Monday, May 23, 2011

When All Else Fails (OOTD)

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend. As everyone seems to have noticed, we're more or less all still here, with no natural disasters outside the standard sort in sight, so...I guess we've got a little more time to shore up our credentials for the next time someone thinks the end's in sight? Meanwhile, I hope no one was too let down. I hear there were some last-night-of-the-world parties though. Anyone go to one? (I have small children. I live vicariously through your stories of having a social life.)

I picked up the Inkwell Skirt at last week's Tag Sale for a fantastic $19.99 - I was more than thrilled, as I'd been eyeing it ever since it first hit sale a few weeks back, but had told myself I wasn't allowed to spend $40 or more on a skirt I hadn't even noticed until it hit the sale rack. But c'mon. $20? I can't do better at Target! It's a full, poofy-ish cotton skirt with pockets, a non-elastic waist, and I ended up getting it in size 2, for comfort. 

I'll say this probably isn't the most inspiring outfit I've ever put together, but it was comfy and the whole thing is machine washable (excepting the shoes and belt), which was great, since that makes it more-or-less kid-proof.

 Top: Raining Lines Henley, Anthropologie (similar here and here)
Skirt: Inkwell Skirt, Anthropologie (may still be available in stores; similar here and here)
Belt: Forest Creature Belt, Anthropologie
Shoes: Ruffled Pewter Flats, Me Too (similar here and so cute! here)

 So, I hadn't done a book review/recommendation in a while, and the other day, my husband mentioned it in passing. Seeing as how I had to snap my OOTD indoors today, I decided to take advantage of my book collection's proximity, and share one with you - particularly for anyone who might have been more than disappointed by the failed Rapture, this past Saturday:

The Savvy Convert's Guide to Choosing a Religion

Here's a detail shot of what the religious descriptions look like (i.e. Do Not Fear, Oh Ye Haters of Dense and Academic Writing):

Have a great day and thanks for reading!


  1. Are you planning to machine wash the Inkwell Skirt? I bought it at $40 and thought it was worth it, because I adore it, but ordered a duplicate online for the sale price + shipping and planning to return the first. Still, I love it and don't want to ruin it--especially the lace-trim lining--since the tag says dry clean (which for me means hand wash, but still).

  2. If in saw that skirt for $20, I'd get it too! You may think it's not one of your most inspiring outfits, but im really loving the combo- it's simple elegance to me and looks effortless.
    That book sounds interesting.! What happened to the end of the world eh? I was stuffing myself the night before....!

  3. This looks hilarious AND educational. If only I had an Urban Outfitters nearby, I'd be on that like a yorkie on biscuits. Wonder if I could grab it from Amazon...Cute skirt, as always.

  4.  I'm echoing Keilexandra's comment "will you hand or machine wash".  You are so cute in it and I LUV $19.99 what a deal...I was inspired to do a charge/send...but don't think I will keep if it's not machine washable...not to be graphic but my son used me as a tissue at church yesterday so yeah machine wash is kind of a must for me :).  I also got the picked plaid on sale, but again am thinking it's heading back due to the dry clean only downer...I just don't do the dry clean only for everyday...maybe when they're older like in college :).  

  5.  PS wish I could join you for the big fashion event...too bad I am in CO.  Have fun!

  6.  eeks, jealous of the price you paid for that skirt! I bought mine two weeks ago and paid double! (still on sale...) I should have waited! I liked how you style it with the stop over the skirt, I've just been tucking so far.

  7. Not too simple at all- this is a gorgeous pairing and the details in the belt bring it all together.

    Love this skirt- I'm on a self-imposed puffy skirt ban so I had to sit on my hands and avoid ordering this pretty!

  8. I tried this skirt on today!  It is very cute on you.

  9. ABCD For MichelleMay 24, 2011 at 7:05 PM

    You ladies are so bad. After reading your blog yesterday, I thought, Oh geez, I NEED to go to Anthro. Maybe I bought a few a few skirts...and a few shirts. (Details.) Can't wait to wear them!

  10. Thanks for the book recommendation! In these hard economic times I need a book that gives me the breakdown on the cost of worship for me. =) please post more book reviews. 

  11. How cute is that skirt?!!  I love your outfit and that you got such a fantastic deal on the skirt.  :-)