Thursday, March 24, 2011

Listy-Lists (Wishlists updates)

Hi everyone! How're you all doing? Sorry that we've been away awhile. I was dealing with sickness - first Kate's, and then mine (not surprising, since Kate was coughing and throwing up on me for days on end), and Kathryn had birthday and hockey celebrations going on, so that comes out to = very quiet blog for the past few days.

But we're back! And we're doing something we haven't done in a looooong while, which is updating our wishlists.

For me, personally, it's been hard to have a wishlist, because I'm on a shopping ban, and I find it much easier to resist shopping, if I don't let myself pine over things. That being said, I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit that a few things have caught my eye, and will hopefully become mine, once sale-time visits. So, with no further ado, here are the things we're wanting, waiting on, and have to remember we already have...

Carol's Full-Priced List
1. Tracy Feith for Target White Strappy Dress
2. Libertine for Target Striped Tunic in Blue & Green
3. Tucker for Target Button Front Dress
4. Thakoon for Target Printed Tie-Waist Dress
(I should probably move on purchasing these soon, as I notice that some of them are sold out online already...)

Carol's Sale-Priced List
1. Pom Flower Shift Dress (Still love it, still waiting)
2. Gull Wing Dress (Ditto - see above)
3. Winter Kate Maxi Halter Dress (Okay, so this one's a bit of a fantasy. Even at half-price, it's still too much, but a girl can dream!)
4. Kate Spade Aubrey Wrap Dress (My perfect spring dress! Maybe in time for Easter?)
5. Take Action Dress (because I pretend I could do without it, but I'd probably cry if it passed me by)
6. A Chambray shirt like this one (love the fitted silhouette), though I might break down and get this one sooner...
7. Pins and Needles Pleated Skirt (Not strictly necessity, but would be fun to have. The worst thing? Just last summer, I donated a skirt exactly like this that had been in my closet from 10 years ago. Gah.)

Carol's List of Things She Already Has (and needs to remember when wanting new things)
1. Alice + Olivia Abbie Dress (True love with this dress. Can't wait to get better so I can wear it again!)
2. Citizens of Humanity Hutton Jeans (Flare leg jeans! Yes, thank you!)
3. Givenchy Platform Clog Sandals (Covers a lot of the spring/summer trends all in one shoe. Perfect!)
4. d a c e Iris Blouse (Picked this one up at the Future:Standard trunkshow. Love it!)

And you know, looking over this list, I feel like the four things I did spend my money on in this first quarter of the year really cover all my bases pretty well, in terms of filling in gaps and getting me "updated" for this coming year, so if I don't get the other things on the list, I'll be okay.

...I think... ^_-

Hello, my bloggy friends!

Yes, I really must apologize for my absence these last few days! I had a whirlwind birthday weekend...

Highlights from last weekend include:

  • Delicious salt ramen with cha-shu at Orochon with Duck fan friends
  • Behind-the-scenes tour of Staples Center, where we happened to stumble upon several Ducks players in their pre-game soccer ritual
  • Getting to lean against the glass as the Ducks were taking their warmups at Staples Center
  • Having my friends make signs that said, "PUCK HER, SEXY! IT'S HER BIRTHDAY!" (for one of my favorite little players, Dan "Big Sexy" Sexton...the signs weren't my idea, they were my friends' idea...honest!!!)
  • Having Ryan Getzlaf and Dan Sexton actually skate over and flip pucks over the glass at me after having read the signs
  • Watching my Ducks beat the Los Angeles Kings in overtime
  • Watching my Ducks beat the Calgary Flames in overtime the next night
  • Losing my voice after watching the Ducks win back-to-back overtime games in ulcer-inducing fashion
  • Delicious Persian/Iranian food at Hatam with my family
  • Text-messaging my 10-year old niece about lunch (oh wow, what is life?)
  • Quiet, but beautiful afternoon with my beloved parents
...all in all, a very tiring, but FUN weekend!

Ryan Getzlaf, smiling at our signs.

Me, after getting "pucked" by Dan Sexton

(photos courtesy of Frank Tran)

Anyway, just because my birthday has passed doesn't mean I'm done wishing. And hoping. And plannin'. And dreamin'...

Kathryn's Full-Priced List
1. Take Action Dress (I think this one will be a birthday gift from the Husband...yay!)
2. AG Farrah Jeans (I need to get on this flare-leg jean trend STAT!...these COH flares look cute, too!)
3. High-Gloss Belt in Pink (seen from a tweet from Kim!)
4. Dolce Vita for Target Rope Wedge Sandals in Cognac (I just love how these look!)

Kathryn's Sale-Priced List
1. Cultural Heritage Skirt
2. Neo-Refinement Pullover (tried this on a whim and fell in LOVE...candidate for FP list!)

Kathryn's List of Things She Already Has (and needs to remember when wanting new things)
1. Tracy Feith for Target White Strappy Dress
2. Tucker for Target Button Front Dress
3. Rodarte for Target Lace-Print Dress
4. Sun Shades Dress
5. D'armee Dress

Hm. I'm wishlists are fairly short right now!

In closing, here's my OOTD from the other day, featuring one of my new,
favorite dresses. The D'armee Dress is seriously one of the most comfortable dresses I've ever worn. I just love it, and I highly recommend it!!

D'armee Dress (buy here)
Nordstrom BP Bow Necklace (similar-ish here)
Oh, Hello Friend Belt (she had these available in several colors last time I saw her!)
Nordstrom Tights
Steve Madden Intyce in Cognac (buy here)
NHL Practice Pucks (Dan Sexton's on the left, Ryan Getzlaf's on the right)

Thanks so much for reading, and thank you so much for all your kind birthday wishes! Love you all!!!


  1. Love your outfit...and your belt!
    I would love to know how to purchase one. When I click on the Oh, Hello Friend..its take me to an Etsy site (which I love as but no belts on I missing something?
    Thanks! :-)

  2. I love when you girls do lists - so fun to see what you're splurging on, what you're holding off on, and what you did buy!
    Katherine - HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful girl!!! I love the D'Armee on you, and I hope you had a fab bday. Also, you NEED the Farrah jeans - they are amazing!

  3. Wow, Kathryn, your hair is getting LONG! You look lovely, and hope you had an amazing birthday.

    Carol, I'm stealing your Givenchys, hope you don't mind!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that Swirl is having a Winter Kate sale today. =) If you need an invite, you can click here:

  5. I love reading about your wishlists....and Kathryn, you and Sara from You, Me, & Anthropologie are outfit twins today! Love the D'Armee dress on you, TOO CUTE.

  6. @Anon at 7:34 - She's been meaning to set up her belt shop online for awhile. It has been about a month since I've seen her, but you can always try messaging her to see if she still has that belt. Good luck!

    @Kim - Thank you, darling!! I'm strongly contemplating the Farrahs...just concerned because the sizing seems to be bit weird. I might take a trip there today!

    @Tien - Haha, thank you!

    @Girliest Nerd - Hahaha, I'll have to tell my Canadian husband! What's funny is, I swear I love hockey more than he does!

    @GinaBean - Oh, wow! I've been so woefully behind on my blogreading, I didn't get to see her OOTD. I love my size twin Sara! ^_^

  7. Hi ladies, first time posting :) but have been <3ing your blog for a while now (as an avid Anthro and hockey fan!). Just wondering if anyone knows if Oh, Hello Friend will be selling the belts online or if someone is willing to pick one up for me and ship?. I'm assuming Kathryn bought it in person. Alas I'm on the East coast and don't have the option to do that right now. Thanks so much! ~

  8. Happy Birthday Kathryn!!! I love that cute shot of you at the game with the hockey puck - your expression is adorable! I want the Neo Refinement too, and I'm bitter every Tuesday when it's STILL not on sale.

    Carol - I marvel at your restraint during your shopping ban! Hope you and Kate are feeling tons better!

  9. Love the lists! For Carol looking for a fitted chambray shirt, I found this Converse one at Target after figuring out the Merona one was oversized. I actually like it better than ones I've tried at J Crew. HTH!
    Converse® One Star® Womens Long Sleeve Nolita Shirt - Blue Chambray

  10. Kathryn, Happy Bday! I love the D'armee dress, too, isn't it great?! You look like you are having such a blast. Hope it's an amazing year!

  11. @Tien - No problem, anytime! ^_-

    @Anonymous (3:31 PM) - thanks for the tip! I'll go see if I can hunt it down! =D