Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Check (Stock) Baby Check Baby (and an OOTD)

Hello all, and happy Monday...I mean, Tuesday!

...well, late Tuesday. Almost Wednesday!

I hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend!

Several of you asked me over the weekend how to check stock online at Anthro, so I asked my beautiful size twin Sara of You, Me & Anthropologie and she graciously gave me permission to share her helpful tip.

Of course, I can't find the post where she shared her tip anymore...so I'll have to do my best to try and explain it. Haha! ^_-

So here goes!

How to check stock online at Anthro:

Personally, I start off by adding 1 (one) of the desired item to my shopping bag. From there, I click "shopping bag" as if to check out. In the shopping bag screen, I change the quantity from 1 to 99 and hit "update." If the system lets you add 99 to your cart, then chances are pretty good that there's plenty of stock of your item. If there's anything less than 99 in stock, the shopping cart will show you exactly how many they have in stock.

Another approach is to add 99 to your shopping bag straight from the item screen. However, if there aren't 99 of the item in stock, then it won't let you add the item to your shopping bag at all.

So there you go! I think that about covers it? Hope that helps!

So, onto my outfit...

Welp. I have a confession. I am a serial outfit repeater.

I can't help it, really. If I happen to come up with a selection of items that combine to make a nice outfit, I can't help but recycle it. I try not to do it too often; however, it makes for fairly boring OOTD posts when I do end up repeating. So I only tend to post the outfits I haven't already posted before. Which, of course, cuts down on the number of my posts.

Today's OOTD was actually one of my favorite outfits from about the turn of the century. I'm not kidding - I've had these pieces in my closet forever. I've always liked this outfit, and I've never photographed it for the blog, so I decided to trot it out for kicks.

Banana Republic Non-iron Fitted Sateen Shirt (buy this year's version here)
Club Monaco Pleated Skirt (similar-ish here and here)
White House Black Market Patent Belt (similar here)
Zara D'Orsay Pumps (splurge-y versions here, here and here!)
Betsey Johnson Earrings (similar here)

Did we all score some nice Memorial Day deals? I may or may not have picked up a few of my wishlist items. Maybe. ^_-

Well, Wednesday...it begins. The Stanley Cup Finals. I was so happy to hear from so many Anthro-loving hockey fans out there! I have to say, seeing and hearing how much this all means to Canucks fans in Vancouver makes it that much easier for me to root for them. I've heard they moved a Supertramp concert to accommodate Game 1 (I'm also told that Canadians looove Supertramp, so this is no small thing!), and a food chain has changed its name from "Boston Pizza" to "Vancouver Pizza" for the duration of the Finals. With all the hoopla, who knows...I may eventually even soften my stance on Raffi Torres, haha. Vancouver has waited a verrrrry long time for this moment...I hope the Canucks pull through!

Go Canucks go!

As always, thanks so much for reading!


  1. GO Canucks! My friends back home are going crazy in anticipation for Wednesday's game. I'm pretty excited too. It's too bad I don't get hockey on the tele down here. Back home it would be on almost all the local and national channels.

  2. Don't worry, i'm a serial outfit repeater too. Trust me, if i was to post daily OOTDs, everyone would be yawning :-) But having said that, i don't think there's anything wrong with it - especially not with an outfit like yours. You look really professional and classic Kathryn!

  3. What I appreciate about blogs is that is challenges me to wear certain pieces different ways - but when something just works, why fight it?

    I have to admit I am not a big hockey fan, but remember the pandemonium and comraderie when the Rangers won the Stanley Cup way back in the day with Messier at the helm. EVERYONE in NYC was a #1 Rangers fan then and it was awesome - good luck to the Canucks!

  4. That is really intersting!! I wonder how many other stores work like that too.

  5. Yaaay Canucks!!  I'm so excited for them :)  Thanks for your support, it's awesome to see the shout out to Canada!  I didn't know Boston Pizza had changed its name to Vancouver Pizza... lol.  Anyway you look amazing as always!

  6. 30 minutes until the puck drops. I almost glad the Sharks didn't make it. I think I would've been a nervous wreck all day. *lol* There was a Vancouver bar that changed their name while the Sharks were in town. Funny stuff.

    Looove your skirt :)

  7. I love old favourites- this is classic, so it always works, and you can change the shoes and accessories over time.  I find the stock quantities in my wish list make me panic!

  8. I can see why this is a favorite outfit.  So classic, no matter when the pieces were purchased!

  9. Go Canucks go! Two more wins now!

  10. Thanks so much Jen! It's good to know there are other outfit repeaters out there! ^_^

  11. Thank you so much for your comment! I totally agree - if an outfit works, it should be allowed to come out and play. ;)

    Haha, funny you mention the Rangers - it was the Canucks that NY beat back in '94, in Game 7 and in double OT. It's been a long time coming, for the Canucks!

    Thanks so much for reading!

  12. Yeah, I'm not really sure, but I sure do wish Anthro had a "locate in store" feature too. That would be so helpful!

    Thanks for reading!

  13. Heehee, thanks so much! I hope all the "Vancouver Pizza" signs are still up when I go up to visit!

  14. My good friend who is a Sharks fan texted me during the last game against Vancouver, "Can't they just put me out of my misery already?" Poor guy.

    Those Canadians are nuts about their hockey, aren't they? Props to them...

    And thanks so much for reading. =)

  15. Thanks! It's fun to be able to wear an old piece...it's like it's "vintage" or something, haha!

  16. Thank you! Haha, the one thing about this skirt I forgot to mention is that it's designed like a kilt. So any mild gust of wind and *whoosh* - the potential for it to fly open is WAY too high. Haha!