Sunday, July 31, 2011

Super Simple Saturday (OOTD)

Hi everyone! How are you spending this last day of July? Not much going on here. Which is reflected in the outfit I wore Saturday:

Dress: H&M ensemble dress (similar herehere and here)
Shoes: Jaqui Sandals, Jessica Simpson 
Belt: Oh Hello Friend (bought at vendor fair; similar here and here)
Necklace: Ladybug Necklace, Miss November Studio

I picked up this little combo dress at H&M this past week. It has a very similar silhouette to the Readymade Dress, and is about a third of the cost (even on sale - whoo!) and the colors are more neutral, making it the more versatile choice. It's such an easy dress - easy to wear, comfy, super simple. I love it already.

And here's Kate's OOTD (no butterflies were harmed while taking this photo):

Top and Bottom: Ruffle Play Set, Mini Boden 
Shoes: Crocband

Hope you're all having a great weekend!


  1. Your baby Kate is too adorable. She looks just like you, only tinier! I can't believe it's almost august, soon it'll be Christmas eh.

  2. i love your simple outfit for a hot summer day.  your baby girl's a little model, so cute!  i definitely see alot of you in her.  

  3. I like how Baby Kate's on trend with mixing patterns. :D  Too cute!

  4. mmm...I love a nice simple outfit sometimes (it's almost harder to achieve!)- this is lovely- I like the soft colours!

  5. I really love the shape and fit of the Readymade Dress, but the color scheme kept me from buying it...even on sale.  Your H&M dress is the perfect solution!  Very cute.  =)  

  6. Love those colors together, and the belt is such a great addition!

  7. AWWW to Kate and her butterfly net! Haha, no butterflies were harmed!