Sunday, July 10, 2011

Future:Standard Fitting Room Reviews

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was pretty good - I got to hang out with the family, get a little work done, and see some friends. I'm trying to catch up with my backlog of posts, so here are the long overdue fitting room reviews from the Future:Standard trunk show. For those of you who are local to San Diego, and missed the trunk show last month, there's another smaller event that'll be taking place this coming weekend, on July 17th, at the Maida Salon in Little Italy (more info here). 

Before moving on to the following reviews, let me first explain that Future:Standard does not have a brick-and-mortar presence - it's an online store only, and the trunk show was held in the Blokhaus building, which isn't a retail clothing establishment. The "fitting rooms" were a series of four (happily clean) bathrooms outfitted with a simple full-length mirror propped up against the wall. I have a sneaking suspicion that the mirror makes me look slightly taller and slimmer than I actually am. The photos, therefore, aren't great, but I tried to take one or two in the full-length mirror to give you a sense of the overall shape and fit of the garments, and then one in the mirror over the sink (which didn't distort me), to show you some of the detail, such as color and print. 

The Sophia Dress was my favorite discovery of many happy discoveries at the Future:Standard trunk show. I'm wearing it in an XS in these photos. It has a fun, ruffly top (ruffled collar, ruffled cap sleeves, and ruffled bodice) and a functioning button placket down the front of the bodice. There's a self-tie belt at the waist, and the fabric (a cotton-poly blend) is a rich, chocolate-y brown, spotted with teeny white dots (love! See photo below). The skirt hit just above my knee, which I deem a perfect length. I absolutely love this dress and will definitely be saving my pennies for it. Wishlisted!

Detail shot of the bodice and print.

The Sarah Dress is a sweet, summery frock, with an elastic waist, ruffled, elasticized scoop-neck, and ruffled hem. I tried on the XS. I loved the ease of the dress and the polka-dotted navy print is just perfect. The skirt hit about an inch above the knee, making it a little too short for work, but great for any number of warm-weather social occasions. The top was a little too blousy on my petite, short-waisted frame, but will probably fit longer-waisted women well. Taller women should note that the skirt will probably be a bit shorter on them than on me, and factor that in, accordingly. Pass for me, but highly recommended for others.

Detail shot of the bodice and print.

I admit, I wasn't expecting to really like the Colette Dress. On the hanger, I thought the ruffles looked oddly placed and was dubious about the color. But once it was on me, I totally changed my mind. I'm wearing it in the XS, and it's a shift-style dress, that falls pretty straight down from the shoulders. But with details like the bateau neck, the shorter length (this dress hit about three inches above my knee), and the subtle hatch-mark print, it totally won me over. The organic cotton (grown in the USA) is light and airy without seeming flimsy, and I immediately could imagine that it'd be amazing belted and accessorized. If it weren't for the price (that American organic cotton doesn't come cheap), I'd already have this dress in my closet. As it is, it's totally wishlisted for sale-time. 

Detail shot of the bodice and print.

I have an odd fascination with shirt-like dresses. I can't get enough of them. This past year, I noticed lots of these "shirt" dresses (the kind that are cut more like oversized shirts and less like dresses) in various designer lines that were well out of reach for my budget. So, when I saw the Molly Dress from d a c e, I had to give it a try. I'm wearing it in the XS. While it wasn't awful, I didn't love it on me - mostly because I didn't think it did my narrow shoulders any favors. It really is a little more shapeless than I'd like, and the color was slightly on the drab side. I love d a c e, but this one will be a pass for me.

Detail shot of the bodice and color.

The Dolman:

The Dolman is possibly the coolest sweatshirt I've ever tried on. I'm wearing it here in an XS. Its cut is true to its name (a dolman sleeve style) and it has a great scoop neck (not too low) and a perfect slouchy shape that's fitted in the cuffs and at the lower hem, around the waist. I very nearly broke the shopping ban I was on at the time (as my lead-up to the Anniversary Sale) and bought this top. I can imagine it being terrific with jeans, shorts, and I even like the way it looked with the Apothecary Skirt I'm wearing in these photos. I'm back on my shopping ban (to recover from the Anniversary Sale) but I will definitely be stalking this top for sale-time. Wishlisted!

Detail shot of the top.

Often, when I look at "ethical" clothing sites and sellers, I notice that the items aren't very much in line with my personal style and aesthetic. They tend to be much more minimalist, or outdoors-y/active-wear-like, than I prefer for myself. And while I love the idea of purchasing and wearing ethical clothing (sustainable, fair trade, environmentally-friendly, etc), I've not been able to trade ethical for my idea of "pretty." At least, until now. I'm super excited that Future:Standard is finding and stocking brands like Shumaq and Koch, which let me both support ethical companies and find pretty things for my wardrobe. I'm definitely looking forward to adding more pieces from this company to my closet.  ^_^


  1.  I've been avoiding 'ethical' clothing sites for the same reason as you - too 'plain' for my taste. But ohhh the Sarah dress looks like a cute little number Carol.And I do like the Dolman shirt - reminds me a little of Anthro's neo refinement (?) sweater..

  2. I like the Sophia dress on you!  It's gorgeous... the print, the shape... adorable!

  3. I'm also a fan of the Sophia Dress; it's so girly.  By the way, I really like your flats. :)

  4. Carol the Sophia Dress is ADORABLE on you!!! :-)

  5. that sophia dress is my favorite too!!!! i love it, so lovely and fun.

  6. Thank you so much Carol!  This is a wonderful review.  So happy that you made it!  We look forward to the next time.