Sunday, July 31, 2011

Midi-Me (OOTD)

I admit it. I've been dubious about the midi skirt, ever since it made its appearance on the style scene. However, once I saw the On Air Skirt, I was intrigued. Could such a sweet, airy skirt really look as frumpy as I imagined it might on me? Well, I wasn't really willing to spend $200 to find out. But $25 at H&M? That I could do:

Skirt: H&M Mesh Skirt (similar here, here, and here)
Belt: Mossimo Studded Leather Skinny Belt, Target (similar here and here)

The mesh of the H&M skirt is super light, but densely layered, making the skirt seem heavy, when it's not, actually. It has great movement, swirling and swaying with every step or breeze, which I love, but it wrinkles super easily. Is the length frumpy on shorter me? Maybe. Did I like it anyway? Yes.

When I bought the d a c e Iris blouse from Future:Standard last winter, I did it, thinking it'd be an investment/work-horse piece for my closet. And I really have to tell you that it has totally lived up to all my hopes. I wear it all the time (as you'll know if you read this blog regularly at all) and it's just fantastic in every way. It's on sale right now, and while it's still a little pricey, I highly recommend it.

I've also received a lot of questions about the Jimmy Choo Phoenix Espadrilles I've been wearing a lot lately. I bought these from Nordstrom last year, but they're a perennial style, so if you like them, I'd suggest you keep an eye out for them. They usually don't go on sale - especially in this color - so it's just one of those things I bit the bullet and spent the $$$ for. I will say though, I get a million compliments on them, and they're just wonderful for lengthening the leg and adding a few inches, when wearing things like a midi skirt. ^_-


  1. This looks just lovely on you!

  2. I don't think it's frumpy at all.  You look gorgeous and you styled this skirt perfectly!

  3. Frumpy you are not Carol. I love the midi length on you. The skirt is fabulous - I'd love to see a twirl picture..hehe.

  4. Very pretty! I've been intimidated by midi-skirts because of my height, but that one looks so lovely on you! You might have convinced me to give them a spin!

  5. It looks great! Midi skirts slightly scare me too, but I found one in my closet (means free trial of the trend!) and I keep wanting to try it. I think it is a good weekend, versatile look. 

  6. Carol, The Jimmy Choos haven't gone on sale since I first purchased them 3 or 4 years ago....  We don't have them on display at Nordstrom, but I believe they are still available to order from a few stores that still carry them.  You look beautiful as always:)