Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What We Wore When Teemu Selanne Scored a Hat Trick (OOTDs)

Greetings, everyone!

I hope that you're all doing well!

I'm doing quite all right, myself. I took an extended break from work to decompress after it took me days to generate a very large and detailed report. The fact that the completion of the report coincided with my birthday was a happy circumstance, haha. So I didn't really get "dressed" for most of last week. As a result, I had the biggest urge to throw on a pencil skirt and heels.

Do you ever feel that way? After days of sweats and PJs, you just really feel like rocking a pencil skirt and heels?

I don't really know what I was thinking when I put this outfit together, other than that it had been awhile since I'd pulled out my Acting Out Skirt, and that I really liked the idea of a nice, slim sweater to go with it for a streamlined silhouette. The sweater I decided to wear is actually the tunic that I wore here - just one of those happy, Nordstrom BP finds that's held up remarkably well over the years. Looking at my outfit now, it makes me think of something Kendi might wear...or maybe that's just me sounding optimistic about my outfit, hahaha.

Nordstrom Frenchi cowlneck tunic (super old, similar style in a different color here)
Anthropologie Acting Out Skirt (Fall 2010, similar here)
Jessica Simpson "Oscar" Nude Patent Pumps (similar here)
Matrushka Construction Glass Earrings

...of course, when I got dressed in the morning, I didn't accommodate for the fact that I would be heading to a hockey game right after work. And so, this was what I was wearing when Teemu Selänne scored his 22nd career hat trick and became the first player over the age of 40 to record a 5-point game (3 goals, 2 assists = 5 pts). Hats were thrown. Many, many hats.

I may or may not have cried a little.

I've been fortunate enough to meet this amazing man several times, and he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Teemu exudes a rare brand of kindness and genuine love of life that is as infectious as it is endearing. It's only natural that, at the age of 40, questions loom as to how much longer he'll be playing. He's been a part of my life as a hockey fan for so long, it's impossible (and heart-wrenching) to think of him not on the ice for my team anymore. And so, I felt extremely privileged to be there and witness this beautiful specimen of a man "do work" in person.

Witness his face, as my friends successfully coaxed the entire arena into chanting, "ONE MORE YEAR! ONE MORE YEAR!"

screen shot of a DVR recording of the game, courtesy of Sam King

The good news is, my heels held up nicely as I was jumping up and down with excitement. ^_-

On the way to my car after a previous game, I ran into a group of loud and proud (and probably very inebriated) Finnish people who had flown over from Europe to watch Teemu play. Their energy and enthusiasm had me thinking that Finland might surpass Disneyland as the "happiest place on Earth," and they left me with this statement:

"You need Finnish people to win!!!"

Yes. Yes you do. ^_^

Hey everyone! It's me, Carol. I have no cool or interesting stories. This week is turning out to be one of those weeks I just need to get through. Ever have those? Yep. That's where I am right now.

So, here's what I wore yesterday - mostly because I've had this acid yellow scarf I bought on impulse for a while (fortunately, it was an under-$10 impulse), and felt like I just needed to wear it. Not sure if it was totally successful (I think next time, I'll layer a different shirt under the blazer - this one was possibly too long), but I think it did the job.

Jacket: Sine Blazer, Anthropologie (similar here and here)
Top: Scoop neck tee, Three Dots (similar here and here)
Pants: Denim "Minnie," J. Crew (similar here and here)
Shoes: Pink Studio (similar here and here)
Scarf: Forever 21 (similar here and here)

Have a great day and thanks for reading!


  1. I love your outfit Katherine! So sleek and chic! :) And I totally know what you mean about the "must-dress-up-after-living-in-pjs" - sounds like post-exam mode to me. haha
    Currently, watching cricket world semi-finals!!! (so completely with you on the game-time stress as well) For the record: Go India! :D

  2. I had no idea that Teemu Selanne was 40! That is simply amazing. I remember watching him start his career with the Jets when I was in my last year of high school.

    Love your outfit Katherine. So classic and modern and sleek.

    Carol, I hear ya about getting through "those weeks". You look very stylish doing so, and I'm having serious envy over those shoes!

  3. Both outfits are amazing (haha, what else is new?! :)) but aside from that I really really loved the addition of the yellow scarf! It caught my eye instantly and really made the outfit seem warm (if that makes any sense). Thanks for sharing, ladies!

  4. Kathryn- perfect elegant simplicity, you're totally rocking that distinctive skirt! And Carol, I love the dimensions of the long scarf with cropped blazer and long layer underneath. cute!

  5. Loving both of your cute outfits today! Kathryn-I adore the pairing of the sweater and skirt...I was just wishing that the stuff I bought 5 years ago was still just as cute today As I thought it was then! You're quite the fashionista for being able to have an eye out for pieces that will look great over time!

    And Carol--those shoes are the cutest!!! They're so chic!!! =)

  6. Kathryn - How fun! Teemu is rockin' 40! Wow. The hat throwing cracks me up every time.

    Carol - I like the yellow pop. You're right in line w/your usual unique and beautiful twist to an outfit.

  7. @ Kathryn - yep, i hear you. I think every girl needs to spend at least one day of the week in a pair of heels and fantastic skirt!
    @ Carol - i wish this week was over already too! well, it kinda is for me as tomorrow i am on sick leave getting my wisdom teeth removed.
    You both look fantastic as usual~!

  8. Carol, I love this outfit too. Very chic and the yellow scarf is perfect. I don't have much yellow in my wardrobe, but now I'm going to be on the hunt for a yellow scarf.

    Kathryn, that skirt looks great on you. I almost bought it, now I wish I had.