Thursday, March 31, 2011

Target Twinsies (OOTDs)

Hello and Happy Thursday, Everybody!



...yeah, I don't really know what else to say, as not much has really happened yesterday. Well, except that my Ducks beat the Flames yesterday in Calgary, improving their chances of making the playoffs. So luckily, I'm a generally happy Kathryn today instead of a morose Kathryn.

I've probably mentioned this before, but it's a little embarrassing to admit that many of my days are either made or ruined based on how the Ducks play.


In a happy coinky-dink, Carol and both happened to throw on a couple of Target GO International dresses as our outfits-of-the-day. We didn't even plan it or anything! It's like we have ESPN, or something. We're just cool like that, obviously. ^_-

I still say that I like this little Rodarte number more in photos than I do when I see it in person, but I guess that's not an awful thing. I decided to throw on an old cowlneck sweater (I really seem to like those, don't I?) over it, and I was pretty pleased with the result if I may say so myself.

Always nice to find multiple ways to wear an item. ^_^

Rodarte for Target Lace Print Dress
Rampage Fleece Cowlneck (older than Carol's eldest child, but a very nice option here)
WHBM Black Patent Skinny Belt (check out this adorable one here!)
Nordstrom Frenchi Black Tights
Report "Britt" Booties (a nice alternative here and another option here)
Betsey Johnson Earrings (similar here and another pretty option here)

Haha, now that I look at my photo, a couple of thoughts occur to me...1) the way I'm standing makes it look like I have to pee, 2) I wonder how long the neighborhood kids have been looking for their blue rubber ball, and 3) I really need to bribe my husband to attend to the weeds in our patio!!!

So that's about all I have for today...sorry for the writer's block, but thank you all for visiting and reading my silly babbling! ^_^ Stay tuned for a very VERY cute Carol!!

Have a great day!!!

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. It's Thursday, which is one day farther along towards getting through this week, so I'm okay with that, haha. I'm wearing the Thakoon for Target Tie Waist Dress, which as you can see is navy and gray more than "black and white" as described on the website. Maybe the one I ended up with is a color variant? I dunno. Either way, I'd never call this dress black and white.

Dress: Thakoon for Target Tie-Waist Dress (may still be in stores, sold out online)
Belt: Snakebite belt, Anthro (similar here and here)
Shoes: Diamond-Stitched Skimmers, Anthro (similar here and here)
Necklace: Judith Jack

Have a great day, and thanks for reading!


  1. omg love them both!great styling with the lace dress Kathyrn and I love how you love hockey as much as I love baseball.

    You both look so lady like!
    Amber's Notebook

  2. agree with amber's notebook. both of you look amazing!
    carol, i have the same dress. i am totally going to copy your look!
    kathryn, i totally love the way you styled the slip dress!

  3. You two are total cutie's in your Target numbers - love both dresses and how you styled them! My Graham has learned to weasle himself out of a five point my trips to Target have been pitifully brief - no time to stop at the pretties. At least I can admire them here!

  4. what gorgeous serendipity! I wish I had the Thakoon to go with my Rodarte...

  5. I now want that Rodarte dress to wear it as a skirt! And that Thakoon piece - I've never seen it IRL and it sold out online in a flash, I can totally see why! You both look fantastic!

  6. You two make a couple of Target dresses look VERY expensive.
    Kathryn, i really love your idea of wearing the dress as a skirt. Infact i think it looks better than the dress itself!
    Carol, LOVE that dress with the red flats. Sophisticated and fun at the same time.

  7. I wore the Rodarte dress too today! That's definitely some ESPN stuff! Love both looks BTW. Wishing I picked up the Thakoon dress.

  8. Dammit, Carol, you look so cute that I want that Thakoon dress now....and your shoes inspired me to think how cute it would look with my UO orange suede pumps (the ones Tara often rocks). I'm out of the country for work, so I'm going to have to ask my mom to go on a treasure hunt for it - she already (successfully) tracked down the DV for Target sandals Kathryn mentioned a few posts ago!! :)

  9. I loveee the Thakoon dress on you!! Wish I had seen it at the stores sooner. Are you wearing it in S? Or XS?

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