all. That and mad blow-dryer skills. Haha, but I should really let her answer this question.

K: Hahahaha, aww...thank you! You all are too kind, I swear. What's funny is that I really consider myself pretty lazy when it comes to doing my hair. I have to switch up my shampoos frequently, because my hair gets tired of them quickly. Right now I'm using the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Shampoo and conditioner, and once a week I apply a B&B masque for added moisture. I've found this formula to be a great consistency for my coarse hair, and I can use it every day (sometimes more, if I've worked out that day).

After I shower, I spritz my hair with Joico's Daily Care leave-in conditioner (formerly known as "Integrity") and then I proceed to let my hair air-dry for a long time. I don't actually blow dry my hair until it's mostly dry, to try to save it from heat damage. I really only use the hair dryer to give my ends some shape and add a little volume to my roots. For those purposes, I use a large round brush and my Super Solano hair dryer. Sometimes I'll a teeny bit of Moroccanoil through the ends to keep 'em shiny and healthy!

On days when I feel like curling my hair, I'll skip the hair dryer and just wait until my hair is completely dry. My curling iron of choice is a Hot Tools 1.5" barrel, which is why the curls look more wavy rather than curly. Otherwise I pretty much just grab pieces of my hair haphazardly with the curling iron, haha!
I'm not a fan of hairspray, so I don't generally use it unless it's a fancy occasion.

I hope that helps!

And for good measure, what we wore yesterday:

Lots of ruffles for me...
Sweater: Traversa Cardigan, J. Crew (similar here and here)
Shirt: Raccoon Rumpus (Or is that a name I made up in my head?) Blouse, Anthro (these would work: here, here, and I just love this one, so am throwing it in for fun ^_-)
Skirt: Trina Turk Mini (now too big on me, need to get it altered. Similar here and here - and I'm kinda obsessed with this one right now)
Belt: Skinny patent belt, J. Crew (similar here and here)
Shoes: Booties, Pink Studio (similar here and here)
Necklace: Parasol Umbrella Necklace, Miss November Studio

This Miss November Studio necklace has seriously become one of my go-tos. The mixed metals (copper & silver) go with everything, and the whimsical design attracts compliments every time I wear it. I highly recommend it. (Thanks again, Sandra!)

I bought these shoes in 2008, right before I found out I was pregnant with Kate. At the time, they felt too high to wear during pregnancy, so I stored them away and forgot about them until a month or so ago. This is a trick people recommend doing with kids' toys, to keep them feeling fresh. Apparently, it works with grown-ups too. ^_-

Here's my quick snap OOTD from yesterday...sorry I don't have a better pic! Once again I was somewhat inspired by Anthroholic Kim's recent outfit here. I had her outfit in my head, and when I went to my closet, all these pieces kind of leaped out at me on their own. It's like they screamed at me to wear them, I swear! I hadn't worn by In a Twinkling Skirt in a long time, so it was great to take it out for a spin!

Charlotte Russe Lace Top (similar-ish here)
Rubbish Camisole
In a Twinkling Skirt (Anthro 2009, I think? similar here and here)
H&M Bow Belt (similar here)
Nordstrom B.P. Bow Necklace (similar here and here)
Mustache Ring (from Oh, Hello Friend)
On my feet, but not pictured: Anthropologie Sawtooth Myrtles (here's a pair I wouldn't mind having...)

I hope you enjoyed the first round of questions! As always, thanks so much for reading!


  1. This was so fun to read - you girls are hilarious!!
    You both look adorable and Kathryn, I just continue to be flattered by you - thanks for the shout outs :) I'm honored I opened your eyes to the greatest place on earth ;)

  2. This was such an enjoyable read, and both of your OOTDs are lovely!

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    Amber's Notebook

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    Carol - I love the raccoon top! I need to pull that one out of my closet and give it some love soon. Super cute necklace!

    Kathryn - I love that lace top! So pretty:)

  6. Great post!!! It's so evident through this blog what good friends you two are. It makes me stop and think, I need to verbally appreciate my good girlfriends more. Who doesn't want to hear that they are loved?!

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    Carol, i love your ruffly outfit (and those booties!) - it's really cute. And kathryn - you're so pretty in lace!

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    Carol - LOL at your comparison with the toy theory!

    Kathryn - I have never heard of the Bumble and Bumble Masque of which you speak...I now know my purpose for tomorrow...

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  10. It was lots of fun to take the walk down memory lane with the both of you. And I think it's just WILD that you met in band camp. And over a boy? Awww, that's how me an my BFF bonded too! and you're spot on! Boys from hs don't last but friendships do. =)

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    You totally rock and you look great in that outfit! I love reading all the answers to these questions. You're both so lucky to have eachother in your lives!

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