Saturday, July 23, 2011

Geek Girl (OOTD)

Hey, is anyone else at Comic-Con this weekend? If you are, let me know! I'd love to meet you!

Here's what I'm wearing today:

Top: Captain America Tee (similar here and here)
Skirt: Cord Mini Skirt, Gap (2007? Similar here and here)
Bag: Belt Bag, Gucci (similar here, here, and here)
Shoes: One-Star Converse Slip-ons, Target (similar here and here)
Necklace: Space Ray Gun Necklace, Miss November Studio

This is outfit is all about con-comfort, and less about stylishness, so apologies for that. Here's what's going one with it:
  1. Comic book hero referencing t-shirt (Captain America, whoo!)
  2. Designer fanny-pack (I'll be wearing Kate in my Ergo carrier most of today, so I don't want to be lugging a handbag around too. I got this years ago, and now wish I'd bought the brown version, instead of the black, but oh well).
  3. Comfy shoes with Dr. Scholl's gel inserts (sooooo nice to my feet when I'm going to be on them all day)
  4. Space Ray-Gun necklace (do I have to explain this? I'm going to Comic-Con.)

S'all for now. More to come later. =D

Hoping your weekend is wonderful!


  1. QuestforFashionSenseJuly 23, 2011 at 1:27 PM

    HOW COOL that you're going to Comic-Con!  I've never been, but a friend of mine has gone before dressed as Sakura.  

    Does Kate have a favorite character?

  2. So lucky! I wanted to go to Comic-Con, but it was sold out! Hope you had fun and were you able to see the Twilight celebs and Andrew Garfield? :D

    xoxo, Bree

  3. fun and functional- oh, and adorable (which is cute2)

  4. I went and took my two munchkins.  I had no idea you were a comic book geek, too ;)  There can't be too many of us who 1.) adore Anthro, 2.) love comics, 3.) are moms, and 4.) live in San Diego!

    Here are my two girls at Comic-Con this year:

  5. You two are SO cute!  I totally want some Converse slip-ons now. ;-)

  6. agh! i totally missed seeing you guys! im coming down to SD for a less hectic non-convention weekend soon, so maybe we can meet up :)