Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Carlsbad Anthropologie Fashion Show

So, how did everyone do at the Tag Sale at Anthropologie? It's really dreadful, because I was trying to be good and stick to the shopping ban challenge being hosted by Kim of Anthroholic, but I totally blew it today. One of the things I bought was the Tombolo Dress - something I never looked at twice until I went to the Carlsbad Anthro's Summer Fashion Show last Friday. I didn't even get a chance to try it on then, because all the small sizes were gone by the time I found it on the floor, and then, when I got a glance at the price tag, I winced. Lo and behold, it was on sale this morning, and while it was still pretty pricey (Twenty8Twelve), I feel like it was totally worth it, especially since I passed on the gorgeous (but painfully expensive) Winter Kate maxi dress I tried on a few months back.

Anyway, enough chatter about my sale-indulgences this morning. Let's get to some of the fun looks I saw at the Carlsbad Anthropologie Summer Fashion Show! (Oh, and let me apologize in advance for the inconsistent quality of the photos. Some were taken on my little point and shoot which was on a weird setting for a few of the photos (*groan*) and then some were taken on my iPhone, when my other camera's battery went kaput. Yep. I am that good a blogger. *very big sigh*

 This is just a cool feature wall in the section of the store where housewares are displayed. I thought the denim treatment was so interesting and fun! It looks almost like swaths of paint, doesn't it? Nicely done, Carlsbad Visuals staff!

 The seating area for guests, prior to the show. There were refreshments (wine! cheese! mini cupcakes!) and lots of new arrivals to peruse. I love the drum shades on the pendant lamps hanging from the ceiling. 

For you San Diego locals, let me introduce Fashion Valley Anthropologie's new Personal Shopper, Laura (above left, in the Horkelia Shift). I met her for the first time last Friday, at the Carlsbad event, where she was helping out. She was super helpful, really fun, and very nice. So if ever you need some help styling something, or picking out a look for an event, etc, don't be shy!

Of course, while I was there, I had to try on a couple of things myself!

I'm wearing Leifsdottir's Midsummer's Bloom Tank Dress in a size 2. The vivid colors and bright print caught my eye, and I decided to give it a go. It's got an interesting asymmetrical waist and hem - higher in the front, lower in the back - which gives the dress some shape, without actually structuring it. I thought it was fun - though I think I would need the size 0 - the 2 was a little big on me, scooping too low in the front (I'm posing very carefully, to keep from exposing myself). The dress is silk, has a pull-on styling, and is dry-clean only. I think I might consider it at sale time, though I think I could wait for a second cut (Leifsdottir is a bit dear, and while I like this dress, I don't love this dress).

Mariposa Tank and AG Tomboy Crops:

When the Mariposa Tank was modeled, I thought it was so cute, in a '50s pin-up sort of way, and imagined it would be a great versatile piece - I could wear it with jeans or shorts for weekends and vacation days, or with a cardi or blazer and slacks or skirt for a more work-appropriate look. I picked up a size 2, because the store was out of 0s, and tried it on. It was a teensy bit big from the front, but acceptable. But from the sides...*BIG SIGH*. Why are these shoulder straps so long? I wouldn't be surprised if there was a good extra 1.5"-2" on these, and I'd be surprised if the size 0's straps were much shorter. If I were to buy this top, I'd have to spend the money getting those straps shortened. So, while I really liked the top, I'm definitely not buying it at full price, and will even consider carefully at sale time. It's a bummer, because otherwise, it's so cute. It's cotton, with a smocked back and back-zipper, is machine washable, and covered with the sweetest butterfly print. 

The AG Tomboy Crops were a happy surprise. I'm wearing these in a size 25, and I love them. The only reason I didn't buy them right then and there is that my budget just wouldn't allow it. Shorter women will be glad to know that they still looked cropped on my 5' 2" frame (usually, "crops" and "capris" mean they hit at the ankle for me - these stopped a good 3" above my ankle without any adjustments - woohoo!). The store carried these in a darker wash (see on the model above) and also in the distressed version which I'm wearing. I'm not sure which I prefer, so if you have any thoughts, please share. I tend to be a little skittish about buying jeans that come with holes already in them, but I sort of liked the way this pair fit and looked. Either way, I'm definitely wishlisting these for sale time consideration.

Last but definitely not least, I ran into and spent some time shopping with a lovely reader, Barbara! Here she is, modeling the Whirligig Dress. Doesn't she look fantastic? Just an FYI, for those of you who may be interested in the fit of this dress, Barbara is also 5' 2", though her proportions are slightly different from mine - she's longer waisted than I am. I just love the color on her, and the fitted bodice and full skirt - divine!

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the Summer Fashion Show at the Carlsbad Anthro. Thanks for reading!


  1. First of all, the Tombolo Dress is going to be stunning on you-- fantastic piece to pick up! And you are so cute in those Tomboy Crops-- thinking I need to try on a pair next time in Anthro!

  2.  Oh, they look like they did a really great job of styling everyone at that show. I actually like that orange lace dress a lot better on the blonde woman than I like it on the Anthro model. 
    The Mariposa tank.... I tried that on in the store and found the colors looked sort of drab on me, but it looks so CUTE on you and the other woman that I'm thinking I may go back in and try it on again. I love it with the jeans.

    Thank you for the post!

  3. You just helped me make the list of things I want at the fashion event. If they are still in stock at that point, I will consider it fate and buy them!  That backswept dress is gorgeous 

  4. Carol, it was so fun to see you again!  EVERYTHING you tried on looked great.  I got a similar style halter top last year but it tied at the neck instead of straps .. you are so right... it goes from super casual to dressy depending on what I wear it with.  Your photos came out great..... I am impressed with your Iphone photos!!!   Looking forward to the 12th!

  5. ooh, thanks for all this!  I gotta say 'hubba hubba' on that Leifsdottir dress- it's, um, a wild print, but it looks fantastic and high-fashiony on you with those platforms!  I love the mariposa on you, and those crops are great.  The straps are easy- you could totally throw in a couple of stitches yourself!

  6.  I love the Mariposa tank on you and the facial expression in the second picture! :P Thanks for the reviews, wonderful as always. 

  7. You just helped me make the list of things I want at the fashion event. If they are still in stock at that point, I will consider it fate and buy them!  That backswept dress is gorgeous 

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