Sunday, April 10, 2011

And Some More... (Fitting Room Reviews)

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend is going well. This is the last day of my "spring break" and while I didn't get to do everything I planned and wanted (mostly owing to a cold I came down with on Thursday), it was still a nice time with my family and I really enjoyed the time off to recharge with them. Some of you must be having your spring breaks around this time too (for those of you who have school-aged kids or are students or teachers yourselves). Do any of you have anything fun planned?

Here are the last handful of reviews of some Anthro dresses that I peeled off yesterday's post. My favorite B&M Anthro hasn't yet received some of the newer pieces, but I'll keep an eye out for them, if I get a chance to swing by, later this week.

I love green dresses, and this one seemed promising. I'd seen it on a couple other bloggers, so thought I'd give it a try too. I'm wearing it in a size 0, and overall, it fit well. I did find, however, that the top half was surprisingly short-waisted, since I'm short-waisted and petite already, and this hit a little high on my natural waist, unlike the model shots.  Longer-waisted, taller women may find this fit problematic. The cut-away shoulders were very summery, but won't allow you to wear a normal bra with it - a racerback or strapless bra is necessary, unless you're willing to commit to wearing a cardigan over it the entire time you have it on. I also found the skirt to be a touch too long on me - I'd want to have it taken up an inch or two, I think. The three buttons on the front placket are functional and the dress has a side zip and attached sash at the waist. Overall, I thought the dress was okay, but not really what I was hoping for. I think I'll wait to see if there are other green dress offerings, as the season continues. 

I love shirtdresses, so I had to try this one on. I'm wearing the XS, and I think it was too big on me - smaller women may be sized out of this one. The length was okay, hitting at my knee, but the skirt was weirdly shapeless and sack-like on me, and the top was also too blousy on my short-waisted upper half. This wasn't helped by the fact that the button placket was stiff and sort of held itself out, away from my body, in an odd way (see sideview shot above). I'm sure it'd fit much better on taller, longer-waisted women. The buttons are functional and the dress is a pull-on style. A pass for me. 

I'm wearing the Gathered Hemlock dress in an XS, and I loved it! The brightly colored print made me feel like I was wearing a celebration of spring right on my dress and put a smile on my face - it's like a treatment for Seasonal Affect Disorder that you wear. The fabric is really comfy and I found the fit flattering - the gathered waistline and draped skirt are forgiving of figure flaws and the dress has pockets!   I really had no complaints about this dress - totally wishlisted for sale time!

This dress has been around for a month or more now, but I'm only just trying it on. I really really love it! I'm wearing it in a size 0, which fit pretty well everywhere, except for the length of the skirt (petite sizes are offered in this style, but just a note - I did try on the 2P and found the top to be a tad blousier than I wanted, though the rest of the dress was fine. I think the 0P might just be perfect for me). There's not much to say about this dress except that it's pretty and made of silk, and I didn't want to take it off. There's a side zip and a removable sash tie, and it's fully lined. It even has pockets. The only drawbacks of this dress are that 1) it's dry clean only and 2) it's not going to be convenient if you're a nursing mother. That being said, totally wishlisted for sale time.

After the luck I had with the fit of the Pom Flower Shift Dress, I decided I shouldn't be so biased against shift dresses anymore. So, when I saw the beautiful colors and photographic print on the Blooming Bulbs Dress, I thought I would give it a try. I have on the size 0 in these photos, and apologize for the strange yellow tint in these pictures - do take a look at the actual dress form pictures on Anthro's website, because mine don't do justice to the gorgeous silvery grays, rich plums, and gentle browns that make up the dress's print. Beautiful color and print aside, I was underwhelmed by this dress, and remembered why I wasn't a huge fan of shift dresses to begin with. The bateau neckline was nice, and the length is good, but if you take a glimpse at the side view photo above, you'll see how the dress adds extra volume right over the belly. I have a little pooch, but honest to goodness, that's not all me! ^_-  The dress has a back zipper, is dry-clean only, and is a pass for me. 

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Love, love, LOVE the Gathered Hemlock Dress on you. Gorgeous! Question about the shape of the skirt on the Blooming Bulbs Dress. Is that considered an A-line? I have a skirt that fits like that on my body, and I'm not sure if that's the intention of the design or if I bought the skirt in the wrong size.

  2. I think the blooming bulbs looks reallly cute! I love the dramatically-sized pattern!

  3. The Gathered Hemlock dress is gorgeous on you - the colours are amazing!! I also really like the Tuileries dress on you, but then I'm kind of obsessed with the dress so that could be why I'm partial to it! Great reviews, Carol!

  4. Isn't the Gathered Hemlock Dress AMAZING?! I tried it on the other day and instantly fell in love. It looks fantastic! As soon as it hits sale (and I hope it does soon) I'm snatching it up!

  5. I like the Tuileries dress on you, but like you said, you'd need the petite size! I think the Gathered Hemlock fits well, but I discourage you from buying it because of the print. I just feel like it would be sort of dress that is way too unique, and everybody would be starting at you just because of the blinding bright colors.

    I still say hold out for other new arrivals!

  6. I know you may not like the Fountain of Youth dress, but I think it looks so cute on you! Glad to hear that you were able to score your long awaited Pom Shift dress on sale + with the bday discount!

    I recently scored the Coin Purse Cardigan for $9.95 and am totally excited about it :)

  7. The Gathered Hemlock Dress looks amazing on cute! I hope you get that one! GReat reviews...thanks for sharing, Carol! Have a great Sunday!

  8. I LOVE the gathered hemlock dress on you! I have the other one similar to this in gray and I love it. This springtime version may have to make its way into my closet.

  9. Your fitting room reviews are so helpful. I mainly order items on-line and it's wonderful to see the items IRL, especially since we wear the same size.
    Thank you, thank you!

  10. I enjoy your fitting room reviews so much!! You have the best taste in dresses.

  11. Buy the Gathered Hemlock dress the minute they mark it down!! It was super adorable on you. Thanks for the reviews. They are always helpful and fun to read. :)

  12. I love how your adorable kidlets are always hanging out in the background! Cute!!

  13. @Gigi - Thanks! Yes, I think that is an A-line skirt on the Blooming Bulbs dress. I think it's cut that way intentionally.

    @thatdamngreendress - Yes, I agree that the print is just fantastic - it's the favorite part of the dress for me. =D

    @Carly - thanks! You'd look so adorable in the Tuileres Dress! I hope you get it!

    @SweetLaundry - haha, you and me both! Love that dress!

    @Anonymous - yes, it's always good to hold out for sale time, because it gives you time to 1) decide if you really can't live without it, and 2) see if something you love more shows up. =)

    @anthrogirlonabudget - thanks! And congrats on the awesome deal!!!

    @Jenni - thanks so much! I hope your Sunday was great too!

    @Jaime - thank you! I was on my shopping ban, so passed up the gray one, but this one may definitely need to find a place in my closet. =)

    @maryeb - aw, thanks so much! I'm glad these are helpful to you! =)

    @Rachel - thanks so much! You're too sweet!

    @Susan - haha, I'm really hoping to, thanks! I'm glad you enjoy the reviews.

    @DaniellaBella - aww, thanks! They're good little people - I can't complain. ;)

  14. The Tuileres is my favorite from this batch! Good news for me - I have no plans to nurse ;)

  15. I had a question for ya. I usually wear a 4 and am quite busty. Would the size 2 Tuileries fit me comfortably you think?