Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cake, Pie, and Cupcakes All At Once (We Hang With Roxy)

Last weekend, when Roxy tweeted that she was packing for a trip to LA, my little (virtual) ears perked up - what? Roxy? In Los Angeles? In driving distance of me and Kathryn?!

It's true - last night, I trekked up from San Diego to LA to meet Roxy, braving Friday rush hour traffic (in OC and LA - ugh) and picking up Kathryn on the way. Readers, we had a ridiculously good time. As Roxy put it, it was like having cake, pie, and cupcakes all at once. I might throw in some souffle or chocolate croissant bread pudding too. It was that fun. (And there wasn't even alcohol involved! Honest! Despite some tweeting about shots....)

We picked up Roxy from her hotel in Hollywood and decided that a visit to the Grove was in order for dinner and shopping. (Because really, how can you get three style bloggers together and not go shopping?) Over dinner, Roxy confessed that she'd wondered if we might show up in our matching Mullany dresses, and if that meant she should have worn hers. Next time, Roxy, next time....

Of course we stopped by Anthropologie:

Fun feature wall, over home goods, made by colorfully printed paper bags.

Lounge and intimates items from left to right: Stand-in slip, Lace Layered Bandeau, Into Obscurity Chemise, Drifting Down Robe, Spun Sugar Bra, Match Set Chemise.

I love the visuals in an Anthro - this feature wall was created with paper, cut in leaf shapes, arranged over a blue background. Beautiful!

Kathryn checking in on the progress of Game 5 of the NHL championships 
(Vancouver won! Apologies to our Bostonian readers...).

We waylaid a passing customer, and asked if she might oblige us by taking our picture. And here we are! Carol, Roxy, and Kathryn, together. In an Anthropologie. You may be able to tell by the size of my grin, exactly how happy I was about this. Oh, and in case you're wondering why I'm nearly as tall as the other two, it's because they're wearing flats, and I'm wearing 5" platform heels. Yep. Awesome.)

And because a girl can't live on Anthro alone (well, maybe some girls can, but we can't), we headed over to our other favorite store, Nordstrom. Can you believe there's no Nordstrom in NYC? Even though I already knew this (having lived in New York state for a few years), when Roxy mentioned it, it suddenly diminished the stature of "the City," for me. Big Apple or not, it doesn't have a Nordstrom, and well...yeah.

Roxy spied this fantastic Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag in the window of Nordstrom.

Which color? Faded mauve (in previous photo) or the faded khaki, which Roxy is holding? 
Yeah, we don't know either.... Maybe both....

And then, we saw these Miu Miu Mary Jane pumps, which set off an explosive bout of tweeting by all three of us. We decided that if any item merited us all trying it on - and even purchasing - together, it was these Miu Miu Suede Mary Janes. We failed to execute the plan, simply because it turned out that the very last pair in the store were the display pair, which happened to be in my size 6. So, I was the only one to try them on (apologies for the crease marks on my feet from my other shoes, and the less-than-perfect condition of my pedicure). We photographed and tweeted them anyway, in honor of Chloe, who could probably rock these shoes like no one else (not that Roxy, Kathryn, and I wouldn't mind trying. ^_-)

Overall, last night was quite possibly one of my favorite shopping experiences ever. In case any of you were wondering, Roxy is fun, smart, adorable, and super nice - Kathryn and I couldn't have possibly liked her more. Our only possible complaint is that she lives too far away. We're so glad to have had the chance to meet her, and hope that we can all do it again someday. Thanks for such a fun time, Roxy! And thanks to the rest of you for reading!


  1. You all look so pretty!  That's so fantastic that you got to meet and hang out with one another.

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! And I'm going to have dreams about that Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. I think I vote for the mauve!

  3. Sounds like you had a blast! Those Miu Mius are gorgeous...and very Chloe!! :)

    xo, tasha

  4. it sounds like you guys had so much fun! You all look adorable in your pics! ps. the miu mius will be released in patent! (they are coming soon, according to the miu miu website :) ) 

  5. carol_prettythingsJune 11, 2011 at 9:46 PM

    It really was so fun! And I skipped over the parts about losing our car in the giant parking structure (we forgot to note which level it was on), being told an embarrassing story about a childhood bath game called "butt war" by a guy on a scavenger hunt (he had to tell an embarrassing secret to strangers), and eating dinner outdoors with live music and scrumptious food. 

  6. What a great blogger hookup. Love the pics. I was w/Kathryn in spirit, watching the game. I'm for Boston, Kathryn. Rooting for the win on Mon ;)

  7. TbrightsideotmoonJune 12, 2011 at 1:56 PM

    Love ur outfits...:) wow yup Marc Jacobs! I heart u....;)

  8. How fun!!!  So awesome that the three of you got to meet up and go shopping together :)

  9. Those shoes are to die for.......

  10. It was a wonderful eve, and I'm so glad you reached out to me Carol!! I loved hanging out with you and Kathryn and really can't wait to meet up again. :)

  11. Looks like you guys had a fun time shopping! And you all look so well dressed!
    I can't get enough of mbmj bags. Love that one! And those miu mius are simply to die for.

  12. That is an awesome get together. I wish I could you join next time. Roxy's blog was the first anthro blog I followed. :P

  13. So much fun!  No Nordstrom's in NY?  WHAT?!  So glad you were able to make this happen.  Now I'm obsessed with a new baby....a baby named Aiden!  Those shoes are rockin', in every possible way.  Excellent picks, Roxy!  And thanks for the peek inside a terrific night, ladies!

  14. How I wish I could make that trip!  It seems like every blogger I follow lives in California and Indiana seems like it couldn't be further away!  If I ever get out there, I'm gonna hit everyone up!  LOVE the SHOES, too.