Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Pursuit of Vega$ (a Herve Leger Review and other stuff)

Hello everybody, and happy Thursday (almost Friday, but...whatever)!

(or, if you're a Boston Bruins fan, happy day-after-winning-the-Stanley-Cup Day!)

(...or, if you're in Vancouver and you're reading this, congratulations on being alive and not in the hospital or jail today. #keepitclassy)

(...yes, I just used a hashtag in my blog post. w00t.)

I wanted to extend my sincerest thanks to everyone that came out for our first-ever shopping event at Anthropologie this past Sunday! It was so great that so many of you came out, and I really enjoyed meeting you all. I hope everyone had a great time!

I wanted to write a quick note to say that, if I seemed a little quiet on Sunday, it's because I can get sort of shy sometimes. I know that might seem kind of weird, given that I scream my head off at hockey games and...uh...I have a blog with my bestie where I post pictures of myself wearing various outfits that I share on the internet. But when it comes to meeting people in person, I generally tend to sit back and get kind of quiet, especially in large groups. In other words...I'm awkward. So if I seemed kind of standoffish on Sunday, please don't take offense! I was just feeling a little shy.

Which is going to make this post seem even weirder, because it's basically about my search for a skanky I mean, slutty...I mean slinky outfit for my trip to Las Vegas next week.

This post deals with me looking for outfits to wear which are not the typical type of outfit that I choose to wear. Not that there's anything wrong with slinky, body-hugging clothes...just that they're not my usual cup of tea since, as previously mentioned, I can be kind of shy. But Vegas is Vegas (or, does anybody else remember that old TV show, "Vega$"..?) and that calls for something a little different, wouldn't you say? One reader commented last week that she tends to "up the skank factor" when she's in Vegas, and I guess that's pretty much what I'm looking to do.

Even though I'm super awkward.

I actually thought about titling this post, "In Pursuit of Skank"...but I decided maybe that wasn't the best idea.

Anyway, in my search, I worked up the courage to walk into the Herve Leger store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa last week just to take a peek. I mean, what else screams "body-hugging" more than Herve, right?

So here's my review of what I tried:

Herve Leger Cap-Sleeve Bandage Dress in Petal Pink

For reference, I'm wearing a Small in these photos. There's a zipper that runs all the way up the back of the dress, so you definitely need help getting into it.

I have to be honest - I was terrified to try this dress on. In addition to the sticker shock of the $1050 price tag, I was afraid to try on something so form-fitting. But these bandage dresses are pretty darn amazing - they really do suck you in and lift you up and create an extremely flattering silhouette. As my friend described it, "It's like a dress made of Spanx!"

I had just eaten dinner not long before I tried this dress on, so the photos show what the dress looks like with me sporting a serious food baby. And pardon the panty lines too - needless to say, any girl is gonna want to rock some seamless panties with something this snug. Mostly I found myself shocked (and let's be honest, pretty darn pleased) that the dress made me look like I have a chest!

The color is the most perfect shade of pink I think I could have asked for. It's a lovely blush-y pink color that manages to not totally wash me out.

(funny side note: you may notice a little paper tag hanging off my butt in the photo. There's a tag that is sewn into the rear of the dress that's a lot like the kinds of tags you see on pillows or on the inside of lululemon garments. Once the tag is ripped off, the dress is then considered non-returnable. Isn't that interesting?)

Me, in all my food baby glory.

For reference, the shoes were Herve too.

This dress is currently listed at #1 on my "If I Had a Billion Dollars" wishlist. I love it. I adore it. But I'm about $1000 short at the moment. So I'm going to watch it like a hawk to see if it ever goes on sale.

Or I'm going to try to win big in Vegas and buy it. *smirkyface*

And so, since I don't have a million, or even a thousand dollars to spend on a dress at the moment, here are my current options for going out:

Option #1 - the "...okay, since I don't have $1000 to spend on a pink dress, let's try this" option:

Bailey 44 blush jersey "Indecent Behavior" ruffle front dress

This little Bailey 44 dress is currently available on Bluefly and isn't a bad deal at less than $100. I wish the pink were a little more like the pink of the Herve, but I can't help but be drawn to these blush-y/nude-ish type pinks. For reference, I'm wearing a size Small here. I think styling it with the necklace will help "ground" the pink (as Carol likes to say), so that I don't look so naked-ish. And since it's a Bailey 44, it's super comfy!

Option #2 - the "If I don't want to spend any money on an outfit and use my cash towards a spa day instead" option:

So this was thrown together with stuff I own, including a one-shoulder top purchased in Montreal 7 years ago and an old sequin skirt from Victoria's Secret Catalog:

One-shoulder top by Dex (similar from ASOS here)
Silver sequin mini from Victoria's Secret Catalog (this year's version here)Link

So this outfit gives me a second option. And the best part is, it's stuff I already had!

Last week I spotted a girl wearing a dress from Arden B. that looked promising, so I may try to head there in the next few days to check it out.

What do you think? Will these two options work for Vegas? Or is there something else out there I should try? Let me know what you think in the comments!

I'll leave off tonight with my obligatory hockey comment - congratulations the Boston Bruins on winning the Stanley Cup! It was a hard-fought series, and while my heart aches for Vancouver, the Bruins deserved to win. And goalie Tim Thomas deserved to win the Conn Smythe trophy as playoff MVP. There were some...uh...ugly riots that took place in Vancouver after the loss (ugh, it was like 1994 all over again!). But it seems like the citizens of Vancouver are banding together to get the city cleaned up. It's important to remember that the greatest trophy in all sports should not be shadowed by the ugliness of a few irrational people. (I refuse to call them fans.)

The Boston Bruins - your 2011 Stanley Cup Champions.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you all have a great day!


  1. eek!  i lurve Vegas and I so understand the skank factor of it.  i love your bailey 44 dress AND your 2nd option.  will u be in vegas for 2 nights?  HL is amazing but I don't even dare try one one since I a) ALWAYS have a full-term food baby, and b) I fear I'd fall in love and overspend in a delusional moment of insanity.    Another thought is that invariably the dress will be photog-ed to death in vegas and I don't like to wear party dresses more than once or twice - so best to save the money I can...

  2. Hi! I'm a new reader here :) I actually like the 'stuff you already own' outfit the best! :) Plus, it leaves you with more $ to do some shopping in Vegas, hehe :)

  3. Elizabeth OwensbyJune 17, 2011 at 12:06 AM

    I love the sequined skirt!  Nothing says Vegas quite like sequins.

  4. I can identify with being shy and awkward, which is probably why I didn't talk much last Sunday but I really did have a great time and learned a lot.  
    I like option 2 for vegas.  While I love the blush colors on you, I don't associate them with vegas in my mind.

  5. Never been to Vegas, but I love option 1 on you.  They are both fun though.  

  6. I like your final outfit best, the sequin mini is very hot. Very Vegas!

  7. Last outfit! Love the sequin mini paired w/ black top. I agree w/ others that pink is too "sweet" for Vegas ;)

  8. gotta say  I love your "shop the closet"'s awesome!

  9. Wow I have to say you wear that Herve Leger dress well!  Last night I actually saw a dupe at Guess - I didn't check the price but I'm SURE it's not anywhere near the original's price tag!  I think any woman would feel self conscious in it though, even the models and celebs (assuming they have real feelings :P)

    I definitely think both those options would work well for vegas!

  10. I really like the last option best.  You look great in it and it saves money!

  11. I also like the second option best. It seems more Vegas to me...and hahaha, I also remember the show. It's weird to realize that James Caan (spelling may be off on that one) was on that show. I'm awkward, too!!! I enjoyed our conversation where you talked about trying the HL on!

  12. you look amazing! great dress. 

  13. Holy cow!  You look AMAZING in that dress!!!!  I would be scared stiff to try that on but you are rockin' it like no one's business!  I really love the last outfit, too, it is just stunning on you. 

    I was so disappointed in the people who took part in those riots.  As a Canadian, I felt ashamed at how we were portrayed.  The people who took part in all the ugly aftermath cast a shadow on my country and I just felt so angry and completely embarassed.  They made us look like poor losers, when in fact the majority of the people here are not like that at all.  I was out after the game in my city celebrating, and everyone was in great spirits even after the loss.  Sigh.  That gross display of hatred was just complete and utter heartbreak for so many of us Canadians.

  14. Hi, I'm also a new reader! I honestly love both outfits, sorry I am of no help. However, I would really like to know where you got that gorgeous necklace from! 

  15. This is a great POST!  I'm going to Vegas in July and I have no idea what a early thirties, Anthro-loving girl should now wear and still promote sexy Vegas-vibe.  If you are not sexed out or blinged, you totally stand out like a sore thumb.  It was so easy when I was in my 20's.  I love the HL dress but the Bailey is just as good.  Please post some more as I'm also dreading my shopping trip for Vegas-wear.  An advice is helpful.  :)

  16. I'm so embarrassed right now that my home city could have such awful people in it. I'm thinking that those who rioted are people who have no pride in their city, and who do not have to feel the shame that my poor city has to go through right now. Luckily for me, my friends who live in the downtown area are alright and thank goodness for underground parking!

  17. Ah! It's the Herve you were telling us about at Anthropology! You're so's really ridiculously flattering, even though the mere thought of trying on something that skin-tight is horrifying. I love that color on you too. Win big in Vegas!!

  18. As a Vancouverite, I really appreciate that you refuse to call those shameful rioters fans. None of us here do either. Don't know who they all were but hope they are tracked down and made an example of. I think after 2 embarrassing riots in our beautiful town, the true citizens of Vancouver will never happen again.

    Anyway, about your Vegas-ready outfits, I have to say that you rocked all of them, but my absolute gave is the one-shouldered Montreal top with sequinned skirt. It is definitely a Vegas party outfit but still so sophisticated and sexy! Absolutely love it on you!

    Have fun!

  19. Ps: what shoes are you wearing with the Herve dress? Very cute!

  20. I love the outfit you already own!  Totally Vegas glamorous and sexy, not skanky.  :)  I agree with the recommendation to go for that and enjoy some Vegas shopping insead! 

  21. LOVE the outfit you already own!  Very VEGAS!

    As a side note, have you tried Leger for BCBG???  More reasonably priced and a VERY similar look.  Check BCBG next time you go!  I purchased one there for $300 and continue to wear it often.  : )

  22. wow- that herve dress looks spectacular!  wowza, in fact!! I concur with others- your existing outfit is really pretty, and maybe there's some fun shopping in Vegas- I always love to have pieces that were purchased on a trip, they always feel more special!

  23. I vote for your shop the closet outfit! Sassy!!!

  24. Yay for the Bruins. I really like the Bailey 44 dress on you. You're going to look great in either outfit. Hope you have fun!

  25. I like the last outfit the best, but you do rock that Herve Leger dress!  I'm pretty sure Alison Sweeney wore it on the finale of the Biggest Loser, but the color is a little different.  Lighting?
    On the Herve Leger topic (totally not on the BL topic lol!), Olivia also rocked a black and white number from the line that was pretty killer and would be another great Vegas dress in the $1000+ range! Ha!

  26. ABCD for MichelleJune 21, 2011 at 9:00 PM

    Good for you for trying on a Herve Leger! Haha, I had no idea about that rear tag situation.

    Also, very understandable about wanting to skank it up for Vegas. That's exactly how I feel when I go! And you really have to go all the way because you will see tons of others wearing ridiculously tight and tiny clothes, and instantly feel like a prude-ish grandmother type.

    I like the third outfit a lot! Extra points for not having to spend extra money. Speaking of not spending extra husband recently bought me some bandage dresses from a site called Hot Miami Styles ( I haven't tried them on yet, but he chose some nice colors and patterns, and they're definitely a lot cheaper than Herve Leger.

  27. Love the bandage dress.    How about showing us the zipper down the back? ;)

    You are beautiful.

  28. You look amazing in that Herve dress! I've always wanted to try one on but I've been too intimidated! Have you looked at Rent the Runway? They don't have this exact dress, but they do have a few other options you may like. If not, you look absolutely stunning in the last outfit-- it is perfect for Vegas. Save your dollars and treat yourself to a spa treatment at the Encore, which is an incredible spa.