Friday, May 20, 2011

Odds and Ends (Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews)

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!!! This week felt extraordinarily long to me, replete with lots of work, early mornings, school drop-off meltdowns, and head colds. Oh, and on top of it, it's been rainy, cool, and overcast here all week. I see that the sun is out this morning, but that's cold comfort, when I'm not entirely convinced it's warm enough to wear any of my warm-weather finds from the Tag Sale yet. We'll see, we'll see....

Gosh, I'm glad it's Friday.

So, over the past few weeks, I've been collecting some photos from the fitting room, which I'm finally sorting through and sharing with you. 

The Skewed Pullover is one of two printed versions of the Neo-Refinement Pullover, which I recently picked up on a 3rd (!!!) cut, at the tag sale. I'm wearing size Small (there is no XS available) and while the polka dots on this one is definitely cute, I noticed that the ivory background is a teeny bit sheer - in the upper left hand photo, you can see where the waist of my jeans start, through the sweater - which I don't like at all. There's not much more to say about this, except that I think I'm glad I got the solid version instead, as it seems more versatile to me (easier to match to bottoms). For a more vibrantly colored print, check out the Orchard Grove Pullover. These sweaters are a cotton blend and are hand-wash only.

She Sells Tank:

I'm wearing the She Sells Tank in a size 0. As soon as I saw this one pop up online, I was intrigued by it, and I have to say, I love the name, playing off the classic tongue-twister. This is the kind of cornball-clever humor that makes me grin every time. The fit of this top was good - I appreciate that the neckline doesn't scoop too low, as some of Anthro's scooped tops can do on smaller-framed me. Still, once it was on me, I don't know if I loved it. For some reason, I'm not sure if the print was really working for me. Otherwise, I have no complaints. This top is made of a cotton-spandex blend, is machine-washable, and has functioning buttons down the front. Also, there's an attached sash that can be tied in the front as shown above, or behind, if you so desire. Wishlisted for consideration at sale-time.

Backswept Dress:

Here's the much-buzzed about Backswept Dress, by Corey Lynn Calter, which I believe I tried on in a 0.  The fit of the bodice and waist was good overall, but the skirt was a touch long, and the cut of the shoulders made me look like it was too big on me, I thought. I don't know...when I first saw the dress on one of the store's dress forms, I couldn't take my eyes off of it - the striking colors, oversized print, and classic shape should have made it a knock-out. But I think the fact is, I felt like it all served to overwhelm my petite frame. I rather expect that taller women will be stunning in this dress, but maybe shorter women should approach with caution. There's also the matter of the cut-out, tie-back element on the back of the dress (sorry about the blurriness):

This is really cute for a summer garden party, outdoor wedding, barbecue, or any other appropriate warm-weather event. But the fact that you have to create this little knot on the back of the dress means it will create an odd bump in the back the second you try to put a cardigan or other topper (with maybe the exception of a shawl or wrap) over this - which makes it harder to wear in cooler temperatures. I think, sadly, this will be a pass for me. 

Overwhelmed Aster Dress:

I tried on the Overwhelmed Aster Dress in a size 0, and I really loved it! What a perfectly darling party dress! There's a great tulle underskirt that lends the skirt its shape and on the bodice, there are little cut-out appliques of the same flowers that make up the lace-like fabric of the dress. There's not a whole lot to criticize here aside from the skirt being a touch long on me, hitting right below my knee, and that it's not terribly versatile - I can't really see myself wearing this in a more day-to-day setting. However, if you have weddings, bridal showers, or parties of any sort to attend, this is a fantastic dress. I have a wedding coming up myself, so it's on my list of candidates.

Villa Mysteriis Top:

The soft colors and easy shape of the Villa Mysteriis Top caught my eye, so I picked it up on my way to the fitting room. I've got it on in the size 0, and as you can see, it's got a looser fit which would be great during the hotter temperatures of summer, except for one thing - this top is not cotton, as you might expect, but rayon, and marked as dry-clean only to boot! There are three narrow, horizontal pleats that sit at the top of the bust, which are also oddly distracting - every time I glance at the photo, I keep wondering if the shirt's riding up a little, which is bad, since it's not. I don't know. I think the theory of this top was much better than its execution. Still, the colors and print might tempt me enough when it hits sale, for me to overlook its other flaws.

Summer Tartan Tank and Apothecary Skirt:

Here I am, trying out a bit of fitting-room print-mixing, with the Summer Tartan Tank (green version) and the Apothecary Skirt (blue motif). The Summer Tartan Tank is one that I wanted to try when I saw it show up online, and in these photos, I'm wearing the size XS. There's something very childlike about this top, and I think it's essentially the seam that runs above the bust, which simultaneously gives the shirt a very vintage (as in 1800s) look while also calling to mind the way little girl dresses are sometimes cut. I don't know. After trying this on, I'm ambivalent. I kinda like it. I kinda don't like it. I bet when it's on sale, I'll pick it up in spite of myself. This top is cotton, machine washable, and has a functional button closure down the front of the shirt. 

The skirt though, was another story altogether. I was on a serious shopping ban when the original winter iteration of the Apothecary Skirt appeared as an "Online Exclusive" on Anthro's website, so even though I really liked the look of it, I never pulled the trigger. So, when I saw this brighter spring version in the Fashion Valley B&M, I couldn't get it into the fitting room fast enough. And I LOVE it. I loved it so much, I totally impulse-purchased it that day and promptly wore it 3 times the following week. The wide, elasticized waistband closes with three snap buttons and provides a little support at the waist line. There are two large pockets positioned lower down the skirt, but with the elasticized tops, they hug the skirt, rather than hanging loosely open, adding volume, as similar pockets can. Love, love, love!

Hope you found these reviews helpful. Have a super Friday!


  1. Thanks for reviewing so many items. I really love the Overwhelmed Aster dress on you.
    What size did you get in the Apothecary Skirt?

  2. I really like how the Skewed Pullover hangs on you. I have the Neo Refinement in the oatmeal color, and although I love it, I have trouble getting it in place. But the way you've put this one on, it looks more like a chic boatneck. Despite the sheer factor, I think I'll be picking this one up at some point.

    The Backswept Dress is gorgeous on you, but as a fellow petite women, I'm also concerned it might be a overwhelming on my frame. It's hard to resist, though. But the knotty back (a mistake, imo) and the hefty price are definitely making it easier!

    Thanks so much for the very helpful reviews :) 

  3. I really like the way the pull over looks on you and I wouldnt mind wearing a cami either but i see your point. Im from SD too so I always look for cardigans or light summer sweaters because the weather is always so weird in the summer and I like the pull over because of that. 

  4.  The Overwhelmed Aster dress is to.die.for. Please leave the Villa Mysteriis Top on the rack, even come sale time. Your face says it all, lol.

  5. carol_prettythingsMay 21, 2011 at 4:14 PM

    OMG, you're so right. Hahaha, on the rack it stays! (Villa Mysteriis, that is). =) 

  6. carol_prettythingsMay 21, 2011 at 4:16 PM

    Absolutely - it never really gets hot here until late August, September (sometimes not even 'til October). Light sweaters to layer with are really key for that reason. If you're in San Diego, I hope you're planning to join us on June 12th at the Anthro shopping event! We'd love to meet you! =) 

  7. carol_prettythingsMay 21, 2011 at 4:17 PM

    Thanks! I got the Apothecary Skirt in a size 0. 

  8. carol_prettythingsMay 21, 2011 at 4:20 PM

    I actually really like how the Neo Refinement (which I got in the gold color) hangs on me - I wore it the other day, and my co-worker liked it so much, she ran out and bought one herself, haha. =) I think the thing that makes these sweaters so interesting is how they don't hold themselves in one place or one shape - the way it moves and shifts and reshapes itself on the body, throughout the course of the day is one of its best characteristics - which isn't always something to admire in a piece of clothing. 

  9. Hello! Can ask where the torquoise flats from the first photo are from?


  10. carol_prettythingsJanuary 19, 2012 at 9:26 PM

    Absolutely - it never really gets hot here until late August, September (sometimes not even 'til October). Light sweaters to layer with are really key for that reason. If you're in San Diego, I hope you're planning to join us on June 12th at the Anthro shopping event! We'd love to meet you! =)