Saturday, April 9, 2011

Various & Sundry (Anthro Fitting Room Reviews)

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday to you all! I've somehow managed to get sick again, so wasn't able to write up these reviews as quickly as I'd hoped. But, better late than never, right? The following include some sale picks from this past week as well as some things that have been around awhile and some that have just arrived in stores. It's been a while since I've let myself try on a lot of stuff so, I kinda picked up a little bit of everything while walking through the store. Here's what I saw and tried on:

Pom Flower Shift Dress (on sale!):

You've seen this one on me before - I tried it on and fell in love with it, way back in January, when it was first released, and have patiently been waiting for it to go on sale. My patience was duly rewarded this week, when it finally went on sale this week, during my birthday month! Still, I hadn't seen the dress in store for quite a while, so I was doubtful that I'd be able to find it. Can you believe that when I got to the store, there was only one Pom Flower Shift Dress hanging in the sale room, and it happened to be in my size? The Anthro gods were smiling on me. Yay! The DH is buying this one for my birthday gift, so it's getting put in a box and wrapped up until the day of, but I'm still super happy that I was able to bring this one home. Whee!

 Buttondown Cowlneck (now on second cut!) & Plaited Brushstrokes Skirt:

I'd been eyeing the Buttondown Cowlneck for a while, but found even its original sale price ($49.95) a little too much for my restricted budget, so I was thrilled when I found there'd been a second cut on the price already. Sandra helped me track down a size 0 in this top, and it fit wonderfully. The fit is flattering - slim but not snug - and I liked the way it sits on me. The cowlneck adds interest, and the colors are a great way to add some pop to your outfits. I liked the green (which is bordering on yellow) quite a lot, though it was a little on the sheer side - but would be willing to wear a light cami underneath it. The magenta and the blue didn't seem as sheer as the green color. This one came home with me - I'm looking forward to finding ways to incorporate it into my wardrobe.

I'm wearing the Plaited Brushstroke Skirt in a size 2 - and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and flattering I found this skirt! It's a true circle skirt (see photo below), and it hangs around the hips in wonderful folds of fabric. It's all cotton, with a cotton lining and it has pockets! It has back zipper closure and the length was great, hitting me right above the knee (which means that it may hit higher on you, if you're taller than me). I would have taken this home with me if my budget allowed it. As it is, absolutely wishlisted for sale.

Detail shot of the Plaited Brushstroke Skirt - this is a true circle skirt, with lots of fabric involved.

I was struck by the bright and vibrant color of this skirt, so had to try it on. I'm wearing a size 0. It's a terrific pencil skirt - well constructed for a flattering and comfortable fit. It sits well on the body, without hugging it too closely, the way some J. Crew pencil skirts can. It was a little long on me, I thought, so if I bought this, would probably have it taken up an inch or so. Otherwise, I had no complaints about it at all. It has a back zip, and is fully lined. Wishlisted for consideration at sale time. 

Happy Morning Sweater (on sale) & Highland Hiking Shorts:

This acid yellow and gray striped sweater caught my eye in the sale room, and my fingers itched to pick it up - so I did. I am a total sucker for stripey sweaters, and when I put on this one, I was instantly transported to casual weekend days and watching the sunset on the beach and sitting by a campfire roasting marshmallows. There's something so effortlessly chic about this boatneck sweater with the boxy cut and the gold-and-gray buttons on the shoulders. Did I mention that it's super soft and cashmere as well? Love, love, love. I'm wearing the XS in these photos.

I grabbed these shorts just for the purpose of pairing with the sweater, and I really liked the way their rugged details (zippers, seams, and faded finish) contrasted with the more finished and expensive feel of the sweater. The shorts were surprisingly soft and comfy and a good length - not too short, not too long - and while I usually buy my shorts when they're on sale at Old Navy (some things just aren't worth the splurge for me) I may keep my eye on these for further consideration at sale time.

 Jeweler's Choice Cardigan (sold out online, but still available in stores) & Plaited Brushstroke Skirt:

I actually tried this sweater on when it was first released, but never posted my review of it, as there were quite a few of them on other blogs rolling around. Still, I will mention that I'm wearing the size Small in these pictures, which gave me a slightly roomier fit that I preferred and that it's a really well made, unique item. The beading around the neckline is so interesting, as it stands up away from the fabric of the sweater, evoking living coral, and the mottled color of the knit is quite nice too. It's heavier, so not something that I'd get a lot of wear out of in warmer temps, but will probably be great for cooler spring days and evenings, and of course the fall and winter. Even on sale, it's a bit pricey, so I'm mulling this one over. It's already sold out online, so it makes me wonder if it'll even make it to second cut....

In these photos, I paired it with the Plaited Brushstrokes Skirt in the orange colorway in a size 2. I love this skirt, and would actually consider getting both colorways when they make it to sale. 

Pezza Dress:

Kathryn reviewed this dress in a previous post, which made me really want to try it on. Um...can I have this dress now? At full price? Could I love it any more? Hmm...I don't think so. I'm wearing it in an XS in these photos. It's a heavy jersey fabric, pull-on style, with no pockets. The cowlneck and wide-set straps frame the collar bones beautifully and the fitted bodice, nipped in waist, and full skirt are flattering and perfect. I just won a gift card from Molly's blog, My Closet Travels, (thanks, Molly!!!) and I'm seriously thinking of applying it to this dress as a full-price purchase. Absolutely wishlisted. LOVE.

Thanks for hanging in there with fairly long and rambling reviews post (believe it or not, my original draft was longer, including 5 more dress reviews, which I decided to break into a second post for tomorrow). How did the rest of you do this past week? Did you pick up anything at the sale? Have you tried on any of the new arrivals? What's caught your eye lately?


  1. Eee! That Ackee Skirt is something miraculous: it seems to look great on everyone. It looks really lovely on you.
    So glad you lucked out with the Pom Shift Dress!

  2. Yes, Peza Dress!This dress is absolutely amazing, and this grey color, lovely.

  3. it all looks great on you Carol! I am lovin' Kate (and Rowan) in the background of your pictures! :)

  4. Great reviews! I'm glad you got your Pom Flower dress -- it looks perfect on you! :-) I'm also in love with the Pezza Dress. I tried it on the other day and it fits over my baby bump now and would look good post-pregnancy too, so I totally need it, right? ;-) The only problem is that I want the blue and can only find the green in my size. Anyway, it was fun reading your reviews and I love seeing the kids playing in the background of your pictures. :-)

  5. You look really, *really* good in every one of these pieces. The Pom Flower shift looks especially well-tailored on you. (But look at the kids in the background- Kate looks SO tiny ^^ Do you ever wish you could put her in your purse and take her everywhere with you? Look at how teensy her feet are ^___________^)

  6. I got the buttondown cowlneck too, but in blue - I definitely didn't have sheerness issues, but it's a little of a struggle for me to get the cowlneck to hang right! You managed it with no issues and your usual Carol flair!

    I thought the happy morning sweater was sweet but pricey even on sale - I didn't realize it was cashmere! Hm, may need to reconsider ...

    Thanks for these reviews, Carol! How do you manage to look so darn good in everything?!

  7. Thanks Carol.I have the pom dress and I love it. I also the love the dress you want to buy with the GC you won. Congrats again and happy shopping.

  8. yaaay, congrats on getting that dress! and those shorts look awesome with that sweater!

  9. Did you end up getting the Happy Morning sweater? I adore the color combo, and it looks adorable on you - so if you didn't, you should. :)

  10. Kate is stealing the show. Sorry, Anthro, lol! That one where she is covering her face is so adorable. The Pezza Dress is my kinda dress; I would wear that in every color of the rainbow.

  11. Happy dance that you are getting the Pom Flower for your b-day, it's gorgeous on you!!! I ordered the Pezza Dress and it fit over my belly well, but the color was awful, awful on me, wah! It's such a great dress on you and Kathryn! I'll have to live vicariously ;)

  12. oh ackee ackee ackee skirt, you look so perty on everyone...!

    I love the pezza too- classic.

  13. I'm so happy you got the Pom Flower Shift and that you followed your budget while doing so! I love everything you tried on and it's too cute seeing Kate and Rowan in the back. :)

  14. I love all of these pieces on you. I already wanted the jeweler's choice cardi but I agree the sale price is a bit high for me. That cowl neck is so pretty! I just need to pick a color. I want the yellow but have too many mustard and yellow and green cami tops as is... The pom flower shift is incredible on you! Glad to hear you snagged it for bday month!

  15. Also, omg your kiddos in the dressing room and slaying me with cute lols!

  16. The kids stole the show Carol, my apologies, but once I got over their absolute cuteness, I really enjoyed everything you tried on. I went for the Pom Flower Shift as well and it's such a unique piece. The Brushstrokes skirts are really flattering on you, I scope them out next time I'm at the store.

  17. @BritishAnthropologiest - Thanks! And yes, that Ackee Skirt is amazing. I just wish it wasn't so pricey, but it is CLC, so I suppose that's why.

    @Monika-ICDT - I'm glad you love it too! The color is actually more of an olive green than a gray (I think my iPhone made it look grayer than it is).

    @Sammie - thank you! Haha, the two of them did a pretty good job of entertaining themselves back there for a pretty long time. I can't complain. =)

    @Debbie - Thanks! And yes! You TOTALLY need the Pezza dress - especially if it can pull double-duty! =D Maybe you can call CS and see if you can track down the blue color somewhere? And I'm sure your little one will be an angel in the fitting room. =D

    @Tara B - thank you! You know, it's funny you say that Kate looks tiny, because just the other day, I was rather wistfully thinking that she's getting so big. =)

    @Lisa - respect the shoes - Thanks! I wanted to try on the blue, but my store didn't have it in my size, so I ended up with the green. You should reconsider the Happy Morning sweater - it's not a bad price at all for a cashmere sweater that's not a cardigan or turtleneck (which are the types of pieces you find for sale in this price range, usually). It's SO cute! (Am I being a bad friend, right now?)

    @Molly - yay for the Pom dress! And I'll be sure to let you know what I end up getting with the gift card. =)

    @J'aime shopping - Thank you! Don't the sweater & shorts make the perfect outfit for a casual summer night?

    @Summer - Thanks for the encouragement! =D

    @Gigi - Aww, thanks Gigi! I like the one where she's drinking lemonade back there, myself. =) And yes, I agree about the Pezza - I'm dangerously obsessed with it, right now.

    @Jan Russell - Thanks! You should try the Pezza in blue! It's such a pretty color! Call CS and see if they can find you one! (I know, I'm a bad bad influence...)

    @thatdamngreendress - It's really just a perfect pencil skirt, isn't it?

    @Patti - Thanks! It's hard to not be impulsive at Anthro, but waiting for sales certainly does pay off, and is much friendlier to my budget. =)

    @Jesspgh - Thanks! Yes, I agree that the Jeweler's Choice Cardi is just a bit on the high side, so I'm starting to think I'm going to need to pass on it, as it's hard to believe it'll still be around for a second cut. =P

    @Dea - no apologies necessary, Dea. =) There's actually a little video I took of them dancing on the bench of the fitting room that I posted on my personal facebook page - I may need to post it on the IPoPT facebook page as well. I can't wait to see you in the Pom Flower Shift - I love how you style things!

  18. Oh! I want that Plaited Brushstroke Skirt - so pretty!

  19. Thanks Carol!! I adore the Pezza dress. I want it now too. Oy. And everything else look good on you. Love the shorts cuz I'm sick of winter.

    This week, I bought the Neo Refinement Pullover in gold and later went back for the plum one. I just love it. And the Salute to Ruffles jacket for $29.95. Only one left. I felt lucky. Should have bought a lottery ticket too. LOL.

    And the kiddies background is super cute. They are such good kids. Adorable.

  20. Um, I admit I bit on the Jeweler's Choice cardigan. It WAS still a bit steep for sale, but I had a credit that covered over half of it, so I didn't hurt as much at the register. And because it pretty scarce and only one in my size at the store, I figured I needed to get now. I love the coral beading on it. It looks great on you with your dark hair. And what birthday luck that the store had the Pom Shift in your size. Plus a birthday discount?! Can't get much better than that!

    Your two little ones in the background are too freaking cute.

  21. Thanks for these reviews Carol. I am really loving the plaited brushstrokes skirt. I'm not sure which colourway i like better though. Probably the blue. But yeh, if they make it to sale they'll be mine too ..if i can wait that long! I also think the Pezza dress is an amazing fit on you - and it also looks pretty versatile as well. win-win!

  22. I must say you have a fabulous wardrobe! Can you be my stylist?

  23. You really shouldnt be taking pictures in the store....