Monday, March 14, 2011

Reprising GO International (Fitting Room Reviews)

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. Yesterday morning, I was up bright and early to meet up with Maya of Kinzie Says at our local Target to check out the Go International dress release. I was really excited about this Bringing-Back-the-Best-of-the-Bunch promotion that Target is doing, because to be honest, back when a lot of these pieces were originally released, I was pregnant, or post-pregnant, or just didn't have the money or interest to spend on fun clothing. I did, from time to time pick up a top from a couple of the collections, but that was about it, so I was happy to be able to see these dresses again and give them a go (no pun intended). The Target store that Maya and I visited (in Mission Valley) had a terrific selection of the dresses, so I was able to try on a bunch of them. Here's what I tried and how they looked. There's quite a few, so I'll keep the reviews short. Just a note - I wore a size Small or size 5 in most of the dresses, unless noted otherwise.

This Tracy Feith for Target dress was among my absolute favorites from the dresses I picked out to try. It strikes a fantastic balance between edgy and sweet - the corset top and exposed zipper and gold hardware on the straps provide a great contrast to the tiers of eyelet lace, full skirt, and virginal white color. The cotton fabric had great heft and was happily opaque - I hate it when white garments are see-through. The cut and fit were perfect and I can see myself pairing this with any number of different colored cardigans and belts all spring and summer long, and maybe even (gasp! White after Labor Day??) into the winter as well, with tights. Love. Love. Love. On my get-list.

EDIT: Hello all! Like Carol, I went to Target early on Sunday morning to try on dresses too, so I thought I'd throw my photo in here so as to show you how some of the same dresses looked on me. (Please pardon the glasses, no makeup, and sketchy photo quality, haha!) I took a size 5 in this little Tracy Feith. It's very snug on top for me in the size 5, but the size 7 was too big for my teensy bust. Anyway, I loved it so much I had to take it home with me. Did Carol already mention this beauty has pockets?!

Ugh. I picked this one up for the pretty color and interesting details, but on me it's an absolute mess. I'm not even sure why they call it a wrap dress, as...well, it isn't. Unless maybe they're referring to the sash, which is long enough to wrap around the waist a couple of times? An absolute pass for me.

There was something very 1960's about this dress to me, and in the fitting room, I really liked it on. The cut and fit were very sleek and well streamlined, and the dress made me feel very ladylike. I feel like I need little white gloves and maybe a pillbox hat to complete the look. ^_- Looking at these photos now, I think I'll probably pass on it, as it's a bit too simple and I probably wouldn't reach for it very often. It comes with a belt and has a side zip and pockets.

This Alice Temperly dress strikes me as very "Gothic Lolita," for those of you who recognize the reference. Things I loved about this dress: the fit, the cut, the ruffle details. Things I didn't love so much: thin, cheap cotton fabric that's see-through-ish (I'd want to wear a half-slip under the skirt, I think), and the horrific amount of steaming it'd need from me, after every wash. This is a high maintenance dress, which would have been much less high maintenance had it been executed in a different fabric and given a lining. Of course, by then, it would have been $10-20 more expensive. But worth it, because then it would have ended up on my get-list. As it was, it's a pass for me.

Detail shot of the ruffled front. Look at those fantastic sleeves!

Wonderful, comfy cotton jersey fabric, great colors, cute cut. This one ran big, and I needed a size XS. For only $25, it's a bargain! I can totally see myself throwing this on all summer long for running around in on weekends. And how cute are they with the red flats? Such fun - on my get-list.

Note that in the above left photo, I'm trying not to laugh. I felt like I was wearing a bad costume. Really, what is this dress? It was like wearing a mosquito net over lingerie, with crazy satiny bows perched on my shoulders. On the hanger, it looked like a confection. On my body, not so much. I'm really pressed to imagine who would be able to pull this dress off in what situation. Which demonstrates, perhaps, that I'm just not that cool. Pass, pass, pass.

EDIT: Hilarity. Pure hilarity. Truthfully, I was never really sure about this dress when I saw it online anyway, but in person it was pure comedy on me. Horrible. Awful. Yuck. Pass.

Apologies for the poor picture quality here. This dress was cute, but I thought it made me look too hippy, and and also made me feel a bit like cotton candy. I think it was the colors - they made my teeth hurt. It could be that I'm just too old to pull this one off. This dress is whimsical and certainly interesting, but tries to talk over me, which isn't really what I like my clothes to do. Fun, but a pass.

: Oh, what I'd give if this dress was about 4-5 inches longer. I actually thought it was really cute - I loved all the little details on it! However, it's just too short for me and thus too young for me. Maybe if I was much younger and weighed about 20 pounds less...?

I'm wearing a size Medium in this photo, and while it was a little bit blousy on top, I thought it still fit fine, so I'm going to say that maybe this one runs a bit small. This is another great, easy to style, easy to wear dress that I really liked. I can see myself grabbing this one all the time, and am pretty certain it could be winterized with a pair of tights, boots, and a long sleeve tee or turtleneck layered underneath, with a cardigan or sweater over the top. This dress is a pull-on style, with an elastic waist, and three buttons on the bodice. Definitely on my get-list.

EDIT: I was so happy to see this dress back in Target, as I was sad to have passed it up the first time! I always felt a tinge of regret whenever I saw Debbie of Possess and Obsess wear it (like here and here and here - isn't Debbie a genius?!) Though I did fit into the Small okay, it felt too short so I opted for the Medium. And did I mention the pockets..?! Mine, mine, mine!

Rodarte for Target Lace Print Dress

This was the dress I was looking for when anticipating this promotion. It was all over the advertisements in magazines, leading up to the re-release, and I remember loving it on Amber when she wore it last month. But on me? I don't know...I'm not sure if it's my best look. I mean, it's certainly a Very Nice Dress, and I can probably find some interesting ways to style it, but it's not really making my heart sing. What do you all think? Should this dress find a place on my get-list, or should I let it go?

EDIT: This dress is a funny one. It was one I fell in love with when I saw it online, liked less when I saw it in person, but liked again once I got home and saw the photos. I'm wearing a size Small in the photos. I took it home with me to put it on the "think about" pile (as my husband always calls it, haha), and after some consideration I think I'll keep it.

I had a couple extra ones that Carol didn't try on, notably the other Tracy Feith confection:

Tracy Feith for Target Hibiscus Print Dress (size 5)

I actually really really liked the cut of this dress - the high boatneck and scoop back was so elegant to me, and look at that full skirt! It felt extremely sturdy and well-made, too! The one thing I couldn't get over was the bright pattern. I'm still
very standoffish when it comes to most patterns, and combined with the bright colors it was just too much for me to handle. Not for me, but maybe for someone else!

Last but definitely not least was the Thakoon for Target Printed Tie-Waist dress, which the Target website describes as "black and white," when it's most definitely more of a blue and gray print. I tried this one on at the very end, after Maya and I had already tried on everything else we'd pulled, when I saw another customer walk into the fitting room carrying it. In my last-minute try-on, I forgot to take a photo, but I will say this - I really really liked this dress. It's made of a substantial cotton fabric with good heft, has pockets and a self-tie belt, with a hidden button placket down the front. The print has a very tribal, batik feel which is very on-trend for this year, and the skirt's length makes it totally appropriate for work, church, dinner, brunch, or just running errands (and I imagine I'll do any and all of these things in this dress).

Overall, I left Target feeling like there were enough really good, well made, wonderfully designed selections in this re-release that if you wanted, you could pretty much cover all your bases in terms of dresses you might want/need for the spring and summer, and you could pretty much do it with $200 or less (you could buy about 5 dresses with the $200) - which is about what you'd spend for one full-priced dress at Anthro and department stores. I wouldn't guarantee that they'd last for longer than a year or two of repeated wear, but for those prices, I think I'd be okay with that. There were quite a few other dresses in the collection too, that I didn't feature here, but may be worth a look.

Hope this was helpful, and thanks for reading!

EDIT: Yes! Thanks for reading, and thanks for letting me crash the reviews! ^_-


  1. GREAT REVIEW! I appreciate this so much. I love the
    Libertine for Target Striped Tunic and think that's the one for me!

  2. Yay, had so much fun with you! xoxo

  3. Thank you for the great Target reviews!! I love the shirt dress on you of course. You're like the model for shirt dresses! I'm happy to see that Tucker's coming out with some new stuff.

  4. I literally just got back from Target with the Tucker for Target Button Front Dress. I bought it to wear to my son's first birthday party! I love it! Thanks for all of the reviews, after reading this post I might need to go back and take a look at a few more!

  5. I swear I saw the polka dotted dress in a consignment store a few weeks ago, but they didn't have my size. I'll have to go check out Target and see if it fits!

  6. The Rodarte for Target Slip Dress in Peach looked really terrific on Jen of FrmHeadToToe ( I think it's impractical for work but super cute for photoshoots! I thought it looks great on both of you too so don't be so hard on yourself. :)

  7. Hmmmn, I am curious why the store you visited stocked the blue version of the Thakoon Printed Tie-Waisted Dress when all the promos featured the black one. I wish my store had stocked the blue version as I found that the black one looked like mud in person. If you feel like posting any fitting room photographs of that dress, I would be grateful.

  8. I really like the Pink Zac Posen wrap dress. I was looking on the Target website and the material is described as being polyester. Is it a satiny, shiny polyester or more matte?

  9. I feel the same way about the Rodarte Lace Print and the Tucker s/s Floral (bought, bought). I was so sad about the Temperley because the details are just precious and the fit was perfection. If only it was a better sad.

  10. Great reviews! I love that Feith dress as well, beautiful.

  11. Awesome reviews. I also went to Target on Saturday to check out the pieces. I initially loved a lot of them but after trying them on, I became nit-picky (i.e. too short, too tight, too loose). I did pick up the Rodarte lace dress and am contemplating the two Tucker dresses, but they're kinda short.

    Complex Cardigans

  12. @Rachel - it's definitely more matte.

    @Jeannie - I'll post a photo soon. =)

  13. What size did you have on for that pink "wrap" dress? I actually love it.

  14. @Chrissy - I had on the size small.

  15. I thought the Thakoon tie-waist dress was a bit on the short side (like ALL these dresses), but it came home with me anyway. I would describe the color as off black/grey/white. It looks great with black tights, and the top is modest enough to balance out the shortness. I also like that it looks pulled together without requiring much styling---throw on pumps and some earrings and call it a day.

  16. carol, i'm surprised that you don't like the Zac Posen Wrap Dress - we must be seeing different things! I think it's very cute on you! Sure it doesn't fit my definition of a wrap dress either, but the colour is so pretty and the ruffly sleeves are adorable.
    Tracy Feith White Strappy Dress is another fave of mine - how cute is the tiered hem!

  17. omg adorablle! I love the Libertine for Target Crepe Dress on you Carol and you both look fab in the Tracy Feith for Target White Strappy Dress.

    As for the lace dress I have it and honestly I feel the same about it as you guys did. I debated returning it and obviously ended up keeping it. However I only like it wear it with belts or something. The shape just doesn't work without a bit of help. The waist is just a bit off and so is the chest. However I think the blog encouraged me to love it more. it always photographs well I and I get so many compliments on it. Thanks for the shout out!!

    Kahryn I LOVE the Tracy Feith for Target Hibiscus Print Dress on you!

    And lol I have the rodarte tulle dress and I love it!! LOL I have to saw good idea you passed on it though , you both know your style and it shows that, that dress is not.

  18. Thanks so much for these great reviews! I think the Rodarte Lace-Print dress looks lovely on both of you. And Carol, the Libertine rugby stripe tunic is so fun! I was actually at Target tonight and didn't even give it a second glance. But it looks absolutely darling on you -- most especially with those red flats!

  19. Great reviews! I have the Alice Temperley Black Ruffly dress on its way to me and I can't wait to get my little grabby hands on it- none of the Targets near me carried the line (of COURSE, COLORADO GRRR) so it's currently stuck in Eagan, MN.

    Half tempted after seeing your review to go up and get it myself. The ruffles! The sleeves! Love it!

    And well, 3/4 of my wardrobe is full of high-maintenance clothes. Downy Wrinkle Release is a girl's BFF, hehehe.

    Yay, can't wait!

  20. This is amazing review :)
    I ended up buying one dress after I read this reviews hehe

  21. I love the rodarte lace print dress. looks gorgeous. I also like the purple zac posen one for it's color and petal sleeves, but it looks odd from the front.

    I think i have a motivation to go to target in the near future. lol